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Aspiring archaeologist, Genevieve Grant, is in search of a Revolutionary War era treasure that has become a legend in her family. Even though she knows the odds of finding anything of value are slim, she and her best friend, Sage, set out to follow the clues. With only a few weeks to search, Gen employs the aid of a local forest ranger to help with the treasure hunt. She soon discovers much more than she bargained for in this fast paced adventure full of romance and mystery.


Chapter 1

Sometimes Genevieve Grant felt like one of those girls in a teen movie who no one notices until the day she takes off her glasses and suddenly everyone realizes that she is drop dead gorgeous. Not that Genevieve thought she was gorgeous. She knew she was a cute nerd. Pretty even. A cute nerd who was meeting the only guy who had ever noticed her when the glasses were still on. Unfortunately, he was her best friend’s brother and they were meeting so he could introduce them to his new girlfriend.

As soon as Gen and her best friend walked into the restaurant, she saw Asa. He was impossible to miss at over six feet tall with black wavy hair that brushed his collar and an athletic build. He had the sleeves of his button-down shirt rolled up, and you could see the edge of a tattoo inked on his forearm.

Genevieve took a deep breath and followed her best friend Sage to the bar where Asa and Astrid were standing while they waited for a table. She looked at Astrid. She was everything you would expect a girl named Astrid to be — petite, delicate even, with straight, nearly white, blonde hair that hung in a perfect sheet down the middle of her back. She was pale and had light blue eyes. She and Asa were striking because of their extreme differences. She was the light to his dark. Both were beautiful in their own ways.

A wide smile broke out on Asa’s face when he saw Sage. He grabbed her, lifted her off the ground, and swung her around.

Genevieve watched as Astrid took in the whole scene. Asa and Sage had been her best friends for years, but there were still times when she felt like a third wheel. They never intentionally excluded her, but sometimes it felt like they were sharing an inside joke that she didn’t get. Gen wondered how Astrid would react to sharing Asa’s attention with Sage.

As soon as he set Sage down, he quickly hugged Genevieve too. She was relieved that he was happy to see her. They still texted from time to time, but their last in-person conversation had been awkward at best.

“Astrid, this is my sister, Sage, and her best friend, Genevieve.”

Gen was momentarily stunned by his introduction as Sage’s best friend. She was his best friend too. Or at least she had been up until the end of last summer when he transferred to a college two states away. She was still unsure if she was part of the reason he felt he needed to get away. She quickly recovered and watched as Astrid extended her hand to Sage, whose bangles clanked and jingled as she shook Astrid’s hand.

“So nice to meet you. Asa talks about you all the time. I feel like I already know you.”

“Lovely,” Sage replied in a high-pitched voice that sounded a bit strained.

“Hello, Jennifer. It’s nice to meet you too,” Astrid muttered but made no motion to shake hands.

“It’s Genevieve.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry.” Astrid sneered condescendingly.

Sage gave Gen a pointed look that screamed, ‘I told you she would be awful,’ loud and clear.

“That’s us,” Asa turned away and announced when the hostess called his name. The restaurant was unusually crowded for late on a Saturday afternoon.

Sage pantomimed gagging as soon as Astrid turned to follow Asa to the table.

“So Sage, Asa said you took a little time off from art school to focus on your painting.”


“Seems a little ironic to leave art school to work on your art.”

Sage blinked several times, grabbed a roll, and started tearing it into little pieces.

“She’s an extremely talented painter, but our parents insist that she get a degree so she can support herself,” Asa explained.

Astrid nodded sympathetically.

Genevieve felt the need to intervene before Sage did something she couldn’t take back.

“So, Ingrid, what is your major?” Gen couldn’t resist mocking Astrid by calling her the wrong name, especially since she had already done the same thing to her.

“It’s Astrid. I’m an art history major. What about you?” She smiled and then narrowed her eyes at Gen.

“Anthropology. I’m going to be an archaeologist.”

“Oh! That is…interesting. Isn’t that dirty and tedious? I guess it takes a special type of person to enjoy all of that digging.”