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This over the top cowboy is bossy and big…and every inch is just for her.


The persistent cowboy is everywhere I look. He's at my work. He's at my apartment. He's even in my bathtub.

He says we're soulmates.

He says we're inevitable.

I say he's wrong.


The curvy little spitfire is everywhere I go. At her workplace. At her apartment. In her bathtub.
It's not a cowboy's fault if he keeps bumping into his soulmate everywhere.

She says I’m big.

She says I’m bossy.

She’s not wrong.

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Chapter 1


One more paycheck. If I can just make it to the next one, then everything will be OK. It has to be. I can’t go back. My hand tingles just remembering that night, and I rub my wrist. I think it healed right, but it still hurts sometimes.

“How’s it going?” Miss Martha asks, coming around the corner and joining me in the reception area. She’s the one who gave me the job here at the medical clinic in Courage County.

It’s a tiny town in North Carolina that has plenty of hot, single cowboys. Not that I’m looking for a cowboy. I already have enough on my plate, raising my two younger brothers.

“It’s good,” I reassure her. The town is rural, and I’ve managed to take a peek at the finances for the clinic. It’s not profitable. It barely makes any money at all. It’s financed by the Taylor Ranch since the doctor is Cash Taylor.

He hired me as the receptionist on Martha’s recommendation. But other than digitizing old records, there’s not exactly a lot for me to do around here. He and Martha are already a well-oiled machine, and they work together perfectly.

The bell above the door rings, and a man I’ve never seen before steps into the office. He’s dressed in work pants that are streaked with dirt. His plaid button-down is open at the collar, revealing a glimpse of dark chest hair and tanned skin. But what I really like is the way he’s shoved the sleeves up to his elbows. He’s got thick, corded arm muscles with tattoos wrapping around one arm.

Despite the dirt on his clothes, his beard is full and neatly trimmed. His strong jawline and sharp cheekbones add a layer of rugged beauty to the man. I wish he’d take off that Stetson so I could see what color his eyes are.

“Good heavens, it’s one of the Maple boys!” Martha murmurs under her breath and fans her face. I’ve never seen her pay any attention to any man other than her husband.

“Miss Martha,” the handsome cowboy calls out as he crosses the old, carpeted floor of the waiting room in two easy strides. He sends her a dazzling smile. My heart flutters, and I feel strangely jealous of the attention he’s giving my co-worker. “I swear, you’re looking younger and younger every time I see you. What are you doing with your hair? Is that a new perm?”

Martha blushes like a schoolgirl and pats her coiffed hairdo. It’s the same way it always looks. I’m pretty sure she’s had that hairstyle for decades. “Aww, bless you. It’s the same old, same old. But I’ll tell my husband you noticed, Greer.”

He chuckles. It’s a rich, throaty sound that sends tingles throughout my body. “Better tell him to watch his back. I might just steal his girl.”

I snort. Hank and Martha have been boyfriend and girlfriend since they were in the first grade. Now they’re in their sixties and with just one look at the two of them, it’s clear they’re still madly in love with each other.

The cowboy yanks off his Stetson at my noise. Honey brown. His eyes are a warm shade of honey brown with flecks of gold in them.

He peers down at me. I suck in a breath because no man has ever looked at me the way he’s looking at me, like he wants to protect me and devour me at the same time. “Miss Martha, who is the pretty girl?”

I remind the butterflies in my belly that the man is just a flirt. He doesn’t mean anything by calling me pretty.

“That’s our new receptionist,” Martha beams at me, clearly wanting me to introduce myself.

My throat is dry, and my hands are clammy. I can barely form words in front of this cowboy. There’s something about his gaze and the intense way he’s studying me like he’s trying to figure out all of my secrets.

“And what's her name?” His gaze still doesn’t leave my face.

I clear my throat. I can’t afford to be distracted by anyone right now. Even if I could, my life is way too complicated. Still, I manage to make my voice even and professional as I say, “Her name is Not Interested.”

Greer plants his hands on my desk, and the first thing I notice is how tan they are. They’re dotted with tiny white scars and callouses. This is a man of the land, one who earns his living from hours of backbreaking work. He leans across the wooden furniture and scowls down at me. “No, pretty girl, your name is Mine.”

I roll my eyes at his shameless flirting. A girl could be flattered by the attention, but I know better than that. “I have work to do.”

He doesn’t even blink. “Go out with me.”

Behind me, I hear Martha retreat to the back of the office. She’s probably helping Dr. Cash with another pregnant lady. It seems the cowboys of Courage are determined to repopulate the whole earth, starting with their tiny town. Not that their curvy brides seem to mind at all.