A Taste of Honey (Sweet Temptation Bay #1) Read Online C.M. Steele

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When Tropical Storm Gretchen swept through, Axel Knight couldn't let his Honeybee wash away just because he's over a decade older than her. Storming into town to find her, he will protect his baby girl anyway he has to and at all costs.

Honey expected the storm to blow over, what she didn't expect was her Knight to barrel in and rescue her before the water came rushing in. Unfortunately, he's only there to keep her safe when she needed more because when she sees Axel the streets aren't the only things flooding.

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Two Years Earlier

“Hey boss, I have a neighbor who could use some work on her building. She lost her parents about two months ago and her brother is recovering from a serious injury. I offered the company’s services. She’s a good girl.”

“For free? Discounted?” Paul has a good heart and sometimes it leads him to volunteer and do charity work. I’m all for it as well, but I run a company so I can’t just send my men off projects to handle other ones.

“No, but I said I’d make it quick. It’s an emergency, and I said I’d get a small crew of two guys out there first thing in the morning.”

“I will go and speak with her about it tonight. Then we can see who can be used.”

“Are you going to be harsh?”

“Of course not. I’m not a bastard. Since when are you so concerned about this woman? Aren’t you married?”

“Yes, and my wife adores her as well,” he growls, informing me that I’m way off base on my assumption.

“Fine. I’ll check out the work. Send me her information.”

“She’s still in her shop in town until seven, but the work is at her farm.”

“That’s fine, Paul. Have a good night.” After I end the call with Paul, I pack up my current onsite trailer and stuff everything into my pickup truck. I was working late anyway and since it’s all I do, I’ll just head into town and speak with this woman.

He sends me the address and when I pull up to the shop, I let out a chuckle. I’m sure as fuck not taking on the job myself. Honeybee’s Sweets. On the front of the large picture window is a honey pot with a bumblebee. I’m guessing the farm that needs some of our expertise is a bee farm. I happen to be allergic to bees.

I exit my truck and then I see a sign in the window to elect Brooks Payne for Mayor. I’ve met the guy recently at an event. Cool guy. A former serviceman injured when he came home for his parents’ funeral. It forced him to retire and I guess he’s making the best out of a fucked-up situation instead of dwelling on the end of his career and the loss of his parents.

I entered the shop to the little chime on the door, causing a beautiful honey-colored hair to come out of the back room.

“Oh hello,” she says, smiling brightly. Her voice is soft as her hair looks. The light shines on her bright hazel eyes and I’m floored. Shit.

Clearing my throat, I manage to get out a simple, “Hello.”

“How can I help you?”

“I’m Axel Knight, and I’m looking for the owner.”

“I’m her. Honey Payne.” She sticks out her hand, and I take it, turning it to check for a ring. Brooks is one of the youngest candidates ever to run for mayor, but because of his background and having grown up here, he’s a likely shoe in for the position.

“Is Brooks your brother?” I ask.

“Yes, he is. Good guess.”

“I don’t see a ring on your finger and he’s too young to be your daddy.” She blushes.

“Yes, he’s eight years older than me.”

That fucking knocked all the wind out of my sails. “Wait, that means you’re like twenty?”

“I’ll be twenty soon in about a month.” Nineteen. Fuck. I do the math in my head. We’re fifteen years apart. Fuck, fifteen and some change. I’m almost old enough to be her daddy. Shit, I got tools older than her.

“So Paul told me that you needed some work done.” I’ll brave all the damn bees in the world to do whatever she needs.

“Yes, there are several beams that are deteriorating and they need repair. My usual guy who does the handiwork has gotten a little too old and can’t do the work anymore.”

“No problem. You need anything done, you just give me a call, okay?”

“What are your rates? Paul is well off, so I’m sure you’re pretty expensive.” She doesn’t have to pay a dime as far as I’m concerned.

“Don’t worry about it. Trust me, it’s not anything expensive. Now Paul said that he was going to bring out a team tomorrow.”

“Did he? I didn’t even tell him what I needed done.” She slaps her hands on her hips, drawing my attention to the way they jut out from their waist. I’d love to see it thicken with my babies. Fuck me. I’m so hard for this little girl and it isn’t right. I swallow hard and step back. She looks at me nervously, and I wonder if she’s caught on to my lecherous hunger.

The door chimes behind me and in comes Brooks Payne. “Oh hello, Mr. Knight.”

“Hi, Brooks. What brings you over?” I’m guessing from the shocked expression on her face that it’s not a regular occurrence.