Beyond the Badge – Nox (Blue Avengers MC #6) Read Online Jeanne St. James

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This ride with the Blue Avengers MC ends with Bradley Lennox aka “Nox.”

* Member of the Blue Avengers MC
* Police officer with the Shadow Valley PD
* Member of the Tri-State Federal Drug Task Force
* Widower
* Army Veteran

* Single mother and widow
* Daughter of a member of an outlaw MC

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Beyond the Nox is the sixth and final book in the Blue Avengers MC series. It’s HIGHLY recommended to read this six-book action/adventure series in order due to the continuing story arcs (subplots). However, each book focuses on a different couple who gets their HEA. This series has no cheating or relationship cliffhangers.

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Glossary of Terms

PSP - Pennsylvania State Police

DEA - Drug Enforcement Agency

The Plant - A place away from stations/barracks/etc. for law enforcement/a task force to conduct clandestine criminal investigations.

Plant Manager - Person in charge of wiretapping/transcribing calls

MC Chapter - The national club with a national exec committee (President, VP, etc.); Ex: Deadly Demons MC

MC Charter - Each charter is run independently, does not answer to a mother charter or a national chapter; Example: Blue Avengers MC

Sled - slang for motorcycle

RICO - Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act

Eight-six - Get rid of something

Jag-off - Western Pennsylvania slang for someone who is a jerk, stupid or inept.

PennDOT – Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

Character List

BAMC (Southwest Regional Charter):

Axel Jamison - President - Sergeant, Shadow Valley PD

Shane Fletcher (Fletch) - Vice President - Trooper, PA State Police

Antonio Alvarez (Rez) - Sergeant at Arms - Officer, Southern Allegheny Regional PD

Aiden Cross - Secretary - Corporal, Southern Allegheny Regional PD, Nash’s (DAMC) husband

Mike Miller - Treasurer - Officer, Pittsburgh PD

Daniel Finnegan (Finn) - Road Captain - Officer, Southern Allegheny Regional PD

Bradley Lennox (Nox) - Officer, Shadow Valley PD

Colin Crew - Senior Special Agent, DEA, Tri-State Task Force Leader

Owen Decker - Trooper, PA State Police

Danielle Montgomery (Monty) - Corrections Officer, SCI Greene

Timothy Frasier - Liquor Enforcement Officer, PA State Police

Roland North - Lieutenant, Pittsburgh PD

Other Tri-State Drug Task Force Members:

Luke Rodgers - DEA Special Agent

Luis Torres - DEA Special Agent, Plant Manager

Ken Proctor - Officer, Uniontown PD

Carl Powers - Trooper, PA State Police

Sam Kruger - Corporal, Greensburg PD

Warren Reynolds - Corporal, PA State Police

Don Mullins - Narcotic Detective, Pittsburgh PD

Nova Wilder – FBI Special Agent, Organized Crime Division

Camila Cabrera - DEA special agent


Aaliyah James - Magnum’s oldest daughter

Sapphire Loukanis- Current dancer/former hostess at The Peach Pit

Sloane Parrish - Legal assistant, Decker’s woman

Melina Jensen (Mel/MJ) - Finn’s fiancée, former manager at The Peach Pit

Bella Jamison - DAMC, Axel’s wife

Valerie Decker (Valee Girl) - Decker and Sloane’s adopted daughter

Viper - Deadly Demons president

T-Bone - Deadly Demons former prospect

Sadie Parrish - Sloane’s younger sister (deceased)

Saint - Deadly Demon in charge of The Peach Pit

Ringo, Popeye, Mutt and Chubs - Prospects working at The Peach Pit

Clark - Monty’s boyfriend

Magnum (Malcolm Moore, Sr.) - Dark Knights MC’s sergeant at arms; Aaliyah’s father

Caitlyn Moore - Magnum’s wife; daughter of Dawg, a member of the Dirty Angels MC

Mercy (Ryan Mercer) - Army vet, works for In the Shadows Security


The pounding on his apartment door had Nox cursing under his breath.

“Nox,” he heard yelled through it.

It sounded like Cross.

What the hell did he want?

Pulling in a breath, Nox tamped down his annoyance. He loved his brothers and he’d do anything for them, so he wished he didn’t get so fucking irritated when they tried to include him in shit.

Some days were worse than others. There was no rhyme or reason for it, but today was one of those days.

He’d even struggled with working up on the third floor with the task force and had headed down to his apartment earlier than he should have. If Crew had a problem with it, the task force leader knew where to find him.

Normally, Crew left him alone because Nox spent more than a normal amount of time upstairs working. Usually late at night when he couldn’t sleep.

Or when he didn’t want to sleep.

When he knew closing his eyes would be more difficult than trying to keep them open.

More pounding. “Nox! You in there?”

“For fuck’s sake,” he muttered, putting down the biography he was reading, then forced himself to his feet and over to the door.

With his hand on the knob, he took a few seconds to brace himself before flipping the deadbolt and yanking open the door.

Aiden Cross, the Blue Avengers MC secretary and a Southern Allegheny Regional PD officer, stood before him with concern not very well hidden on his face. But that wasn’t all…

He was nervous about something.

“Need you downstairs.”

Dread filled Nox’s chest. “Who does?”

“Jamison asked me to come get you for a quick meeting.”

It had to be Blue Avenger business since the prez wasn’t on the task force. But their club’s meetings took time and effort to schedule since it was difficult to get all of them together with their various work schedules. So, yeah, something was off with this whole thing. “About?”

Cross shifted from one foot to the other. “He didn’t say. He only asked me to get you.”

This was smelling like bullshit. “Everybody else here already?”

“Everybody who can be. We’re only waiting on you.”

“I must’ve missed the original memo,” he said dryly, since they did not schedule BAMC meetings on the fly. “You could’ve just texted me.”

“I needed the exercise.” Cross’s Adam’s apple jumped.

Nox wasn’t liking this.

Not at fucking all.

Cross tipped his head and turned. “C’mon. Let’s go before we’re late.”

“Cross,” Nox started with a warning in his voice, but the man was already jogging down the steps.