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When life gives you lemons… Throw them out. It’s too much damn work to make lemonade…

When a member must leave the Tri-State Federal Drug Task Force, Colin Crew, as leader, doesn’t get to pick a replacement. Instead, he’s assigned one. One he’s not happy about.

Not only because the woman only has a year on the job as a DEA agent, but she’s also younger than he’d like. Add in the fact he worked with her father in the past. A man who now holds a high-level position within the agency and, with one wrong move on his part, could easily crush Crew’s long-established career within his fist.

Even worse, she’s a challenge. With her smart mouth, she can give him a run for his money when it comes to busting balls.

He needs to tread lightly while still maintaining control of his team. Unfortunately, that’s difficult to do since Camila Cabrera is every man’s fantasy.

All right, maybe not everyone’s, but his for sure.

And that’s the biggest problem of all.

Note: Beyond the Badge: Crew is the fifth book in the Blue Avengers MC series. It’s HIGHLY recommended to read this six-book action/adventure series in order due to the continuing story arcs (subplots). However, each book focuses on a different couple who gets their HEA. This series has no cheating or relationship cliffhangers.

Tropes: MC, age gap, single father, workplace romance, interracial/multicultural, law enforcement

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Glossary of Terms

LEO - Liquor Enforcement Officer and/or Law Enforcement Officer (used for both)

PSP - Pennsylvania State Police

The Plant - A place away from stations/barracks/etc. for law enforcement/a task force to conduct clandestine criminal investigations.

Plant Manager - Person in charge of wiretapping/transcribing calls

MC Chapter - The national club with a national exec committee (President, VP, etc.); Ex: Deadly Demons MC

MC Charter - Each charter is run independently, does not answer to a mother charter or a national chapter; Example: Blue Avengers MC

Sled - slang for motorcycle

TFO - Task Force Officer

UC/UCO - Undercover Agent/Officer

RICO - Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act

Re-upping - To refill one's drug stash

Trap house - A residence used in the illegal drug trade. Drug houses shelter drug users and provide a place for drug dealers to supply them.

Character List

BAMC (Southwest Regional Charter):

Axel Jamison - President - Sergeant, Shadow Valley PD

Shane Fletcher (Fletch) - Vice President - Trooper, PA State Police

Antonio Alvarez (Rez) - Sergeant at Arms - Officer, Southern Allegheny Regional PD

Aiden Cross - Secretary - Corporal, Southern Allegheny Regional PD, Nash’s (DAMC) husband

Mike Miller - Treasurer - Officer, Pittsburgh PD

Daniel Finnegan (Finn) - Road Captain - Officer, Southern Allegheny Regional PD

Bradley Lennox (Nox) - Officer, Shadow Valley PD

Colin Crew - Senior Special Agent, DEA, Tri-State Task Force Leader

Owen Decker - Trooper, PA State Police

Danielle Montgomery (Monty) - Corrections Officer, SCI Greene

Timothy Frasier - Liquor Enforcement Officer, PA State Police

Roland North - Lieutenant, Pittsburgh PD

Other Tri-State Drug Task Force Members:

Luke Rodgers - DEA Special Agent

Luis Torres - DEA Special Agent, Plant Manager

Ken Proctor - Officer, Uniontown PD

Carl Powers - Trooper, PA State Police

Sam Kruger - Corporal, Greensburg PD

Warren Reynolds - Corporal, PA State Police

Don Mullins - Narcotic Detective, Pittsburgh PD

Nova Wilder – FBI Special Agent, Organized Crime Division

Camila Cabrera - DEA special agent


Sapphire Loukanis- Current dancer/former hostess at The Peach Pit

Sloane Parrish - Legal assistant, Decker’s woman

Melina Jensen (Mel) - Finn’s fiancée, former manager at The Peach Pit

Bella - DAMC, Axel’s wife

Valerie Decker (Val) - Decker’s daughter aka Valee Girl

Viper - Deadly Demons president

Screw - Deadly Demons VP

Wolf - Head of the Demons Uniontown Chapter

Bulldog - Manager of Hawg Wild Saloon; Demons SoA

T-Bone - Deadly Demons prospect

Sadie Parrish - Sloane’s younger sister

Saint - Deadly Demon in charge of The Peach Pit

Clark - Monty’s boyfriend

Chapter One

His girl’s throaty rumble filled his ears and got his pulse pounding.

It had been a while since she’d been between his legs. He’d missed straddling her. Riding her hard. Pushing her to her limits.

She had it all. Power, gorgeous lines and ball-tightening speed.

Some men his age went out and bought a Corvette. Some, like him, preferred a ride that would spike his blood pressure and make him feel alive. One that hugged curves taken at high speeds.

His ex, Sasha, might have won his prized Harley in the divorce, but he won his freedom.

The second the ink was dry on the divorce papers, he took the money he had left, rushed down to the local Harley-Davidson dealership and signed his name again. This time on a pink slip for something that would help him get over that painful mess.

A Harley-Davidson FXDR 114 with a custom black and silver paint job to match his salt-and-pepper hair. He also added a custom seat so he could take one of the kids for a spin.

Not that they clamored to ride with dear old dad.

But if they ever did…

His girl, aptly named Silver Foxy, had a top speed of 160 mph and was capable of going zero-to-sixty in less than three seconds flat.