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She’s the eighteen year old best friend of his only daughter, one look and he's hooked, but going there might open up a shit load of problems he didn’t really have time for. But her body haunted his dreams and his dick would give him no peace until he got it what it wanted.

He’s older, loaded and hot; what’s a girl to do? I know what this girl will be doing….him. My girly bits have spoken loud and clear and as inexperienced as she was, she had no doubt she could more than handle the brawny tattooed hunk that all the girls were raving about.
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Chapter 1


“Fuck, don’t move.” She was so fucking tight my eyes were about to cross. Three weeks of hardcore fucking every chance we got, and her pussy was still virgin tight. Not that I was complaining, I’ve never felt anything this good in my life and I’ve been here a while, a lot longer than the girl under me anyway.

My cock was damn near bent in half as I tried to force it to fit. I didn’t even know that pussies came this tight anymore, what the fuck? I wanted to go slow, to take it easy, but there was no fucking way that shit was gonna work. She didn’t seem to mind the pounding too much though as she pushed her fine ass back against me, her sweet voice urging me on.

“Fuck me like you mean it.” She looked over her shoulder at me and from the dark sultry look in her eyes I knew she was close. “Harder daddy fuck me harder, you know you want to. Ahhh, yes, fuck that pussy, make me cum.” For someone who was relatively new to this she sure talked a lot of shit. I guess she did it because she knew what hearing her talk like that did to me. One hard smack to her ass had her pussy clenching down hard enough to cut off circulation to my dick.

I fucked in and out of her pink gash until her pussy was making wet sounds around my dick. It happened like this all the time. Whether we were having one of our long fuck sessions when she was able to sneak into my bed at night, or like now when we were sneaking a fuck in the middle of the afternoon because we just couldn’t get enough, her pussy always let me know I was getting the job done by juicing up. “Your ass looks so fucking good like this little girl.” I wanted in her little rosebud but we didn’t have time, maybe later.

Instead I pushed the tip of my thumb inside and made her squeal, she loves having me in her ass. “Later.” I sank my whole dick into her teenage pussy as I leaned over to nip into her neck. I felt the answering clench in her little pussy as she covered my cock in her juices once more.

I felt the sap rising in my nuts and sped up, making the bed slam into the wall behind it. It was a good thing we were here alone. It was getting harder and harder to stifle her cries these days, especially when I was hurting her with my cock; she likes that best.

I grabbed her hair in my fist and pulled like a rein as I plowed into her pussy from behind. Her ass shook from the thrusts of my hips slamming into hers, and she growled deep in her throat and sputtered. Her pussy went into spasms and she clawed at the sheets beneath her before screaming out my name loud enough to alert the neighbors. “Daddyyyyyy, yes-yes-yes.” Her ass trembled and her pussy wept as I fucked into her like a madman.

“Fuck yeah!” It does my thirty-three year old heart good to know I can bring this young beauty off so spectacularly. She makes me think of nothing but fucking, even as I was about to cum in her pussy, I was already thinking of when I would get to offload in her ass, or her mouth, or on her tits. The beauty of loving my little girl is that she’s up for anything. The thought made my head grow hot.

“Fuck Brianna.” I pounded away until she came again screaming and I emptied a tidal wave of cum deep inside her. That’s another thing, I haven’t cum this much or this hard in years. Young pussy, it’s good for the body.

I rode it out letting her calm down as her pussy twitched all over my cock, dragging the last of my seed from my balls. She sighed and stretched, still impaled on my cock and my boy jumped, he was still hungry.

“I want your tits in my mouth.” We maneuvered ourselves so that I didn’t have to lose my place in her pussy while I sucked hard on her tit from beneath her arm. “Again?” I started fucking into her before she nodded her head. “I want you under me this time, I need to fuck.” I pulled out and threw her to her back before climbing between her thighs and driving back into her.

“Aggggh…” Her loud screams didn’t stop me from fucking into her tummy. I went past her cervix in search of her womb, that tight ring trying to keep me out. Her mouth opened in a silent scream as I showed her no mercy. “You still want me to fuck you like I mean it, huh?” I slammed into her over and over as she begged me not to fuck her so hard. Too bad, she wanted me to fuck? This was a fuck. “Take it baby, you can take it for me come on.” I calmed her with sweet kisses to her lips and nibbles on her tits until she quieted down again, but I never let up on the power thrusts into her hot snatch.