The Orc Next Door – Fated Mates Monster Romance Read Online Dani Wyatt

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Just when I thought my life in foster home hell couldn’t be any more messed up, the orc ships showed up.
Since then, it’s been Orc hate and human flight and a new normal none of us could have imagined.
Then, the shell of the house next door is suddenly inhabited. There’s banging all night as my new neighbor turns a once rambling mid-century ranch home on Maple Street into a chaotic mass of logs and mud decorated with skulls and animal hides.
I’m hunkered down ready to defend my turf against the orc next door as well as the darkness of my past, when I get the first look at him. He’s got the teeth, the tongue, the leathery skin, the noises…but soon he has something more. My curiosity.
But, that’s not enough for him. When he sets those glowing red eyes on me and catches my scent, it’s on like Donkey Kong. Seems these Orcs have it hard for their fated mates and apparently, I’m his.
Holy sheet.

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The straps preventing my mating cock from rising cut into my flesh as the cruel scent from the house next door mixes with smoke rising from the cooking pit.

“If you burn that, I’ll throw you in the fire,” I growl, grinding my molars together as my brother Mol pokes at the orange and black logs under the metal grate. “If you don’t cool the fire our meal will be ruined.”

“If you do not leave me alone, I’ll be the one throwing you somewhere.” Mol snarls toward the pool as the pink of the sunset colors the water. “You are the one that needs to cool off it seems.”

Little does he know I throw myself in that pool nightly, trying to wash away the endless aching torture that’s locked its horns into me.

Since we returned to Earth, orcs have had to re-learn many things. The nature and ways of mating are one of those things, since nearly all of our females perished on Iriaza before we were freed. The electronic collars our enslavers forced onto our necks created near immortality while worn and also gave us increased strength, size and, at the same time, depleted our natural instincts and memories.

“Let Oran cook.” Gathra, my mother, nods from the carved log seat next to the fire where she is weaving leather thread through a new chest piece. She and my sister have been busy making traditional orc clothing and selling it to orcs and humans alike since we settled in at our claim.

Mol grows and throws the iron utensil into the ground like a spear. “If you think Oran is better, let him show me.”

“Don’t pout,” my mother snaps back as only a mother can, her voice low and rough as it is with most orc females. “Mol, hang up your pride, it’s going to leave us all hungry if you don’t. We did not suffer for three hundred years to come back and eat burnt venison.”

My other brother Oran stomps toward us, leaving the task of stretching deer hides over the sides of the brick on the human structure I purchased a week ago. Inch deep imprints in the shape of his feet depress the sod of the back yard with each step. He is the largest of our family, standing a head over Mol and myself, and his demeanor has grown darker since we returned to Earth.

“Go take over on the hides.” I nod to Mol as he glares back.

Orcs are not known for their sunny demeanor, but mine has been particularly rank for days.

“Human structures are ugly.” Mol gnashes his teeth, the braid of his hair wrapped in red leather straps swinging down his back. “How you convinced us to allow you to buy this property from the Judicial Enforcement, I don’t recall.”

“Because it made sense,” I throw back. “We are outgrowing our claim with the hundred new clan members. Where are you going to put them? In your bedchamber? Buying this human sub-division is the best solution.”

“Still, ugly.” He huffs toward my structure as well as the one next door and I nearly unleash my fury on my own brother for even a mention of the house next to mine. We stand squared off, staring at each other until his tiny dark-haired mate, Raven, grabs him by the hand and tugs him away.

“Come on, grouch.” She winks at my mother who smiles back, the glow she’s had recently a result of knowing her first grandchild is on the way.

Raven waddles away with Mol next to her. She’s taken to calling him Cinnamon Roll when she thinks no one is listening, but what she forgets is that one of the genetic enhancements imposed upon us by the Moban was heightened senses, including our hearing. Raven is now three months mated, but as it is with orc females and now we know human orc mates as well, their bellies swell to full term within a few weeks. I am happy for my brother, but mating is not a priority. Securing land and growing our clan is the only focus we should have right now.