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Tempted (Bad Girls)

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Jordan Silver

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PLEASE BE ADVISED This book is a reproduction of the previously published story The Temptress. Bad Girls Book 1

He thought he knew better, that there was no way he would fall for her beauty, but in the end, his resistance was no match for her persistence...

She knew what she wanted and what she wanted most was to be loved by him
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* * *

I knew she was going to be trouble the first time I laid eyes on her. I wasn’t sure then if it was the marrying kind of trouble, or just the forbidden, but I knew if I traversed those waters, shit was going to get complicated.

I hadn’t been interested in a teenage girl before, not since I was a teen myself. So I couldn’t quite understand the attraction, but there was something.

My first glimpse of her wasn’t anything special. She wasn’t wearing revealing clothes or even doing anything remotely sexual, it was just her. Her very essence was calling to me somehow.

I tried for her sake to stay away from her, to never be alone with her, which wasn’t too hard since I only visited when my dad was home, but more and more it was getting harder to avoid the pull.

At school when I saw her in the hallways it was becoming more and more awkward, not to mention difficult, to hide my body’s reaction to her. Then things got switched around two weeks after the semester started and she ended up in my class. That’s when the fun really begun.

* * *


* * *

Oh boy, this is a conundrum. Ever since I’d met my new stepbrother, things have been crazy. I think about him all the time and not in a sisterly way. Story of my life, the one guy I’d ever shown an interest in was the one I couldn’t have, or could I?

I mean what’s to stop me? It’s not like we’re blood or anything. Yes but you’re forgetting the fact that he has a reputation for screwing all the hot girls around these parts before he ran away, and that’s when he was a teen. I can’t imagine what he’s into now. I’m certainly no leggy blonde.

I checked myself out in the mirror, turning from side to side. Lately I’ve been telling myself that I need to be more assertive. Life has been kicking me in the teeth a lot lately, and it didn’t seem like I had much say, in the shit that was happening to me.

What if I make this my stand? What if for once I go after what I want instead of just accepting what life handed me? I didn’t know the first thing about tempting a man into wanting to have sex with me, but I’m sure I could find it on the net. Google here I come.

* * *

The shit seemed easy enough, I’d just started to come into my own, so it wasn’t a stretch for me to try out some of the things they suggested, like a change to my wardrobe.

Instead of my usual sweats and tees, I went with short flirty skirts that showed off my legs to perfection, but not too much. Didn’t want anyone getting suspicious and start asking questions.

The ponytail was replaced with a new blowout that fell down to the top of my ass. I invested in some push up bras that made my already bountiful breasts even more prominent in the new clingy tops, and some wet lips to add some color to my lips. I wasn’t quite ready to go the full war paint route.

That’s all it took to make a difference, and I knew it was working because the popular girls were not too pleased with the new competition and the boys were taking notice. Too bad, I only had eyes for him. I couldn’t wait to lose my virginity to him; my pussy creams a lot in his class while he’s explaining logarithms. All that hotness and brains too.

I set out on my campaign to draw him into my web and was more than pleased to see the way his eyes would now follow me whenever we were in the same room. Things were coming along just fine, all I needed was to find a way for us to be alone.

* * *


* * *

I’m in trouble and I know it. She’s all I think about anymore, whether at home or school, where she haunts my every turn. I want her the way I never wanted anyone before.

It’s so bad that I’m jacking my shit three and four times a night just to keep from snatching her ass and fucking the shit out of her.

The girl I’d first met was almost gone. In her place was a siren, a sexy little bitch, who was going to get fucked hard if she wasn’t careful. All those simpering smiles and innocent touches whenever we were together; I didn’t recognize it at first, but it didn’t take me long to realize I was being seduced, by an innocent no less.

I didn’t pay it too much mind at first, in fact I treated it as a cute little crush, until shit changed and she had me by the balls before I knew what had hit me.