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From their first meeting, Dmitry Balakin knew he wanted Alix Smith as his own. She was not like any other woman he’d met before. She was kind, sweet, caring, and she had no idea she had spoken to the boss of the Balakin Bratva. When her husband's debt is called in, the man has no qualms selling Alix to save his life.

Alix hates her husband. It was a marriage of pity. She adored his parents and only agreed to the marriage for them. It was no love match, nor a true marriage. Becoming Dmitry’s property, she is even more surprised to discover he has a five year old daughter. That is her role. She is the nanny to his little girl.

At first, she tried to ignore the attraction she felt toward this monster of a man. He doesn’t smile, ever. He’s cold, aloof, and the only real emotion she sees is when he is with his daughter. Dmitry has helped her though. She finally has the divorce she had been wanting for a long time. She is now free.

Alix is his. Dmitry is determined to have her. This is not a love match. It’s sex. It is fucking. Nothing more. He wants to get Alix pregnant. He doesn’t want her to have a reason to walk away. She is his and he doesn’t share his toys.

Alix is falling for him. The first man she has ever truly loved. But he doesn’t trust her. He has told her he trusts no one. People have a price, and one day she will soon. But Alix doesn’t have a price. She loves Dmitry and would die trying to save him. Will it be too late to tell him the truth, or will she die when one of his enemies tried to take his place?

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Chapter One

Dmitry Balakin finished off his shot of dark whiskey as he looked over the gardens of his country home. He’d never considered himself a man who enjoyed looking at nature, but there was a big difference this time.

All the years before, on his expanse of lawn, there was not a woman kneeling on the grass, currently tickling his little girl. Alix Smith—the woman he should have killed three months ago.

Alix’s husband, George, had been building up a debt in one of the Balakin Bratva’s known casinos. That hadn’t been a problem for Dmitry. No, the problem was the lies George had been spilling. He’d gotten loud and obnoxious at the tables, claiming he didn’t need to pay off his debt. How he was loved by the Balakin Bratva, and one of his personal favorites, he was the BFF of Dmitry himself.

Dmitry didn’t have friends. There was no one he trusted. Not his men, not his family, no one.

His own wife had tried to kill him two years ago, which was why little Sofia had been craving female company. His little girl was only five. He’d taken her mother when she was only three, so she didn’t have many memories of her.

When he heard what George was saying, Dmitry had decided to go and visit his bestie for himself. He’d done so and by the end of the day, he owned Alix.

George had been a pathetic coward. Before Dmitry had even touched him, George had begged for forgiveness and then offered up his wife as payment. Dmitry never, ever took a man’s wife, but when it came to Alix, he hesitated.

He’d met Alix once before over a year ago. George worked for one of his brigadiers. He provided an outlet for them to turn money over. There had been a rat somewhere in the Bratva, giving intel to their enemies, the cartel. Dmitry had organized a party, one that involved many of their associates, George being one of them. Of course the invitation came with a plus one so there was no superstition as to why they had organized the party.

They found the rat, an associate who worked at one of the casinos. He wanted a promotion, was hoping to raise to the rank of Brigadier, but there was no chance of that. For revenge, he organized the selling of Bratva secrets in the hope of becoming someone important in the cartel. The man and his family were now dead. There were no second chances for Dmitry.

Until Alix.

He’d have happily taken out George, seeing as the bastard was getting above his ranks, thinking he could run up a debt that was not easily repaid.

Alix was nothing like her husband. She was kind, sweet, and charming. When he first met her, he’d cut himself on a piece of glass. Alix had been standing by, seen him cut himself, and had treated his wounds. Her touch had been delicate, her voice soft, her smile and the dimples in her cheeks had captivated him.

Long, blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, and an almost whimsical air to her. What also helped were her curves. Big, full tits, large, curvy ass, and hips that made him want to grab. She had a body made for fucking, and he wanted her.

George and Alix had been married a year. He wasn’t quite sure of all the details but from what he gathered, it wasn’t a love match. George had told him straight that the only reason they were married was because it was their parents’ dying wish. Their parents had been close friends while Alix and George had been on-and-off friends. Alix hadn’t adored his parents, which was why she agreed to getting married.

He could imagine Alix feeling sorry for George and agreeing to marry him. When he went to claim her, Alix had been shocked to see him again, but not surprised. Dmitry figured the shock had come from who he was as he didn’t divulge that at the party.

Alix had been refreshing. She hadn’t been afraid of him or attempted to flirt with him. She’d smiled and talked to him as if he was just a regular person, which he found refreshing.

Once the opportunity to have her all to himself rose, he’d not looked back. The divorce was already final between Alix and George. Dmitry had organized it and she didn’t put up any fight, looking almost relieved to be rid of him.

She also didn’t seem to mind taking care of Sofia. His daughter was a good girl. Sweet and lovely but often spoiled. She could throw a temper tantrum that could last for hours. She’d not thrown one since Alix had arrived, though.

He couldn’t look away as Sofia cuddled up to Alix’s legs and as he finished the last of his whiskey, he watched his little girl fall to sleep as Alix talked. Before she had become his possession, Alix had worked at a nursery school. She was great with kids, it was why she was such a good fit for his daughter.