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Dalton has spent the past year in prison, serving a sentence for burning down a toy store in a fit of anger after discovering his brother playing with a doll. During this time, and throughout his whole life, Dalton has struggled with guilt, responsibility, and his very worth. He needs guidance and compassion - two things he’s never experienced. He has no idea how his life is about to change when he meets his parole officer Hutch. Hutch has always assumed that his fated mate would be a sweetheart to take his mind off of his work with the city’s convicts. He never imagined that he’d meet his beloved in one of his parolees, and is shocked when the gorgeous but troubled man enters his office. But Fate’s pairing and timing are always perfect, and Hutch soon understands just how much Dalton needs him - how much they need each other. *Unlike the first 4 books in the series, the main characters in this book do not engage in age play, although it is a theme in the story. This book contains sweetness, healing, and steam, and a very happy HEA. *Trigger brief mention of child abuse.

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Chapter One


“Come in,” I invited when there was a knock on my office door frame. I took my eyes off of the file I was reading and was surprised to see Tage Bentley, a doctor from my coven.

“Dr. Bentley, it’s nice to see you,” I said, standing up to greet him. I didn’t have contact with him often, given that vampires never fell ill, but it was impossible to not know of him. He was arguably the most famous vampire in town (besides our Master Nikolai) due to his medical research he conducted for the human race. I didn’t know him well, but I had great respect for him.

“Please, call me Tage,” he requested, shaking my outstretched hand. He nodded towards the file on my desk and asked, “I’m not interrupting you, am I?”

“I’m just preparing to meet with my next parolee,” I explained as we both took a seat. “But I’ve got a few minutes. What can I do for you?”

“Actually, I’m here to discuss one of your parolees - Dalton Bowman.”

I nodded; the man was my next appointment. “I’ve been reading up on Mr. Bowman and his heinous crime against one of our own. I don’t understand how he only received a year’s sentence.”

Tage gave a sheepish look as he replied, “I may have had something to do with that.” When I narrowed my eyes, he explained, “Dalton is the brother of my mate, Andy.” I didn’t need the rest of his story to understand; vampires would move heaven and earth to make their mates happy.

But I listened as he continued, “After talking with Nikolai and Dalton’s victims to get their approval, I met with the prison warden. He agreed to lighten Dalton’s sentence as long as he didn’t cause trouble on the inside.”

“He did keep his nose clean,” I nodded, “I’ll give him that.”

“And now I’ve come to ask a favor of you.”

I leaned back in my chair and folded my hands behind my head. “Let me guess; you want me to shorten his parole sentence, too.”

“No.” I raised my eyebrows in surprise and Tage continued, “I’m here on behalf of my mate. He’s visiting his friend for a playdate today, and even though it is difficult being apart from him, I wanted to speak to you alone about this situation, since I couldn’t be sure of the outcome.”

I respected that; vampires protected their mates at all cost from anything that could harm them, physically or emotionally. Tage was looking after Andy’s needs, even though it had to make him miserable to be separated from his boy; especially given their Daddy/little relationship. I knew all about their special lifestyle, which was shared by many members of my coven. While I wasn’t a part of it myself, I was happy that my kin found what they needed.

“Andy has such high hopes for his brother,” Tage explained. “He believes that Dalton can turn his life around, and also take more of an interest in his life.”

“What do you believe?” I asked curiously.

Tage sighed as he took a moment to think. “Nothing is impossible. When I first met Dalton, he was already in prison. He had an attitude, and a roughness about him that couldn’t be denied.” Sounds like a winner. “But there was more to him than met the eye.”

I could read an inmate’s file a dozen times and still not get the full picture of their story or personality. Any information Tage could give me would be helpful in Dalton’s rehabilitation process. “Like what?”

“For starters, he had an absolutely terrible homelife; he and Andy both did. They had no father figure, as the man only visited to have sexual relations with their mother, impregnating her twice. Their mother was no prize, either. She had problems with addiction, did not feed her children, and would disappear for long periods of time.” Sadly, it was a story I had heard in regards to many of my parolees.

“Dalton was often left in charge of his younger brother, even though he was just a child himself. He had so much responsibility thrust upon him, but no one to show him how to behave. He had no parental guidance or support. I’m not defending what he did; I’m just saying there was a lot going on with him behind the scenes that may have driven him to his actions.”

I rolled his words around my mind, not forming an opinion yet, but tucking the information away for later. “And the favor?”

“I know you’re very good at your job,” Tage began. “You are highly respected and I’ve only heard good things about your work, so please don’t mistake my presence for doubt in your ability.” I nodded my understanding. “It is because I have faith in you that I’m here. I’m asking you to be open minded with Dalton, but to hold nothing back with him. I believe a firm hand and guidance is what he needs. He’s never had authority in his life, and I think there’s something in him that craves it. If things are ever going to get better between him and Andy, Dalton needs to fix himself first. I’m not asking for a shorter sentence; if anything, I’m asking for a longer one, or at least an intense and focused one.”