Three On One (Forbidden Fantasies #78) Read Online S.E. Law

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Carrie: I hate Bruce Chapman because I let him rub me to completion under the table at a dinner party, and yet that a$$hole never called! As a result, I’m going to get my revenge. I’m going to hook-up with THREE hung stallions who make me whine and pant … but I had no idea that a menage would feel so good.

Brad: The curvy girl’s misguided, is how I’d describe it. After all, Carrie wants to link up with me and two of my buddies in order to make some loser jealous. Who cares? Why even bother? But what the sassy woman doesn’t realize is that we plan on making her airtight … and soon, the beautiful brunette’s begging on her knees for more of our three-on-one!

This is a follow-up to Obsessed With My Ex’s Dad and Hard and Brutal. Yes, it’s a crossover event! In this book, our heroine is “injudicious,” to put it politely. More to the point, Carrie’s a hot mess whose plans go totally awry when three dominant, possessive alpha males set their sights on her because you know what that means! Sparks fly and of course, our girl adores the attention from her three paramours. Pick your jaw off the ground because there are scenes in this book that will make even the most jaded romance reader gawk, but that’s why we love forbidden fantasies, right? Just be forewarned because this story is not for the faint of heart.

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This is so crazy. I know I shouldn’t be doing this, but very quietly, I lift my binoculars to peer at a storefront. I look like a stalker, and the fact is that I am a stalker because I’m following the movements of the handsome Bruce Chapman. Oh yes. This gorgeous hunk of man isn’t going to get away from me, although of course, my actions are totally questionable at the moment. Hell, if Bruce knew that I was following him, he’d be horrified, not to mention disgusted.

But that’s the thing. I’ve been obsessed with Bruce ever since meeting him at my friend Ramona’s dinner party months ago. He’s her husband’s friend, which is a nice way to meet, in my opinion. In this day and age, it feels like everyone meets through some on-line dating app, be it OkCupid, Tinder, or even that latest one, Buggle. Don’t even get me started on Buggle because there are sooo many losers on there. I swear, I was inundated by dick pics to the point where it was really gross and icky, so it was a relief to be introduced to someone the old-fashioned way.

But yes, back to Bruce. My mouth watered when he showed up at the dinner party because the man is tall and handsome, with chestnut hair, hazel eyes, and the build of a Greek god. Even though he works at Dissidence Corp. as an executive of some sort, this guy clearly hits the gym on a regular basis. He’s built like a gladiator with broad shoulders, a wide chest, and a deep laugh that made me go hot all over.

But even better, Bruce is no male airhead. In fact, he’s insanely smart seeing that Dissidence is a Fortune 500 company and he’s the CFO or something like that. So yes, I was excited to finally lay eyes on a handsome, successful man via normal channels, and there was definitely a spark between us too. Our conversation was light and easy, and he even laughed at my jokes, even though I’m not exactly the funniest girl out there.

But maybe I got a little too excited because I came onto him hard at the dinner. Okay, maybe a little too hard. Okay, maybe I crossed the line into skankdom, but it’s only because Bruce is so hot, and I didn’t want to let the opportunity slip away! Plus, I had a short skirt on at the dinner, so I took the initiative and flashed my pussy at him a couple times. It wasn’t pre-planned or anything, oh no, nothing like that. It’s just that with this particular skirt, any kind of panties tend to show, and as a result, I decided to go commando.

It was perfect though because I could see Bruce’s pupils dilate every time I gave him an eyeful of my moist pink. Even better, he was definitely into it. There was a bulge at his crotch, and between the salad and the main course, my handsome dinner companion reached one big hand below the table and gently stroked up my thigh. Hot tingles raced up my spine because this was next level, and that’s when I knew for sure we were connecting.

But we didn’t stop there. No sir. Instead, while making light-hearted conversation with our hosts, Bruce slid that big hand up my creamy leg all the way to my pussy and gently rubbed my clit for me during the meal. It was unholy, I tell you. I think my friend Ramona suspected because I let out a breathy gasp while she was serving the carrots, and she shot a probing look my way. I managed to keep my sound effects mostly under wraps after that, and finally, while Ramona and her husband were in the kitchen prepping the dessert, Bruce rubbed me to an orgasm right there at the table as I came all over his hand. It was embarrassing, I tell you, because there was so much pussy fluid, except that he didn’t blink an eye. Instead, he merely grinned at me before licking his fingers and then shooting me a mischievous wink.

“You taste good, sweetheart,” he growled under his breath. “Like honey.” Then, Ramona and her husband returned, and it was all back to normal like nothing was wrong.

But that’s where things go off the rails because of course, I gave Bruce my number after the dinner party. I didn’t just give him my number, actually. I also gave him my email address, my Instagram handle, and my Twitter username, just in case he wanted to find me. But did he reach out? Hell no! I waited in vain for a couple days, and then a couple days became a week, which became a month. What in the world? I literally let a strange man rub my pussy at my best friend’s house, and he doesn’t even have the courtesy to call afterwards. What an asshole.