Wolf Lord’s Tribute (Shadow Cities Shifters #2) Read Online Mina Carter

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Slapping the most powerful werewolf in the city has consequences…

Forced to attend the city’s Midwinter Ball as an offering to the lord, Cyan expects a quick in and out. After all, no real werewolf would be interested in a short, plump non-shifter, would they? Certainly not Lord Veyr, the master alpha and lord of the city. He can have any woman he wants. There’s no way he’d look at her twice…
But he does, naming her his midwinter choice and putting a target on her back. Is she wolf enough to survive the lycan court or will it chew her up and spit her out?
She’s not just his woman. She’s his mate. If he can convince her to stay…
The most powerful alpha in the city, Veyr has held his throne against all comers for many lonely years. Tired of simpering lycan princesses, he longs for a real match… a woman who will stand up to him. Getting slapped was unexpected, but he’ll do anything to keep curvy little Cyan by his side and in his bed.
But lycan politics are treacherous and a single misstep costs him everything. When he discovers that Cyan isn’t just avoiding him, but has forsaken the shifter way of life he knows he can’t hide behind honor anymore.
But when he finds her, he realizes there’s a lot more to play for than just his heart…

NB: Please be aware this title has previously been released under a different title, and has been revised and expanded.


Chapter 1

There were men. There were Wolves. Then there was the Master of the City.

Overlord and Alpha Wolf of the Lycan packs, Veyr held the power of life and death over all werewolves in the city. Cyan Trevais, who tried not to quake in her brand-new heels, the ones that pinched like hell, was one of them. She took a deep breath and tried to get her nerves under control. Suppress the temptation to turn around and hightail it back out of the door. Before she could, the door in front of her swung open. A manservant announced in a loud voice, “The Trevais Offering.”


The word shot steel through her spine and any thoughts of running disappeared. As she stepped through the door, she held her head high. She hated that word and everything it stood for, letting her disdain show in her expression as she met the eye of any wolf that looked her way.

That each midwinter, every pack had to send an ‘offering’ to the Master rankled. Even the lowest of the low, barely-even-lycan-anymore packs like Trevais. Tradition dictated that the offering was a nubile, young woman… or man if the Master was a Mistress. But Trevais was an ailing pack, its members seeking mates in stronger packs with better bloodlines for their children, so they were all out of young and nubile. She was the only female eligible for the offering left.

Cyan tried and failed to glide with grace through the crowded ballroom. Not possible in hastily bought shoes that pinched, and a borrowed dress so tight, it looked sprayed on. She needed to get away from the door and blend in. Maybe she could hide behind one of the potted plants and wait the evening out.

“Don’t worry, dear. Veyr prefers the more slender woman. I doubt he’ll even glance your way.” Her mother had commented as she fought with Cyan’s curves and the zip of the dress. “Besides, he’s not looked past the McCauley pack for many a midwinter.” The zipper had closed, and she’d stepped back to cast a disappointed glance over Cyan’s ample figure. Her gaze had flicked to the mirror in front of them, obviously comparing Cyan’s figure with her own, slim physique. “Doesn’t look like that’ll change anytime soon.”

A high-pitched laugh brought Cyan back to the present. She looked across the ballroom to locate the source. Sure enough, Vanessa McCauley clung to the arm of a man Cyan assumed to be the Master of the City. Broad-shouldered and handsome, he looked every inch the picture of lycan royalty, just like the woman at his side.

Tall and slender, masses of blonde swept her shoulders in gentle waves, Vanessa was everything Cyan wasn’t. Elegant and sophisticated. Her couture gown fit her like a glove. It had obviously been made for her, rather than hastily borrowed like Cyan’s. Her understated makeup was impeccable, rather than slapped on during the drive over here.

What made Cyan feel even more like a poor relation though, was the bright amber ring around Vanessa’s iris that marked her as a pure-blooded wolf. Cyan had flat, chocolate brown eyes. Human eyes. The last time a Trevais had borne amber had been her grandfather. With fewer able to shift in each generation, it wouldn’t be long before their line had reverted to human.

“So, what’s a lady like you doing in a place like this?” A deep, male voice asked, making her jump.