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The summer vacation of the first year came, and my life as a human ended.
I met a handsome, hot, and charming guy at my aunt’s place at the beginning of my holiday.
I thought it was just a crush that most girls would have, until this guy named Asher told me, that I’m a wolf shifter.
Then, a brand new world opened for me.
I’ve never expected too much from my life since I witnessed the death of my parents.
I’ve never expected… to have freedom, to have someone by my side,
to… have a mate.
Asher. He said I was his mate.
I had the greatest time ever after accepting the true me as a wolf. I thought finally I could be happy. I thought I was free.
But I should have known.
My life had never spared me.


Chapter One

Goodbyes are tough, they always have been.

At least for me, it's just the uncertainty of it that makes my heart ache. Clare's rambling about how I should take care of myself as she haphazardly shoves a blue top inside her suitcase. She pushes down on it so it closes. I sigh, knowing damn well she wouldn't be able to do it alone, and gently shove her aside.

"Clare, I can take care of myself well enough without you too," she rolls her eyes at me, plopping down on the bed with exhaustion.

"Elaine," she scolds softly. "You know what I meant; everybody can get lonely. I'm happy to be going on the trip but I wish you had more friends to spend time with, while I'm not here."

"I do have other friends," I gasp, crossing my arms defensively, but she just laughs softly.

"Remember, I told you I was going to Washington?" I try to smile as I lie straight through my teeth and lean against the packed suitcase under her scrutinizing gaze.

There was no way I was going back to that town or place; the memories were going to be too much for me to bear. So, the safest and best place to spend my summer vacations was at Aunt Aundra's place, in a town called Millerville. Once again, goodbyes are tough but they're tougher when you're lying to people you love.

"That's right, I have tons of friends there. You don't have to worry about that since I'm going to be busy reuniting with everybody, you know?"

"If you insist."

Clare stands at the door with a knowing smile and jumps up to hug me tightly.

"Woah, Woah," I laugh and return the embrace happily. The thing about Clare is that she's always too reluctant to leave me alone.

Her boyfriend, Matthew had planned out a whole tour for the next month with Clare to celebrate their first-year anniversary. I was more than happy that she was going, it could be a great milestone in their relationship. Tossing me one last smile, she rolled her luggage out of the corridor and an hour later, I followed with mine once my cab had arrived.

Reaching Millerville was almost as easy as it was staying with Aunt Audra. She was a beautiful and strong woman, full of confidence. Her headstrong personality hit me like a wave for the first two days but I slowly eased into it, finding the comfort of an older person warm and blissful.

My childhood wasn't a typical one, to say the least, I had witnessed the death of three important people in my life. The word death itself sent me reeling into a huge fit of despair of self-loathe every time someone brought it up. Mom and Dad were both followed by Granny a few years later; it was quite the trauma, but I was glad Granny was there for me while I was getting through my teenage years.

She had passed away last year, old age and illness getting the best of her, but I saw it coming, so it wasn't as big of a blow as my parents'. Well, that's a story for another day. Right now, standing in the middle of Aunt Audra's white and black-themed kitchen, I chewed on a piece of butter toast.

Overall, the past two days were spent by me being holed up in the guest room Aunt had assigned to me. The college had exhausted me in the last week with so many assignments. They might as well have asked us to stay back. For the few minutes I came out, I noticed that there were always a lot of guests visiting Audra even till late in the evening.

The first few made me think they were friends, but gradually I noticed all her 'meetings' were behind closed doors of the attic with voices hushed so much it came to the point I couldn't even figure out if the person behind was a man or a woman. My curious mind kept telling me to take a peek or something. I knew it was morally wrong to sneak up on someone's personal affairs like that.