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From New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Shanora Williams comes a dark romantic fantasy series of violence, chaos, angst, and a powerful love that can't be denied...


I was never meant to live an ordinary life, and when I’m dropped from the sky into a haunting forest, facing the barrel of an unknown man’s gun, I believe it to be true.

Ruler of Blackwater, Caz Harlow, is the man behind the gun. He’s broody, calculating, commanding and, surprisingly, I can hear every thought that runs through his mind. Because I can, he wants me out of his world and sent back to where I came from, so he makes it his mission to find a way.

It seems like a simple task, until I realize his world is unlike mine—that his is filled with violence, chaos, destruction, and gifted people who can kill you with one look. In his universe, it’s hard for a regular human like me to survive, but with Caz at my side, the possibility is higher. And the more time we spend together, the harder it is for me to ignore the connection that makes me feel alive.

He says we’re not meant to be, so why does everything about him set my soul on fire?


I have too many enemies to count, and when this Willow woman drops into my forest, that’s exactly what I think she is: an enemy.

But then she makes a remark without even opening her mouth, and I realize I can hear her thoughts, and she can hear mine.

As Monarch of Blackwater, I can’t allow her to stay. By doing so, I risk losing everything I’ve worked so hard to build, so I make it my mission to find her a way back home.

But as this mission rolls on, I realize my bond with Willow goes much deeper than I ever could have imagined. And the more I reject her, the more pain I feel entering my body. However, when I lower my guard, the pain disappears and I crave her touch.

This relentless, undeniable bond is becoming impossible to ignore, but I can’t give into it. For if she stays, death will come for us, and it’s up to me to choose our fate.

Do I risk staying with her and putting her life at constant risk, or do I sacrifice the one thing that brings me happiness and let her go?

Vicious Bonds is book one of the Tether Series. It’s a romantic fantasy with violent acts and possibly triggering events. Please read at your own risk.

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The gun is not my enemy, it’s my friend.

The coolness of the barrel pressing against my temple provides a satisfaction I can’t explain, especially when I remember all the horrors, the pain, and the violence.

With this gun, I could wash away everything I no longer wish to feel—agony, loneliness, the nightmares that continuously haunt me.

I’ve grown to love my gun, to care for it. To feed it. It craves the blood of my enemies and the pain of those who’ve caused me harm. It’s not evil, nor is it good, but it is a part of me, like an extra limb.

I lie flat on my bed, bracing myself to give the trigger a pull with my finger. I stare up at the ceiling fan, the pointed silver blades spinning round and round, and for a fleeting moment it seems as if all the weight has been lifted. The world would be so much brighter without me in it. The sun will continue to shine, the grass will grow, flowers will bloom, and everyone will move on.

More pressure to the trigger, and I squeeze my eyes shut and think this is it. I’ll leave this fucked up place and my body will turn to bone, then shrivel to dust. There’s relief in knowing my grief will be washed away—that the burdens and worries will be no more.

More pressure to the trigger.

I squeeze my eyes shut tighter.

Why do I have to deal with all this alone? My eyes pop open and I stare at the ceiling fan again when I hear a voice so soft, so angelic, that my breath catches.

“What?” I whisper aloud. My breaths become ragged as I slowly pull the gun away from my head, and I wait…wait…wait for the voice to respond. To say something—anything. Just a whisper, at least, to let me know it’s there. That I’m not alone.

But I don’t hear it again. Just like a feather, it floats away, right out of my grasp, drifting into the dark depths of my mind. It’s nothing but a hollow echo now, slowly fading away, despite how much I need it to stay.

I sit up on the edge of the bed, place my gun down beside me, and drag my fingers down the length of my face.

That voice in my’s not my mother. Not a friend. No one from my clan. It belongs to someone I’m sure I’ve never met before, yet I feel as if I know everything about her.



Never and I mean never go to a psychic when you’re already down on luck. Especially a psychic who lives on the outskirts of the city, in a little home that reminds you of a tiny witch cottage. Even if you pass by the place several times a day to get to and from work, and constantly read the big white sign pitched in her yard with the words I Can Tell Your Future in bold font.

No matter how much the curiosity simmers in your throat, a quiet beckoning for you to see what that place is all about, it’s best to swallow that shit down and keep it rolling. If you don’t, you’ll end up like me, Willow Austin, a woman who was told she’d never find love.

As I stand on a boat deck, my phone glued to my ear, all I can think about is what that tiny woman said. She sat at a two-top table, a sheer white cloth on top of it, and tarot cards stacked neatly. Crystals of all shapes and colors were lined up in a cardboard box, random bird feathers and patches of fur in a small, flat box beside it.

I expected her to use some of the items on her table, but instead she looked at me over the frame of her thin, rectangular glasses, reached across the table, and asked for one of my hands. She studied my hand as if she’d never seen another person’s before and even sniffed it, which I found odd, but I didn’t react.

“Oh, Willow,” she finally said after some time, lifting her gaze from my hand to my eyes. “I’m afraid you’ll never find love in this world.”

It was strange of her to mention love because I wasn’t searching for it, nor was I rejecting it. Love was a complicated factor in my life, one I preferred not to offer after so many disappointments.

I pulled my hand out of the little psychic’s small, dry grasp, dug into my purse for cash, placed it on the table, and walked to my car while biting back tears. It didn’t help that she’d told me this only two weeks after I found out my brother was missing. And maybe that’s what I deserved to hear because seriously, who the hell goes to see a psychic only two weeks after their twin brother goes missing? Only a fool, that’s who. And, several months later, I feel like even more of a fool while I have the phone pressed to my ear.