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Small town, big dreams, a nightmare I never expected.
I grew up with stars in my eyes and dreams beating a soft staccato in my heart.
Career, marriage, then family.
I knew what I wanted. How I wanted it.
I never expected him.
Mason Miller.
Charming, arrogant, sadistic.
He ruined everything.
He ruined me.

A hero with a crush, obsession, and a desperate need to touch me.
Hale Decker.
The complete opposite of everything I thought I knew.
Or wanted.
He lives, breathes, and bleeds blue blood.
So when he pursued me, I wasn’t prepared.
For him or his son.
But they were relentless, in a good way.
A passionate way.
Until it all falls apart.
All I want now is to be loved, cherished, wanted. And it’s there, within my grasp, but am I brave to continue reaching for it?
I want to be.

Wanted is a standalone romance set in the ABCs of Love world.




How we met.

* * *

“Good morning, Mrs. Lowe. How are you today?” The older woman I have served at my family’s grocery store for almost a decade smiles back at me as she loads her groceries on the belt.

“Very well, Laken. The oranges sure smell fragrant today.” Every week since I was ten, Mrs. Lowe has come in for the same items and consistently comments on the oranges, good or bad. Ringing her items through, the bell above the entrance door rings, and I glance up to see a man walk in. Handsome, tall, expensive suit. “He’s building the new movie theatre on Charles Street,” she whispers as the customer turns my way.

His eyes slowly travel down my body, and I can feel myself begin to blush. Turning away, I refocus my attention on Mrs. Lowe. “Do you need help bringing these out to your car?”

Patting my hand as she grabs her bag from me, she leans in. “I think that young man is waiting for you. I can get these myself.” Biting my lip as she leaves, I prepare to help the next person in line, only to realize there’s no one else there.

I feel the stranger’s eyes on me as he lingers by the wall, not moving, speaking, or even trying to hide his interest in me. An interest I don’t know what to do with.

Hamilton, Montana, is as small of a town as it seems, and I’ve never gone farther than Billings or Kalispell. I love living here and haven’t given much thought to traveling yet. My parents keep trying to convince me to see the world, but I’m happy where I am for now.

“Was there something I could help you with?” His head tilts to the side before he walks over to me.

“You’re going to dinner with me tonight.” He doesn’t ask, and I’m a little bit insulted at his assumption.

“I generally like to make my own decisions, Mr.…?” The question hangs as he frowns.

A quirked mouth quickly wipes the annoyed look off his face. “Mason Miller, I own MM Construction.” Grasping my hand, he brings it to his mouth and kisses the inside of my wrist. A part of me swoons over the romantic move, and another ponders his motives over the intimate exchange, indicating a familiarity we don’t have.

Lightly tugging on my hand, I’m surprised when he relinquishes it. “Laken Cooke.”

“Let me rephrase. Can I take you to dinner tonight?” His lips lift into a smile, but I’m still wary.

“You should go.” My mama’s voice resounds from behind me.


“What? He’s handsome, and it’s not like we have many eligible bachelors in town that you haven’t known since you were in diapers. It’s slim pickings here, Laken.” With a nudge to my back, she reaches forward, offering her hand. “I’m Elisa Cooke, this stubborn young woman’s mother. Welcome to Hamilton. We’re all quite excited about the new theatre.” This woman could charm the venom out of a snake if she wanted to, and as I watch Mason, I see she’s succeeding again.

“Alright, fine. Dinner.” I’m not sure why I feel so reluctant to go out, but I learned to listen to my intuition a long time ago.

“Great!” Mama claps her hands. “We live just across the street with the red barn shed. She’ll be ready by seven.”

“I’ll be there.” He walks back out without even buying whatever he came in for.

“You just want grandchildren,” I grouch at her.

“You’re not getting any younger, dear. Neither are we.” She trots off whistling.

“I’m only nineteen!” I call after her and am ignored.

Staring at the door Mason exited through, I guess I should give it a shot. He’s handsome, makes my belly flutter, and his confidence is a quality I could be attracted to.

One Month Later.

* * *

Staring at Mason in shock, I don’t know how to process his question. His…proposal.

Dinner has been lovely. Over the last month, we’ve spent quite a bit of time together, and I’ve come to enjoy his company while learning to ignore some of his other quirks. But I’m not sure if I’m ready for this just yet.