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The President, My Lover

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When I ordered a date from a website, I thought I knew what I was getting into.
But I never expected my gigolo to be the President of the United States!
Bridget’s had one too many bad dates. Desperate to feel wanted, she decides to turn to the professionals: Gold Medallion Escort Services, a company that provides handsome men ready to do your bidding.
President Robert Carter is up to his elbows in politics and business. He doesn’t have time to relax, much less meet a woman through the normal channels. So when the opportunity to escort discreetly presents itself, the alpha seizes the chance … but he never expected to fall for the sassy brunette!
Hey Readers – Clearly, we’re off the reservation (again) with this one. Or maybe not? But get ready to see some real filth as the romance develops between Bridget and President Carter. All we’ll say is that Bridget has a good shot at becoming First Lady, and we love the feisty BBW all the more for it :)
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I slam the door behind me, unable to believe what just happened. Because I just got back from the worst date ever. And I mean, this doozy would make you laugh, vomit in your throat, and gasp all at the same time, it was that horrible.

Where to start? I flop on my couch, tossing my purse to the side while shucking off my high heels. Ouch, those hurt. But I wanted to look nice, so I put on a floral dress and heels, with a matching purse. True, details like these were often lost on guys, but my best friend Renee said that this guy Bryan would be hot. Like smokin’, irresistible hot, and I needed that desperately after a string of bad dates. I was ready to be swept off my feet, if only while staring into the deep blue eyes of handsome man.

But when I got to the restaurant, Bryan wasn’t there yet. Hmm, weird. I was ten minutes late and ashamed at making someone I’d never met wait. So it was weird that the guy was late because I thought guys always ran on time. But evidently, not Bryan with a “y.”

I took a seat at the bar, looking around, a little shy. It’s always been hard for me to sit alone in a public place. I’m the kind of girl who never goes to restaurants by myself, and even going to a movie by myself makes me feel lonely. Instead, I’d rather curl up at home with a good book and some bon-bons, diving into the world of Fabio romances where he inevitably whisks a highland princess off into the sunset. I know, my idea of a good time is boring, but I know what I like after so many years.

It’s just that after seven bad dates, I was desperate to feel attractive again. It’s like what my therapist says. You have to take chances, and putting myself out there once again would be painful, but ultimately, rewarding. Hopefully I’d find someone that I’d click with. So when Renee gushed on and on about Bryan, I’d eagerly agreed to meet him.

“You’ll love Bryan,” Renee enthused. “He’s tall. Like about six one and you know, his sister submitted him to Embellish Magazine’s Man of the Year contest and he won!”

I was impressed for sure, my eyes going wide. I’ve seen that contest before, and the guys who won were male model quality. So I leaned forward eagerly.

“Sure, I’ll go,” I said quickly. “When? Don’t make me wait weeks because you know what happens if you correspond for a really long time before actually meeting. Someone goes out of town, or someone loses interest. It’s always inevitable. The sooner the better,” I pressed.

Renee laughed.

“Sure, I’ll see if he can do sometime this week, but I’m not your personal secretary,” she scolded sassily. “I’m just gonna hand him your email and say that you’re pretty free. I’m not going to schedule the actual date for you.”

“Of course not!” I said quickly. “And thank you so much, Renee. You know that the past couple dates I’ve been on have been completely, absolutely, disgustingly bad. So I totally appreciate it. I owe you one!”

Renee burst into laughter on the other side of the phone call.

“I know, Bridge. It’s been tough for you. And after you came back from that date with the guy who turned out to be eighty, I had to do something for my best friend. So have fun with Bryan, okay? It’s gonna be fun,” she said with another laugh before clicking off.

But the date with Bryan had been bad. Worse than bad, it was godawful terrible, and I was surprised I’d made it out alive. Because we got off to an unpromising start from the very beginning. Although he was ten minutes late, the man swanned in like nothing was wrong, expecting the world to kow-tow at his feet. At least he was handsome like Bridget promised with dark brown hair and a cleft chin.

But looks only go so far, for men as well as women, because the moment he opened his mouth, I was utterly turned off.

“Well,” he said with a queenly air. “This isn’t quite the place I expected.”

I looked around. Sure, Hudson’s isn’t the swankiest place in New York City, but at the same time it was totally first-date appropriate. After being on the market for years, I know exactly how this stuff works. You have to pick a place that’s nice, but not too nice, otherwise you’re sending the wrong message. So no to McDonald’s, no to a five-star meal, but yes to a mid-level restaurant that had warm wood furniture, a happy hour crowd, and lots of strong drinks.

“Um hi,” I said tentatively, holding out my hand. “I’m Bridget. You’re Bryan?”

He nodded while taking my hand and giving it a limp, unenthusiastic shake. Unfortunately, the man’s grip was cold and a little damp, and I had to resist wiping my palm on my thigh afterwards. That would have been rude.