Valentino in Vancouver (Passport to Pleasure #0) Read Online Gabbi Grey

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When I need to get away from the heat in Los Angeles, I head to a friend’s house in Vancouver, Canada. I just need to hide out. Oh, and that cute redhead? A mighty fine way to pass the time. Will this fling become something more by the time things cool down?

When I’m invited to my boss’s house for a party, I’m thrilled. And nervous. Then I meet a guy who helps me relax. Even when I find out who he is, I keep coming back for more. Only it turns out I might be way over my head. Can I get out before I fall for him?


Chapter One


I was having a spectacularly bad day when I turned up at my buddy’s house in Vancouver, Canada, cap in hand.

Oh, who was I kidding? Bad day, bad week, bad month…it all blended together at this point. Had it only been three weeks since my world came crashing down around me? I didn’t need to check my phone to know the date. Three weeks on the nose. And I’d run. All the way from Los Angeles to Canada. Didn’t feel far enough away, this still being the Pacific Coast. I should’ve gone to London or Johannesburg or, best of all, Siberia. No internet and cell phones on the tundra.


Hoping my disheveled appearance wouldn’t get me turfed back to the street, I rang the bell. I’d optimistically sent away the taxi driver.

But I had pocketed a card from the company, so summoning one back shouldn’t be too tough. Where I’d go, though, I had no idea. Some hotels took cash. And looked the other way.

Or maybe my downfall hadn’t been covered in the media up here. Maybe I was making myself out to be more important than I actually was.


No, chances were Vancouver had seen some of the coverage. I’d been responsible for sending many television and movie productions up this way. At least the industry rags would’ve mentioned me. Now I had a Canadian stamp in my treasured passport and desperation in my heart.

I rang the bell again.

God, what if he wasn’t home? What if he was off shooting somewhere? He’d done a film in the Yukon last year, although he’d mostly stuck close to Vancouver since then. But what was to say he hadn’t flown the coop?

The door opened, and my heart sank.

Instead of my buddy Peter, I was facing his husband, Thomas. Thomas, who’d never quite warmed to me. Thomas, who kept a protective stance around Peter. Thomas, whose leg currently barred my entry.

“What do you want, Val?”

“Papa?” A little voice came from behind him, and a little person emerged from between his legs, poking her head out.

Her? Yes, right, Peter and Thomas had a daughter. Almost two years old, if my memory was correct.

She pointed to me. “Stranger.”

Thomas ruffled her hair, then pulled her into his arms. “Yes, Skylar, stranger.” He kissed her cherubic cheek. “He has about ten seconds to tell me why he’s here before I close the door in his face.”

His tone was singsongy and sweet. I caught the underlying bite.

I glanced around. No one in sight, but that didn’t mean eyes weren’t observing.

God, you’re being paranoid.

No one expected me to turn up here, in some quaint little corner of Vancouver. Unless they knew my connection to Peter, of course.

“May I come in?”

Thomas glimpsed around the street, glanced at his daughter, then finally met my gaze. “Does Peter know you’re here?”

I gulped. “No. Hell, uh, heck, I didn’t know I was coming. I went to LAX, scanned flights, and settled on Vancouver.” Honesty hurt, but better than making up a lie.

“Because you thought Peter’d be willing to help.”

Skylar leaned over and whispered, “Bad man?” into Thomas’s ear.

Thomas kissed her forehead before turning back to me. “I don’t know.”


“I didn’t do what they said I did, and I know you have no reason to believe me, but it’s true. I’m not expecting you to listen. I just…a night or two. Please.”

I wasn’t above begging. I’d grovel. I’d plead. I’d do whatever it took to get off this front porch and into the sanctuary of the house.

Finally, at length, Thomas nodded. “Until Peter gets home.” A warning. If Peter didn’t believe me, then I was out on my ass.

Fair enough.

I expected him to let me in, but he held up his finger. “I’ll be right back.”

A bead of sweat trickled down my back. I wore a white dress shirt and navy-blue slacks. I’d hoped to blend in with the other business executives traveling, but my gross underarm sweat stains made me stand out.

I sniffed myself.

Not great.


Thomas returned a moment later with a key. “There’s a suite over the garage. Stairs are on the outside of the house.” He wrinkled his nose. “Get cleaned up. Come back in two hours. Knock. I don’t leave the door unlocked.”