Vikingr (Starlight Vikings #1) Read Online Skye MacKinnon

Categories Genre: Fantasy/Sci-fi, Paranormal, Romance Tags Authors: Series: Starlight Vikings Series by Skye MacKinnon

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He’s an alien Viking . . . She has no intentions of being his captive . . .

Njal enjoys the life of a ruthless Vikingr captain: eat, drink and pillage to his heart’s content. Then he and his crew of warriors get the worst possible news: their planet is destroyed.
If their species is to survive, they must claim females to breed offspring. Luckily, scientists at the Intergalactic University discovered that women on a backwater planet called Earth are compatible. And what does a Vikingr do once he’s found his mate? Right, he abducts her.
Steff is terrified of the huge blue alien who’s kidnapped her. He’s wild, loud, and has never heard of table manners. But is there pain and vulnerability behind his bluster? Perhaps she can help him and his men. Not by becoming his mate, no way. By adding them to the roster of her dating agency. Maybe he won’t hold her hostage if she finds him another bride…

If you want hunky alien Vikings, strong women who don’t like being told what to do, steamy romances with happily-ever-afters, then dive into the world of the Starlight Vikings!!



Albya – planet of the Albyans. Read the Starlight Highlanders series to find out more about these kilt-wearing aliens

Brullaup – wedding

Click – minute (30 Earth minutes are 20 intergalactic clicks)

Fýst – the uncontrollable desire between mates

Goði – the spiritual leader of the Vikingar; non-hereditary position elected by the gods

Hamingja – guardian spirit who decides one’s luck and happiness

Intergalactic Authority – space police/law makers

IGU – Intergalactic University

Jörð – home planet of the Vikingar

Kvenn/kvenna – wife/wives who aren’t soulmates

Quantnet – intergalactic internet

Rotation – one year

Skitr – shit

Valkyr – the spaceship captained by Njal the Bloodthirsty

Vitskertr – idiot



Njal the Bloodthirsty

It had been a day like any other: we'd pillaged a spaceship, ransacked its hold and tied up the crew. Now we just had to wait for their ransom to be paid. They were a group of Kletorians, a weak species that preferred trade over warfare. They'd been idiots not to hire an armed escort in this part of the galaxy. Everyone knew this was our territory. The crew of the Valkyr was feared and admired, and I was proud to be their captain.

I was in the middle of sorting through a large crate when I felt it. A deep pain, somewhere between my heart and stomach, so sharp it made me gasp. Tears sprang to my eyes as I clutched my chest. Similar gasps and cries echoed through the large cargo hold. My crew felt the same pain. That worried me more than just my own health. Had the Kletorians launched a biological weapon? They weren't affected. But their curious, startled looks told me that they weren't the cause. Hope blossomed on their orange faces. If this mysterious pain crippled us, they might have a chance to escape.

I rose to my legs, fighting against the agony. My chest felt like it was about to explode. I'd never experienced anything like it. To my right, Rune was pale, his expression contorted. He was a berserkr, trained in the art of ignoring pain and injury. If he suffered as much as the rest of us, it was bad news.

Looking around the cargo hold, seeing my crew in pain, I didn't know what to do. I'd faced wars, pirates, and the Intergalactic Authority, but this was something I didn't know how to deal with.

"Klav, run a scan," I groaned through locked teeth.

We didn't have a medical officer on the Valkyr, but Klav was the closest thing to it. He'd already pulled out his med scanner and directed it at me. I was about to tell him to scan himself or one of the crew, when another pain of agony crashed over me. My knees buckled. I reached out for something to hold on to, but it was too late. I collapsed to the cold metal floor. Blackness teetered at the edges of my mind. I couldn't lose consciousness. I was the captain; I had to protect them. Lead by example. I couldn't give in.

One of the Kletorians laughed. If I'd had the strength, I'd have pulled out my light axe and embedded it into his skull, but all my energy was focused on staying conscious.

"You're fine," Klav grunted, confusion and surprise warring in his hoarse voice. "The med scanner can't find anything wrong with you."

"Try it on yourself," I commanded.

I watched as he ran the device over his chest, his abdomen, while his eyes turned wide.

"Nothing. Not a-"

He yelled out in pain, his eyes clenching shut, his face a mask of agony. Around me, my crew groaned and whimpered; not sounds I'd ever heard them make before. We were Vikingar. We didn't whimper.

My cheeks were wet. Tears of pain. That had only happened once before, when a Kardarian pirate had given me the scar on my back. The wound had been so deep that it was a miracle my spine hadn't been cut in half. I'd kept the scar as a reminder not to hesitate. I'd tried to show him mercy, he'd stabbed me in the back, literally. Never again. The only people I trusted were my crew. They were closer to me than my family had ever been. Seeing them in pain and unable to do anything about it was worse than the agony tearing me up from the inside.