A Night With You (Fall In Love Again #3) Read Online W. Winters, Willow Winters

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From Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author, Willow Winters comes a steamy, small-town romance.Before I walked through those doors, I knew fate had something in store for me. It gave me chills, the good kind. My high school crush was standing behind that bar in our small town waiting for me to walk in and see him mixing up a cocktail I couldn’t resist.He glanced my way and a nervousness shot through me as if he never left.Then he smiled that handsome charming grin I remember all too well and I knew I was in trouble. The kind of trouble that breaks a girl’s heart but leaves lasting memories.We aren’t kids anymore though and I’ve always wondered if Bennet Thompson could kiss me like he did in my dreams… Now that he’s back something tells me, tonight is going to be more than worth it.This is book 3 of the Fall in Love Again series and can be read on its own although you’ll want to read the others when you’re done!The Fall in Love Again series will feature Bennet and Bree falling in love on the small town fictional street of Cedar Lane over and over again while the real world has had other plans for them. Because love is endless and this is what forever means. In any and every life, their love was meant to be. And there’s so much to tell in the dreams where they get to meet again for the first time every night.

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I can’t help but smile as those fluttering feelings go through me. The little butterflies that just won’t quit whenever Bennet looks at me like that.

“Stop it,” I mutter as I playfully bat his right arm. “Focus on driving,” I tell him, grinning so hard my cheeks hurt and I’m certain they’re bright red as well. His hand lands on my bare thigh and the rough pad of his thumb runs soothing circles against my heated skin.

His charming smile stays right where it is as he glances at me from the driver's seat of his truck and promises he’s doing the best he can ‘when you look like that’.

“If you wanted me to focus on anything other than you, maybe you should have thought twice about that dress.”

“Oh yeah,” I play along, leaning closer to him and letting my hand fall on top of his. His touch does something to me I’ve never felt before.

“Yeah,” he tells me, glancing again at me with those puppy dog eyes. “I love that color on you.”


That little word has a ball of emotion swelling in my throat but I’m quick to swallow it down and I don’t think my expression changed in the least. Staring straight ahead I ignore the one word I’ve been hoping he’d say and instead I tell him, “well next time I’ll wear a paper bag.”

He chuckles deep and rough and I love it.

Just like I love the way he makes me feel, I love every minute we spend together… I love his flannel shirt that he never buttons. I love the white tee underneath that’s stretched tight over his broad shoulders. I love his tanned skin and the little grooves of his corded muscles, I love his jeans and the sound they make while he’s kicking them off and making my bed groan as we get lost in the sheets every night.

I don’t say what I want though when I glance back at him at the red light before we get back to his place from a long night out.

He winces slightly and then rubs the back of his neck.

“You looking to get a massage?” I ask him playfully and then offer it up rather than tease and torment Bennet. “You could just ask,” I tell him.

He chuckles again and then says it’s just a little headache but he’s more than happy to take me up on that offer.

Before the light turns green, I swear he’s about to say something else… something that brings a shine to his eyes, but the damn thing interrupts us… just like everything else in the small town that was never prepared for a love like ours.


I can’t shake the nerves from the day no matter what I do. For all intents and purposes, it was a wonderful meeting with the publishers, and the promotion to head editor is something I never expected. As I pull the high waisted floral skirt into place and adjust my white sleeve blouse so it’s loosely tucked in, I know I love my job but I never expected this.

It’s been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. Today feels like so much more. Digging through my makeup bag, I settle on a deep rouge lipstick that will pair well with my heels.

My phone pings and I suppress my sigh and eye roll and opt for a grin instead. The girls are taking me out tonight to celebrate and I wonder if that’s why I’m a bundle of nerves. It’s been a long damn time since we’ve been out on the town and I know they’re going to try to hook me up with someone.

And finding a guy, let alone hooking up with one, is not on my to do list.

The phone pings again on the sink countertop and I glance down at it.

The text reads: You almost ready?

Lauren is always ready early and she knows I’m almost always five minutes late.

I wouldn't be surprised if she walks across the street past her perfectly manicured rose bushes and knocks on my front door within the next two minutes.

Just as I pucker and smack my lips, there’s a knock on the door and I nearly laugh out loud. I know it’s not Lauren though when my front door opens.

“Bree!” I slip the lipstick into my clutch, snag my phone in my left hand, heels in the right. “Let’s go!” Marlena and Gemma both call out.

"I'm coming!" My heart beats even faster on the trip through my house to the entryway, where my friends are checking themselves out in the mirror by the door.I laugh at Gemma blowing herself a kiss in the mirror. Her little red cotton sun dress is adorable. "We just need--"

The front door opens again, and Lauren steps in.

"You did it!" she shouts, and then I'm surrounded by a hug and squeals from my friends, all of them shrieking with happiness.