3 Times the Heat (Forbidden Fantasies #88) Read Online S.E. Law

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There are 3 growly, possessive men at the card table, but only one saucy cocktail waitress to serve them. I work as a hostess at the Corinthian Hotel. In the high rollers room, to be exact, and I meet a lot of handsome clients. One day, three men stroll in… … but they’re not just any guys off the street! Dane is a hotel magnate with blue eyes that see everything. Chris has the body of a Greek god and enough charm to make a girl melt. And Jamison? Well, let’s just say that he resembles a Marvel action hero with that sculpted chest and irresistible smile. But I’m a nobody, whereas Dane, Chris and Jamison have everything at their looks, money, power, and influence. Why would they want me? Even worse, I have a terrible past that I’ve never revealed. Let’s just say my family situation is (and was) extremely sketchy … So will the three men still be interested when they find out? Or will they leave me and their baby out in the cold? This is a follow-up to Shared By My Ex’s Friends. In this story, we meet Tamara, who was Kaci Stott’s friend and co-worker from the Corinthian Hotel. Yes, all sorts of shenanigans go down at the Corinthian, and especially when you’re dealing with 3 powerful alpha males who won’t take “no” for an answer! Buckle your seatbelts because you’re in for a wild MFMM romance which will make you sweat! No swords cross in this story, and as always, an HEA is guaranteed.

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“Wow, you look amazing!” my friend Stasia breathes as she grabs my hand and makes me spin around. I giggle as I smooth down my dress modestly, but I can’t help but agree with her because I do look pretty amazing.

Tonight, I decided to go for a super sexy look, so I put on a velvet black mini dress that hugs my voluptuous figure, showing off plenty of cleavage. I have double D breasts and they’re squeezed tight by the fabric of the top, like two heaping scoops of vanilla ice cream. Even crazier, the hem of the skirt keeps riding up, and I know that if I bend over even just a little bit everyone will be craning their heads to see into that tempting shadow. Of course, I’m not wearing a thong because panty-lines are a big no-no in my line of work.

After all, looking good is a requirement for my job. I work as a cocktail waitress at the Corinthian Hotel, which happens to be one of the fanciest hotels here in Vegas, so being sexy is a part of my job. Still, I went all out tonight. I guess I just felt like dolling myself up even more than usual.

“Thanks,” I murmur as I survey myself in the large dressing room mirror. My makeup is perfect. I did a smokey-eyed look to bring out my pretty brown eyes and paired it with a rose-colored lipstick. I even straightened my usually curly brown hair so that it hangs long and sleek in a river down my back.

“You’re so gorgeous, Tamara,” Stasia sighs, turning as she stares at her own outfit in the mirror. “I look so damn plain compared to you,” she grumbles, shaking her head while taking in her black crop top and booty shorts, as well a pair of thigh-high boots. “Maybe I’d put something classier on if I got to work in the high rollers room like you do. Instead, I’m stuck serving drinks at the Gold Plaza where all the regular customers are so rude,” she fusses under her breath.

“The Gold Plaza isn’t so bad,” I say with a smile.

She shakes her head miserably.

“Maybe so, but I heard the tips in the high rollers room are amazing! What I make working at the Gold Plaza is like pocket change compared to what you must make.”

I shrug, shaking my head at her as I watch Stasia struggle to get her hair into a high ponytail.

“Hey, I get it. I couldn’t wait to start working in the high rollers room either because it feels good to level up after putting in the hours. And trust me, it isn’t just the tips that are big in there, it’s something else too,” I wink, wiggling my brows at her and giggling as her eyes suddenly go round.

“No way you mean what I think you mean!” Stasia whisper-yells even though the two of us are the only ones currently inside the dressing room.

I nod my head and hum a drawn-out “Mmm-hmmm!”

“Tam, you must be lying!” she says in a low voice, pinning me with a stare of disbelief. But I shake my head, sending her my most sympathetic look.

“No, I’m serious. I’m telling you, I don’t know what it is, but all the clients that come in there have absolutely huge dicks that are almost unbelievable in size. It’s like they’re straight out of Monster Mag, and they’re not growers either. They’re showers.”

Stasia’s forehead crinkles for a moment.

“What’s a grower, and what’s a shower?”

I look around although again, the room is empty. Then I lean forward and lower my voice into a hush.

“Don’t you know? Growers are guys who are tiny when they’re flaccid but they become huge when they’re aroused. Meanwhile, showers are the opposite. They’re basically huge all the time, both flaccid and aroused. The high rollers I’ve been with are all showers,” I say with a sassy wink at my friend. “We’re lucky that way.”

Stasia merely shakes her head in wonder. The pretty girl’s cheeks are pink, and envy tinges her tone.

“I can’t believe you’re telling me this. But wait—isn’t that against the rules? I mean, growers and showers, and …?”

“Yes, and yes,” I nod.

Stasia’s big brown eyes go wide.

“So you’re sleeping with the high rollers?”

I shrug.

“Sometimes,” I say in a light tone. “Sometimes we take it into a room in the back. But sometimes, I climb into their laps right there at the poker table, and well, you know…”

Stasia lets out a gasp.


I nod like this is no big deal.

“The Corinthian’s high rollers room is very exclusive. The hotel does background checks, there’s security, and it’s closely monitored. As a result, our male patrons are able to unwind a bit when they visit. Anything goes in the high rollers room when it comes to money, alcohol, cigars, and of course, women.”