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The Knight (Stolen Duet #2)

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B.B. Reid

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Little Mian Ross and the big, bad Knight didn't find their fairytale ending. Together they found war.
The Parties: Angeles Knight, Mian Ross
The Order: Angeles Knight orders the liberation of Mian Ross.
He’ll tear down their enemies, forsake his throne, and give his life to keep her safe.
All Mian must do is forgive his betrayal and put her heart on the line. Again.
The Debt: His legacy.
The Bandit: Angeles, The Sixth Knight
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Stolen Duet Series by B.B. Reid

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B.B. Reid Books

Mian’s name is pronounced


The Beginning

In 1812, Adam Knight died of consumption, leaving his wife and three children destitute. It was four years following Adam’s death when Louis Wilde encountered Adam and Amelia’s oldest son. Alexander’s reckless attempt to steal a jeweled ring from the home of politician John Sullivan had been witnessed by Wilde.

But Louis didn’t turn in Alexander.

Instead, he paid him for his enemy’s ring.

And then paid him for his silence.

Duty of Knighthood

The Knight is responsible for the well-being of each descendant of Adam. He will be known as the Bandit.

The Knight can only be the Bandit.

The Knight will keep a record of every job, bribe, and client in the book.

The Knight will never sell secrets.

The Knight will never sell silence.

The Knight will protect the book.

The Knight will produce a male heir to continue my legacy.

If the Knight fails in his duty to produce an heir, power will revert to the next eligible descendant of Alexander.

The Knight and descendants of Adam shall treat these rules as law.

Should the Knight break these rules, with the exception of producing an heir, his life will be forfeited, and power will be inherited by his executioner.

Chapter One


Three Years Ago

I CAN STILL feel the butterflies.

Angel’s midnight voice on the phone, making me wish him a happy birthday, and inviting me to his party tonight did that.

I never thought I’d see him again. I never thought he’d care if I didn’t.

Mixing with the flutters in my stomach was the stabbing memory of his order to stay away from him. I tried to picture a girl he loved enough to hurt me, but I could only see myself as the girl he shared his kisses with—only and forever.

I sighed and fell back onto my bed. If he loved someone else, why would he purposely stir these feelings inside me by inviting me to his party?

A little hope and a lot of uncertainty wreaked havoc on my mind. I’d go to his party, but if he wanted me to stay, he would need to be honest about what he truly wanted—and if he wanted me.

Before I could get any answers, though, I’d need my father’s permission to go. Angel might think he could control the universe, but so did my father.

He spent most of his time in the den during the rare occasions he was home. I rehearsed my lines as I made my way to his man cave. He’d definitely be suspicious of why I wanted to attend since Angel and I weren’t exactly best friends. Any reason other than the truth would do.

I stood outside the den until the truth no longer sounded so distorted. My fist was poised to knock when I heard Daddy speak. His angry bark made me jump back from the door. I’ve never heard him speak in that tone before. Curiosity had me pressing my ear to the door.

“Why are you showing me this?” The long silence meant he was thankfully alone. I didn’t want to know what he would have done if the person had been standing in front of him. I decided I didn’t want to know what he’d do to me if he found me eavesdropping, so I headed to the kitchen for a snack. I wanted to go to this party more than anything and maybe dance with Angel. Getting on daddy’s bad side definitely wouldn’t get me there.

It was an hour before I heard his footsteps moving across the wooden floors my mother had loved so much. She spent a good part of her day watching home improvement shows after she’d fallen sick.

I jumped from the barstool where I’d been eating an apple and met him in the hallway as he was tugging on the distressed brown leather jacket he always wore. I think he’s had that thing longer than I’ve been alive.

“Daddy, I need to talk to you.”

“Not now,” he answered in a clipped tone. He didn’t bother to spare me even a glance as he shoved his phone in his pocket and moved past me.

“But it’s important,” I whined then winced. Maybe Angel had been right about me being spoiled.

“It can wait.” His back was still toward me so he couldn’t see my frown. Daddy was never short with me.

“Where are you going?” I demanded. I was tempted to stomp my foot and cry as I would have six years ago.

His eyes seemed to lose some of their jade as he said, “I’ve got a job, Mian. Go to your room.”

“I’m too old to go to my room,” I sassed. I’ve never openly defied my father before. I was accustomed to getting my way, especially after Mom died.

But when his finger jabbed angrily toward the stairs, and he bellowed for me to obey him, I stared back at him in shock.

I felt betrayed.

He’s never spoken to me this way before.