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Ten men, a beach house, and a question to Does size really matter?

When my boss asks me to write an article on the age-old question of the importance of D-size, I stifle an eye-roll. This isn’t what I imagined I’d be doing after years of journalism classes.

But when she presents me with the keys to an exclusive beach house, and the personal details of the ten men she’s lined up for me to interview, my eyes practically bug out of my head. It isn’t only because they’re hotter than the surface of the sun, or tall and broad enough to form a Great-Wall-of-Man.

It isn’t because between them, they have more ink than a bookstore. It isn’t even because each of them is packing ten inches or more, although that does raise a perfectly arched eyebrow.

It’s the way my boss winks when she says the word interview , as though her expectation of the depth of my investigation is way beyond standard reporting. I'm a flustered mess when they all arrive at the beach house.

Carson and Clay are tattoo artists who can’t stop staring at my virgin skin.
Russell and Tom are ex-military men looking for adventure on home soil.
Jimmy and Jonas are personal trainers with a very personal touch.
Oliver and Stefan are senior executives at two prestigious advertising agencies, making them as rich as they are sexy.
And Theron and Gabe build houses for a living with their bare hands!

They’re a veritable buffet of delicious manly goodness. They tantalize me with what it would be like to experience ten men and ten times ten inches until I'm achy and needy and more desperate to know the answer to the size question than I've ever been about anything, ever!

And when they find out how innocent I am, they decide I need to be taught many, many mind blowing lessons about how to handle so much man.

Ten men, seven days and one intriguing question. Will I find the answer?

10 INCHES is a Reverse Harem Romance with a happy ever after ending. It's book 8 in the Multiple Love Series of standalone romances with characters who continue to make appearances!

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“Allie, I have a new assignment for you. Take a seat.” Kirsty, my boss, peers at me over her computer screen. As I opt for the chair nearest the window, she continues to type so furiously I worry about the health of her keyboard. I stare out at the world outside the Fine Line Magazine office building, desperate to escape into the sunshine. My best friend Dawn is enjoying her new life in Australia, and I can’t help but feel a bucketful of slick green envy.

“Right.” Kirsty pushes back from her desk and shoves her sexy librarian glasses up her perfectly straight nose like she means business. She fixes me with her piercing blue eyes, making no attempt to hide her assessment of my colorful outfit and yellow stilettos. A flare of her nostrils and a purse of her lips tells me all I need to know. I allow my notebook to flop open and press the top of my pen in readiness to take notes, even though the thought of writing another article about sex fills me with dread.

“Hit me.” I try to sound excited, even adding a grin which feels tight on my face. Thankfully, Kirsty seems convinced.

“Does size matter?” Her arms spread wide as though she’s trying to illustrate the point.

“I’ve heard it matters a lot,” I mumble.

“You’ve heard?” Kirsty raises a perfectly arched eyebrow above the rim of her glasses and fluffs her platinum blonde bob with one hand.

“Yes. You know. The girl version of locker room talk.”

“That’s what I’m talking about,” Kirsty says. “Men are so open about what they want in a woman. Any woman could put together an ideal version of women according to men. I mean, it’s blonde hair, blue eyes, big breasts, narrow waist, curvy hips and ass.” She lists attributes, folding down her fingers as she goes, seemingly unaware that she’s describing herself. Of course, she’s very aware that I’m missing many of the required attributes. “But women don’t generally talk about what they need and want from men. It’s all a big mystery.”

“And you want to get to the bottom of the size question?”

“It’s a four-page spread,” she says. “Front cover feature. I want interviews from both sides, and it needs a personal feel. This isn’t an article where you can just provide observations. I want to hear from you too, Allie.”


“Yes. I mean, you’re young, free, and single. You must have a whole lot to say about this topic?”

My jaw drops open as Kirsty stares at me, waiting for a response that I can’t find the words to provide. She’s suggesting I’m very sexually active, and if I was a man, that wouldn’t be a problem. But I’m a woman, and her suggestion feels like a negative accusation. Does she really think I’m promiscuous? There are other words for women who sleep around that I don’t even want to think about, let alone say out loud. The unfair double standard around sex fills me with rage, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been implanted in my head just a little.

“I don’t know what kind of personal element I can add,” I say slowly, bringing my pen to my lips and biting down on the warm plastic.

“Don’t be coy, Allie. It doesn’t suit you.” Kirsty reaches into her drawer and pulls out an envelope. She slides a bunch of keys from the top and spins them on her manicured finger. “These are the keys to a gorgeous beach house. And here are the details of the men you’re going to interview. You have seven days to research.”

I must look confused because Kirsty stands and thrusts the envelope towards me. I slide out the sheets of paper inside and my eyes bug out at the photograph of the gorgeous man on the top. Carson, it reads, and then there’s a long description; his job, his appearance, his interests, and at the top, his stats. Ten inches, it reads. Ten. Fucking. Inches.

“They’re all ten inches.” Kirsty’s red lips pinch as though she’s battling a smile. “If I was a little younger, I’d be fighting you to the death for this assignment.”

I flick through the rest of the men, taking in broad white smiles, twinkling eyes, and tattoos. They’re a buffet of hotness. A party platter of deliciousness. A dessert cart of temptation. Jesus.

“So, I’m going to interview them at the beach house?”

“They’re going to stay with you for seven days.”


“You can thank me next week.” Kirsty’s already turned back to her computer. “I take it you know enough women to gather the female input for the article?”

I nod, my mind spinning through the favor I’m going to ask Dawn. She mentioned the reverse harem ladies club her friend Kyla is a part of. There must be women there who’ll be happy to talk to me about this. I don’t need to feature their names, just their anonymous opinions on the importance of dick size.