Through the Sandstorm (Dragon Legacy #2) Read Online Megan Linden

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Daryan’s dream had always been to have a romantic bond with his companion. He’d seen it as the best possible option. But when he arrived at the Academy a week before the searching ceremony, he met a dragon who made him feel things he shouldn’t, not now. Not when Daryan was still hoping his companion would be the one for him in every way.
Aderys was happy and settled in his own platonic bond, so when he met Daryan, he had none of his doubts. He was ready, but Daryan wasn’t, so Aderys focused on something else—the spark of a revolution that was going to change Teranea forever, one way or another.
When the pull became too strong—both towards each other and towards the whirlwind of change—Daryan and Aderys needed to decide what they were going to fight for and what they were willing to let go.



Daryan was scared.

He wouldn't admit it to anyone, of course—he barely admitted it to himself—but it was still true. And not what he'd expected, at all.

He'd been at the Academy a few times already, as a guest on his brothers' bonding and graduation ceremonies, and each time, he'd wished he could be allowed to enroll already. It had felt exciting and special, and full of possibilities.

Yet now that his time had come, he wasted the whole time he was flying to the Academy worrying about everything.

The entire Paryada was still shaken after the murder of Taveris at the Academy three weeks ago, so yes, there were legitimate reasons to be scared, but something else worried Daryan more.

His own companion.

What if he didn't find him right away? Two of his older brothers had, but the third one, Soryan, had waited for over a year to meet his companion, and Daryan doubted he would be able to get through such a long wait. How could he be patient, if the whole point of going to the Academy was to find his perfect match, the companion destined to be his?

The love of his life, too, if he was lucky.

Deep in his heart, this was what Daryan had hoped for above all. He'd dreamed about it his whole life, first hearing stories, then seeing it with his own eyes. Two of his brothers had been lucky enough to fall in love with their companions, and Daryan wanted that for himself, too. He knew his family thought of him as a hopeless romantic—especially since he'd once let it slip to his brothers that he intended to never go all the way with anyone before his searching ceremony, just in case his companion was the one—but he didn't care. He wanted to make the bond even more special.

What if he didn't fall in love with his companion, though? Worse yet, what if he did, but his companion didn't love him back? That last scenario shouldn't be possible, according to the lore, but there could always be the first time.

After all, with all that had happened in the recent weeks, nothing seemed to be as it should be, anymore. Nothing was certain.

The human-dragon alliance between Teranea and Paryada was almost three hundred years old, and the Academy was a part of it right from the start. Throughout that time, many rules had been established, many advantages of the companion bonds discovered. It hadn't been a breeze and dragons had fought many battles to conquer some of the human prejudices and beliefs, but they'd been making progress all this time. Or so they'd thought. Now they were thrown into another one of those battles and it felt like it could be the one that broke everything.

Wind's curse, it had already changed things. Daryan only needed to look around at the group of dragons flying with him now to see that. Instead of the usual ten or so, there were only four of them. Four. There hadn't been a group so small since the West Sea War, when most dragons had been called to battle.

From the beginning of the alliance, it had been one of the greatest honors to be invited to attend the Academy, since dragons had considered it something of a sacred duty to help protect humans and to create companion bonds with them. After the preliminary military training, only some of the candidates were invited to go, and rarely had anyone chosen to decline.

A war had been one reason. Mourning, the other.

With the dragon council announcing right after Taveris's death that Paryada was in mourning, two of Daryan's cousins had used it to turn down the invitation. After the news had reached his home, his parents had sat him down and told him he could do the same without any judgment on their part.

He refused, though. He worried about the current upheaval, of course, but it was one more reason why he couldn't stay behind for even one cycle. Who knew where the human-dragon relations would stand in three months. He couldn't risk never having a chance to find his companion.