The Pink House (GraceTown #1) Read Online Cindy Kirk

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Deep in the forest, on a sun-drenched patch of lush green grass, surrounded by lily-of-the-valley, sits a pink house. With turrets towering like neighboring trees, and a wide welcoming front porch, the old Victorian is impossible to miss. Except that everyone in town has—everyone but Hannah Danbury.
It’s been a year since Hannah’s husband, Brian, lost his battle with cancer, just days before his thirtieth birthday. Over and over again Hannah has been told it’s time to move on. Trouble is, she’s not sure how. When her company downsizes and Hannah finds herself out of work, she moves back home to GraceTown, Maryland.
Hannah isn’t sure exactly what she’s hoping to find in GraceTown, but a mysterious pink house no one but her has ever seen isn’t it. Nor does she expect the woman living in the house—someone unknown yet still familiar to Hannah–to present her with a gift: a handwritten letter from Brian.
Who is the woman in the pink house? How did she get the letter? What is Hannah meant to do with all it reveals?
Answering these questions will lead Hannah to places—and people—she never could have imagined.



“Pack it, or smash it?” Standing in the middle of a room full of boxes, Hannah Danbury lifted one hand palm up then the other as she weighed the options.

Her BFF, Emma Sands, held the mug sporting the logo of Hannah’s former employer between two fingers, a look of distaste on her face. “I vote smash it.”

Though tempted, Hannah shook her head. “If I did smash it, I’d be the one cleaning up the mess. Not worth it.”

“Please don’t tell me you’re going to keep it. Not after what they did to you.”

Hannah hesitated for only an instant. “It’s a good mug, but not for me. Put it in the donate pile.”

Emma offered a reluctant nod as Hannah continued to drop utensils into a box labeled Kitchen Stuff.

“You gave that company over eight years of your life.” Emma’s lips pursed. “Don’t tell me they couldn’t have found a place for you when they restructured.”

The thought had crossed Hannah’s mind a dozen times, but ruminating on her dismissal served no purpose. She hadn’t been the only one let go when the company had been sold. A lot of really good employees had found themselves without jobs.

“Layoffs happen.” That was Hannah’s go-to phrase whenever anyone had expressed sympathy during the past eight weeks. “Restructuring is part of corporate life nowadays.”

“True, but they don’t usually happen when you’re still grieving for…” Her voice trailed off, and sympathy filled Emma’s brown eyes.

“Brian. You can say his name, Ems. I don’t forget he’s gone just because we don’t talk about him.” Last year, Hannah’s formerly healthy husband had been diagnosed with cancer only months before his thirtieth birthday. He’d died six weeks later. “Brian is always with me. I look around this apartment and see him everywhere. It breaks my heart to think of all the dreams we had—he had—that will never come true.”

“Let’s take a break.” Emma set the mug on the island counter and gestured toward the sofa. “Is that the real reason you’re leaving Greensboro? To get away from the memories?”

Hannah stepped around several boxes to drop onto the sofa. She had asked herself the same question Emma was asking.

“If I was still employed at Mingus, I’d stay. With no income and my dad’s house in GraceTown falling into my lap…” Hannah shrugged. “Seems like the perfect time to return home.”

“I’m happy for you, I really am, but I’m sad for me. I wish home wasn’t Maryland.” Emma grabbed two sodas from the refrigerator. After handing one can to Hannah, she took a seat beside her friend on the sofa. “I mean, GraceTown is adorable, but it’s not like it’s down the block.”

Hannah reached over and gave her friend’s hand a squeeze. “I’m going to miss you, too. Big-time.”

They sipped their sodas in companionable silence before Emma shifted to face Hannah. “I’ve never asked. I mean, I know your dad won’t be there, but what about Brian’s parents? Do they still live in GraceTown?”

Hannah nodded. “They do, but I doubt I’ll see much of them. Brian’s sister, Katie, and her new husband are in town, and Katie and her mom are close.”

Hannah had liked her in-laws well enough. With her own mother passing away when she was small, she’d hoped to forge a closeness with Debbie. That connection had never materialized.

“In a way, with your dad and stepmom already in Florida, it’s like you’re moving to a completely new town.”

“I suppose.” Hannah lifted the can of soda, but didn’t take a drink. “Except I did grow up there.”

Emma pushed silky brown hair back from her heart-shaped face with the back of her hand, the gesture as elegant as the woman herself. “Are you going to look for another marketing position once you get settled?”