Westin’s Prince (Shadow Elite #4) Read Online Jocelynn Drake

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The contract on the prince’s head was only the beginning…

This was supposed to be a quick job.

Pop in. Check out the prince. Alert his security that someone wanted him dead.


But a chance meeting in a tea shop left West unable to walk away.

Crown Prince Jin was far too sweet and trusting to be left unattended.

(Not to mention devastatingly handsome and mind-blowingly sexy.

However, Prince Jin has a dark secret that leads to even bigger problems. West is going to need the entire team for this one…and maybe even those crazy assassins.

Oh God, and a makeover as he goes undercover in the elite world of royalty.

Westin’s Prince is the fourth and final full-length novel in the Shadow Elite series and features mercenaries, assassins, royalty, a sassy assistant, conspiracies, danger, insta-swoon, yet another cinnamon roll, a fish out of water who will do anything for his prince, a “fake” boyfriend but nobody believes them, and love on the run in Asia.

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West rubbed his eyes with his thumb and forefinger, then pinched the bridge of his nose.

This had to be wrong.

But when he lowered his hand and opened his eyes to read the message for the third time, the information remained the same.

Was it a blessing or a curse? The timing was good. Damn good, judging by the tremble creeping into his hands on a more regular basis.

He was overdue for a break. The team was his family, the only family he had in this world. He loved them as much as he was able and they knew it. But there were times he needed to get away from it all for a few days or weeks. One time it was for three months. No one asked where he went or what he did. They simply welcomed him back with open arms and jokes.

With them, he felt welcome. They were home.

Yet, each wayward child needed to leave home every now and again.

This job…

He could just go check on it alone. Deal with it alone. No fuss. No muss. No insanity or complications.

But what if it turned into something bigger?

A soft, nearly silent sigh slipped from his parted lips. He had to at least tell Charlie where he was going, what he was doing. That way, if he needed help from the rest of the team, they wouldn’t be blindsided by the request. Not that something like this would stop them from hopping the first plane to join him in the fun.

West shoved to his feet from where he’d been sitting on the edge of his bed and put his phone into his pocket. The first day of testing at the future dig site had gone well, and even he had to admit mild curiosity about what they would find when it was finally cracked open. However, that wasn’t going to happen for several months, and no one was sticking around.

From the conversations that were floating about the table last night, plans were beginning to form and they were all taking an extended break. An overdue break that was supposed to happen after they’d finished the Argentina job, but that was postponed—thank you very much, Kairo—only to be postponed a second time—thanks, Ed. West had no interest in continuing this trend.

Right now, Kairo and Izzie were planning to jet off to the UK so Izzie could properly meet Kairo’s mother—and likely, play the part of referee between son and mother. Izzie had asked Charlie and Will to “house-sit” his family place on Santorini. Both men had jumped at that hardship. Who wouldn’t want to “house-sit” a luxury mansion on a Greek island?

Meanwhile, Ed and Max were headed to the States for some R&R with Ed’s family. That didn’t sound restful or relaxing to West, but to each his own and all that shit.

The only one dragging his feet was Alexei. Soren had already announced that he was up for whatever his lover wanted. West suspected Alexei wanted to return home to see his uncles. Their visit to Santorini to help with the Panopoulos affair had been incredibly brief, and it was easy to see that Alexei was homesick. He’d talked to his uncles a couple of weeks ago after they’d returned from ensuring Izzie’s sister was safely and happily settled in the US. But that wasn’t enough.

However, Alexei had also stated while they were in Uruguay that he wanted to go on a big adventure with Soren and drag West along for fun. Sadly, that was two adventures ago, and he could see on Alexei’s face that he was worried about going back on what he’d said.

Well, this oddity of a job would get Alexei off the hook in terms of guilt. He could run to visit his uncles, who would inevitably torture Soren. That was a win-win in West’s book.

When he reached the first floor, he was a little shocked to find that the place was nearly empty after being up to his eyeballs in people for days on end.

“Where is everyone?” West inquired as he stepped into the living room. Soren and Alexei were cuddled together, watching some ridiculous video on a tablet while Charlie sat in a chair reading an actual paperback. Freaking old man.

“Max and Ed are on a food run. Will said something about taking a nap before dinner. Kairo and Izzie are packing up their gear. Izzie got them on a private flight to London early tomorrow morning,” Soren answered without lifting his eyes from the screen.

West grunted and grabbed a dining room chair with his foot. He dragged it closer to where Charlie was seated and dropped into it, which got his “boss” to slightly lift his eyes.

“I wanted to give you a heads-up. I’m looking into a weird job,” he began.

Charlie laid the open book across the arm of the chair and sat up, resting his forearms on his knees. “How weird are we talking?”