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The Soccer Mom's Bad Boy

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When Ilene Stanford’s husband left her after years of marriage for a much younger model, she just knew her romantic life was at an end. Having only known one man since high school, she was sure that at thirty-two her days as a love interest was all but over, and besides, she had a twelve year old daughter to raise. With her mind set on being an old maid, she was in no way prepared for bad boy ex-soldier Dane who came into her life literally through her bedroom window at night, and did things to her body that she didn’t even knew existed. Sure the lovemaking was off the charts good, but could she trust the craziness that he whispered in her ear in the darkness of night?
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I should be long gone, I have shit I could be doing, but instead I’m here on some fool’s errand.

And who knows where the fuck this shit will lead?

Just because my dick was in the game didn’t mean she was going to be interested, and I didn’t have the kind of time needed to make her so.

I didn’t stop to think about the repercussions of my actions, that’s not my way, I follow my gut and let the chips fall where they might.

Granted this was my first time at this particular rodeo, there wasn’t a bull alive I couldn’t ride. I didn’t see this shit any different. I adjusted my dick in my jeans because even the memory of her makes my body react.

The promise of what the reality would be is what kept me here when my business in these parts was long done. For the first time in my adult life, I found my heart engaged, and I hadn’t even met her yet.

Chapter 1

“Ooh Ilene your secret admirer is here again I see.” My best friend Janine bounced my shoulder with hers and nodded in the direction of the hunk, who has been starring in my dreams for the last couple of weeks.

“Shh, cut it out Janine, he’ll see you.” I was trying to hustle it, but of course my little angel had to say hello to everyone in the neighborhood before we could make our escape from the middle school playground.

I took a quick glance out the side of my eye and just knew he was watching me. It was hard to tell sometimes because he’s always wearing those shades, and for the first week or so, I wasn’t sure that he really was staring at me all those times that I thought he was.

But that was until three days ago, when the most extraordinary thing in the world happened to me. No I wasn’t struck by lightning, or win the lottery or any such thing. But this ultra hot, amazing guy actually noticed me.

No wait, that’s an understatement…

“Maybe I should’ve let you walk out by yourself, maybe you would’ve gotten another sniffing.” And there you have it. I don’t know his name, his number or where he lives. I just know that three days ago he came up behind me, sniffed my neck unabashedly and declared ‘fuck I knew you were gonna smell good’, before walking off.

I was struck dumb for a good five minutes before I could move again. Had that really just happened? Not only that, but the way it made me feel, was electrifying. I never had electrifying before.

At my age, and where I am in life, I wasn’t expecting much in the way of romance. And maybe I was making too much of that one little spark, but it was just one of those things that I knew would stand out for the rest of my days.

You have to understand, my husband of eighteen years had just left me only six months ago for a younger model and I was feeling about as low as you could get. My mind was as far removed from sex as it was possible to get, but the way he made me feel with that one move could not be ignored.

Most women would’ve probably ran screaming to the nearest police station about the sniffing bandit on the loose in our small town, but uh-uh. Something about the whole experience left me feeling more intrigued than afraid or even slightly disturbed and disgusted.

I’d seen him checking me out, or at least I thought he was, for the better part of two weeks, but I couldn’t be too sure, until that day.

I didn’t know what to do with myself after that, in fact I’d spent the days since looking over my shoulder with my heart racing in anticipation. It was getting so bad that I thought I saw him in places I knew he shouldn’t be.

Now it’s like I can feel him everywhere I go in our small town. I know he’s not from around here because I’ve never seen him before, but I was too embarrassed to ask anyone about the mystery man that appeared like smoke.

My body seems to have gone through some sort of metamorphosis, because I actually get tingles whenever he’s around. I haven’t felt butterflies since I was a teen in the first blush of young love, and it was never like this.

Now the old me would’ve been a little apprehensive, but somehow it felt strangely flattering. Forget all the episodes of Stalked and the other nighttime crime specials I’ve inhaled on TV. All my inhibitions, as well as common sense, seem to have made a running leap out the window.

I think the fact that he was hot had a lot to do with my new attitude, that and the fact that I felt anything but threatened by him. Well, that’s not entirely true, I just don’t feel threatened in a life or death kind of way. But something tells me he will be a force to be reckoned with, if it ever came to that. Any man that could make you cream on yourself with just a whisper in your ear had to be a danger.