The Sweetest Game (Southern U O’Brien Brothers #3) Read Online Cookie O’Gorman

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Hopelessly in love with my best friend’s brother.
That’s what it will say on my tombstone. Here lies Junior “June” Dorsey. Tomboy. Car lover. Bookworm. She suffered from a severe case of unrequited love syndrome.
It’s not like I haven’t tried liking other guys. I have. It’s just none of them measure up to him.
Baylor O’Brien. Beautiful. Cocky. Talented (on the field and in the bedroom—or so I’ve heard).
And completely oblivious to my love for him.
When Bay asks for my help, I can’t say no. He needs my PR expertise to revamp his reputation and up his chances of being scouted after one scout—the one he really wants—dismisses him as nothing more than a party-loving playboy.
When he asks me to be his fake girlfriend, I accept his proposal.
But how am I supposed to act like I’m in love without revealing the truth? And why is Baylor so good at pretending?
One thing I know that’s true:
All’s fair in love and baseball.
Wish me luck,



My heart always got me into trouble.

It had been that way since second grade when I decided to liberate our class rabbits, Mr. and Mrs. Hopper, from their cage. Then there was that time in seventh when I gave my new coat to the homeless woman living in the alley by our garage. (My dad wasn't amused.) In freshman year, Red Conyers pulled my best friend Emmy's hair, demanded she give him a kiss, and made her cry when he refused to let go. I'd punched him right in the nose. Emmy hadn't kissed him—but once she was free, she did knee him in the groin. Her brothers would've done way worse if they'd been there. Red should've thanked his lucky stars that they weren't. The O'Briens didn't tolerate anyone messing with their little sister.

The punch earned me two weeks in school suspension.

When I refused to apologize to Red, I got another tacked on.

Oh well.

It was worth it.

I loved my best friend, and I knew she would've done the same for me.

Like I said, my heart always got me into trouble.

And no one made my heart skip like Baylor O'Brien.

It had been that way since we were kids.

It was still like that now in college.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), Bay had no idea I was in love with him. That was probably for the best all things considered. He was wrong for me in so many ways. Older by two years and way more experienced, Bay had an inner confidence and charisma that you just couldn't fake. It attracted people to him like bees to honey. But that might've also had something to do with his devastating good looks, great sense of humor, and laidback manner, not to mention his amazing talent on the baseball field.

Piece of advice: Never fall in love with your best friend's brother.

Why hadn't anyone ever told me this?

What was the point of going to school if they didn't teach you the important stuff? Real-life lessons that could save you from years of yearning, longing, and inevitable heartbreak? Someone should've warned me. Someone should've said, "You know June, you should be careful. Those O'Brien brothers are dangerous to your heart. Don't go falling in love with one of them—especially not that one. It can only end badly."

And the romance novels I secretly loved reading?

They only perpetuated the lie.

Falling in love with your best friend's brother wasn't a happily-ever-after waiting to happen. It was a bad idea. The worst. Just say no.

If he's like a drug, the guy whose presence you become addicted to, the one you ache to be around even though it hurts, the one who sets your soul on fire with a touch, a word, a look?

Stay far, far away.

Anyway, a warning would've been nice.

But that was beside the point.

It was too late now.

I'd fallen.


Harder than I fell at the beginning of fitness class when our instructor told us to try something between a squat/slow roll up combo. It was supposed to be a smooth, sweeping movement. Graceful.

My body didn't comply.

As I tried to rise, my feet slipped right out from under me, and down I went. The squeak I made must've been something because Miss Honey paused the music to see if I was okay. My hip hurt, but that was nothing compared to my embarrassment. The other students—including my friends—were just staring at me. Emmy reached down but looked like she wanted to laugh. Hmph. My best friend was apparently a comedian now. Wonderful. Blushing, I waved them all off, said I was fine and got to my feet.

By the end of the hour, I'd had a few more wobbles, but there was only the one fall.

Thank goodness.

I breathed a sigh of relief as class ended, and I went to the side of the room to retrieve my things.

"So"—Emmy O'Brien, my best friend since forever, beamed at me—"that was awesome! Did you have fun?"