The Royal Obsession (Fae-ted Hearts #0) Read Online Milana Jacks

Categories Genre: Fantasy/Sci-fi, Paranormal, Romance Tags Authors: Series: Fae-ted Hearts Series by Milana Jacks

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Her king. His obsession.

He takes me out.
We make out.
It’s glorious.
I succumb to his charms and decide I can afford this bit of adventure.
So when he invites me to the Royal Court,
reluctantly, I accept.
Little do I know, the male I call Commander
the world knows as the Summer King.

He is as handsome as he is powerful
I’m a typical June with barely any magic.
It will never work out between us.
It won’t.
No way.
Everyone knows this.
Except the fae king.

*** inside the pages is an unapologetic, jealous, and possessive hero who burns the pages with the passion for his reluctant heroine. This is a spicy fantasy romance with a hard earned happily ever after. Read it!




“The summer solstice is here,” my mother says from the kitchen just as I’m about to step inside. Since I’ve heard this talk a thousand times at the crack of dawn, I spin on my heels and dash down the hall toward the back door, snatching up my bathing sack from the hanger.

It’s the first span of summer, and the span feels slightly warmer than usual, so I’ll use the pond. With no fire magic to be found among my family, skipping into the woods for a wash is easier than heating the water for the tub.

I sprint for the pond, hopping over small bushes and old tree trunks that our warriors used as portal markers during the fae wars. With the steam rising from the water in sight, I slow to a walk.

As I strip off my clothes, a chill runs down my spine, and I get a nagging feeling that I’m not alone. I scan the trees and bushes and the wildflowers growing around the pond. All clear.

I dive in.

Summer might be coming to our Summer Fae Court, but we live in the mountains above the capital, which is on the water, and up here, the chill stays well into midsummer.

I pull myself up onto one of the piles of smooth stones my sisters and I made so we could sit in the water and converse as if we were sitting around a table. Wiping my eyes, I let the morning sun coming through the trees bathe my face, and rub my arms to ward off the chill.

A twig breaks, and I turn my head.

A tall fae male in a military uniform is standing at the other end of the pond. He’s in his battle form, his uniform spattered with blood. Long black horns rise from either side of his head, and dark circles surround his large obsidian eyes. His cheekbones ride high on his face, and his jaw is larger than normal to accommodate his fangs.

Which are jutting past his bottom lip.

I freeze, my heart hammering, my brain working out the distance to the nearest solid ground. It’s behind me, but there’s no way I’m turning my back to him.

Trapped, I slowly step down from the stones into the water.

The male retracts his horns, fangs, and claws, and executes the most extravagant bow I’ve even seen. Before he rises back up, I catch a glimpse of a shimmering green portal disappearing above the tree trunk. The male used the kind of portal that soldiers use in wars, so he must be a Summer fae warrior.

“Stay calm,” he says, voice deep and seductive, reminding me of the need for a male in the fast-approaching mating season. “Your name?”

I swear his mouth didn’t move. It’s as if he asked it in my head.

“June,” I answer, cursing myself for giving him my name.

“What are you doing out here alone, June?”

“Having a bath. I live just over there.” I point toward my house. What in the fates? I just told him where I live. He could be a murderer coming back to wash up after one of his crazy nights.

He walks to where my white pajama dress lies on the ground and scoops it up. He brings it to his nose and sniffs the material, holding it to his face. The fluttering of his eyelids tells me that my scent pleases him.

Next, he picks up my sack and peers inside.

“By all means, go ahead and rummage through my stuff.” Not taking my gaze off the male, I paddle gently toward the shore.

“You shouldn’t be out here alone in the woods.”

“No shit,” I tell him. The likes of you would kill me and make it look like an accident. I don’t say that.

The male snickers as if he heard me anyhow.

The sun hits the shiny jewel on his finger and draws my gaze, but he slips off the ring and pockets it. “I’ll tell you what,” he says as he takes out a sack of coins, then dangles it from his claw. “I’ll wash up and be on my way.” He turns up his leather pouch and empties it of coins inside my bathing bag. “For your silence.”