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Wrath (Wrong #2)

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L.P. Lovell

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***Warning. This book contains extreme violence, and scenes that may upset some readers. ***
Jude Pearson could just as well kill me as kiss me most days. He was my captor, my living hell, and yet, he became my saviour, my heart. Stupid. Hes heartless, conditioned to feel nothing, and so I ran... straight into the clutches of his enemy. Joe Campbell wants Jude to suffer, and I just became a pawn in a very dangerous game.
Joe has broken me in every way, everything that I once was stripped away, and in its place is festering hatred and a rage so cold I feel nothing else. I have one purpose. Revenge.

Love makes you weak, it makes you irrational. She was collateral, completely innocent when she was unwillingly dragged into my corrupt world. With the damage Id already caused her, I couldnt let her love me, so I let her go, and now...he has her.
No matter where she is, she will always be mine. This man has taken every-fucking-thing from me, and he has the last thing that matters to me. I will kill him. Slowly. Joe Campbell better run because the devil is fucking coming for him. Sometimes two wrongs can make a right.
Rage. Hate. Revenge.
Our Wrath binds us, but it may also break us.
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I glance at the large screen in front of me that reads: London Heathrow. I stare out at the runway of the South Carolina airport as I wait to board my connecting flight to London. I anxiously fiddle with the strap of my bag... Jude's bag. The contents of this bag are all I have left in the world. I have a new identity, one I don't want. I just want to go home, to see my sister, to live my life, but I can't. It's all gone. Everyone I ever cared about believes I am dead, except Jude. The only person I have left. Had… the only person I had left.

I won't pretend I'm not bitter. I am. I've been kidnapped, tortured, shot at, threatened more times than I care to remember, and finally rejected by the one man who I came to trust, despite all of this. The last few months of my life have been shitty; there's no other way to put it.

"Boarding pass please.”

I nervously hand my passport to the woman at customs, and can only hope Jude is as good as I think he is. I didn't ask how he managed to get a passport forged so quickly. I've learned with him not to ask questions. My heart clenches at the memory of him handing me the documents. It was all so easy for him, and I hate myself for hurting over him. I hate that I love him, and when I think back, I cannot work out how the hell that even happened.

She glances over it quickly and gives it back to me. I smile politely before moving away. I barely take two steps when someone stops me.

"Excuse me, ma'am." A guy in a dark blue uniform steps in front of me. "Can you please come with me?"

"Of course." Fuck! They know the passport is fake. I'm going to go to jail, or worse; they'll find out who I really am. They'll find out I'm supposed to be dead, which will lead them to wonder why, when a body has already been found, am I now here trying to leave the country under a different name? Joe will be the least of my worries if I'm suspected of having something to do with that poor girl's murder. Shit.

I'm led through the airport until we reach a door that reads 'staff only.' The officers show me to a small private office, where I'm told to sit. Two guys stand on either side of the door blocking my exit whilst the guy behind the desk taps away on a keyboard. He doesn't look up at me and barely acknowledges my presence. The phone on the desk rings and he picks it up but doesn't speak. In the silence of the room, I can hear the muffled sound of someone talking on the other end. When he hangs up, he glances up at me. "There's been a problem, and we're going to need to take you to the station to clear it up." A problem?

"What problem?" I ask, trying to keep my voice from shaking.

His lips pull into an almost sympathetic looking smile. "We can't discuss it here." He signals towards the two guys standing behind me. "You need to go with these officers."

I nod as I take a steadying breath and stand. The two security officers lead me outside the airport. There are two men in suits standing next to a black SUV, who greet me. This is some federal shit, it must be. They look like agents. Maybe they know about Jude? Maybe they want to use me to get to him? My chest tightens as a wave of panic comes over me. Of course there are people after Jude. It was naive of me to think there wouldn't be somebody watching and waiting. The thought of Jude being locked up makes me feel sick. I shouldn't care. He brought it on himself. He's a criminal, a bookie, a murderer... but I love him, and betraying him would feel like a betrayal of myself.

"Place your hands behind your back." One of the men says, holding a pair of handcuffs.

"What? Am I under arrest? I've done nothing!" I protest as he grabs one of my wrists and yanks it behind my back, pressing me up against the car. He snaps the cuff around my wrist and grabs my other arm, fastening the metal tight enough to cut into my skin. He then pushes me into the back of the car, and the door slams behind me. My pulse hammers in my ears as full-scale panic starts to set in. I'm going to jail. I'm going to be forced to choose, throw Jude under the bus or spend my life behind bars. Shit, the rational option is clear, but my damn heart is treacherously loyal to him.