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He’s the first man she’s ever seen and he claims to have a Beast inside him…

Breenah and the Beast…
All her life Breenah has been told that men can’t be trusted. She lives on Griesha Prime—a planet where all the males were expelled due to their mistreatment of the women. So imagine her surprise when a huge male prisoner who has crash-landed near her Compound is brought it and manacled to the magnetic Stasis Wheel and she is told to guard him.

Rax is in a fix. He’s a Wulven Kindred with a ravenous Beast inside—a Beast brought out by moonlight. And Griesha Prime has not one, not two, but three moons! Not only that, but a Lunar Equinox is coming up and all three heavenly bodies will be in the sky at once. He has to get free before that happens.

Rax knows he needs to escape but he finds himself completely enthralled by the curvy little female who has been set to guard him. And for her part, Breenah feels drawn to the huge warrior—her body responds to his in ways she didn’t even know were possible. But when the Equinox comes and all three moons rise overhead, she will have to make a terrible choice. Should she run from Rax’s Beast…or submit to it in an act of sensual sacrifice that will leave her forever…Tied to the Wulven? Read this hot Scifi, Shifter, Curvy Heroine, Enemies to Lovers Romance to find out!

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Breenah didn’t care how big the giant was – she wasn’t scared of him. Not one little bit! He really was huge though—especially stretched out as he was with his muscular arms bound over his head and locked in place by the Magno-manacles. The manacles were said to be unbreakable and they were locked in place to the Stasis Wheel, which arched over the giant’s head and hummed with latent power.

As she watched him strain against the manacles Breenah wondered, were they really strong enough to hold him?

Don’t be silly, she told herself. Of course they’re strong enough. Why, hadn’t Mistress Work-worthy told her just the other day that they had once used these very same Magno-manacles and the Stasis Wheel to hold a Strenthian boar? If they could hold the Beast like that, they could surely hold this strange giant. This male.

The first male that Breenah had ever seen.

When they had first brought him in, he was unconscious—it had taken fifteen of her people to haul his huge body into the Guard Room. They had manacled him and chained him to the Stasis Wheel while he was still groggy, and had just barely gotten finished in time. For shortly after he was locked in place, the giant had begun to move.

“Where the fuck am I?” he had growled in a voice so deep it sent a shiver through Breenah’s bones, and then he started pulling on the manacles. “What the fuck is going on?” he demanded.

No one had bothered to answer him, and of course he couldn’t see anything because Mistress Work-worthy had ordered that he should be blindfolded.

Breenah was rather glad that he couldn’t see what was going on—it meant she could watch him as much as she wanted without him seeing her. She wanted to study this strange creature, this male, at her leisure.

She would certainly have plenty of time to do that, since Mistress Work-worthy had decided that she should be on guard duty. It was a punishment detail, and Breenah well knew it. Mistress Work-worthy had never liked her—it was because she was so different from the others—from the other women she lived and worked with in the Compound.

It wasn’t Breenah’s fault she was different than the other women. It wasn’t her fault that her breasts were large and full instead of flat and that her waist curved out to full hips and a round ass instead of being slim and boyish, as was the norm on her planet, Griesha Prime.

Also, when she looked around her during the communal shower, it was clear she was different below as well. The mound of her sex was plump and full with an interior that was slippery with moisture and as dark as a ripe berry while the girls around her had nothing but flat, colorless slits between their legs. But that was just the way she was built—it wasn’t as though she had willed her body to look different!

She heard Mistress Heal-all, the head medic talking to mistress Work-worthy about it one day, when they hadn’t known she was listening.

“It must have had something to do with the hormone bath in her artificial womb,” Mistress Heal-all had said. “She must’ve gotten too many sex hormones, which caused her body to mutate in strange ways. I must agree with you—her breasts are unnaturally large.”

“Can nothing be done about it?” Mistress Work-worthy had demanded. “It is most distracting, both for Breenah and for the girls around her. She looks so strange and none of her uniforms fit correctly.”

“I’m afraid not.” Mistress Heal-all had sighed. “The damage was done in the artificial womb, it cannot now be reversed, so many years later.”

“Well I don’t like it,” Mistress Work-worthy grumbled. “If you think of a solution, let me know. “In the meantime I shall endeavor to keep her as far from the other girls as possible.”

“I shall think on it,” Mistress Heal-all had promised. “I will let you know if anything occurs to me.”

Breenah had been on tenterhooks for some time after overhearing that particular conversation, but so far nothing had come of it except that she had been exiled to the Guard Room. Of course, usually there was nothing to guard— there was just the overarching skylight which showed the single red giant sun during the day and the triple moons of Griesha Prime at night.

It was the bloody light of the sunset that bathed the giant’s huge form now. He must be over seven feet tall and he had silvery gray skin which was easy to see, since his shirt was in tatters, showing a broad bare chest beneath.

Breenah studied him with interest as he growled and yanked on the thick metal manacles. The giant looked different from anyone she had ever seen before. He had a flat chest like the girls she worked with, but it was broad and muscular and his shoulders were so wide he would have to turn sideways to get through a doorway. In contrast, his hips were narrow and led down to long, powerful legs encased in tight leather breaches and tall black boots.