Tamed by Air (Nature Hunters Academy #4) Read Online Quinn Loftis

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The warriors of the Nature Hunters Academies should be celebrating. By joining forces, they were able to defeat the sinister demon, Dolion, and his battalion of witches. But no battle is won without cost. During the fray, two of their own were lost. Not killed, but taken.
Aston, the air elementalist, was literally snatched from the battle by a woman riding a ferocious dragon. He’ll soon find himself imprisoned in the dragon realm, and he and his captor share a bond he can’t begin to understand.
Shelly Smith, mate to the descendant of pharaohs and powerful fire elementalist, Ra, has once again been kidnapped by Osiris himself. It seems the lord of the underworld doesn’t take too kindly to being bested. Needless to say, Ra is not handling it well, and it takes all of the combined strength of his friends, Elias, Tara, Liam, and Gabby to keep him from tearing after her on a suicide mission.
The dark elementals have momentarily been defeated. But the forces of light aren’t foolish enough to believe their enemies are gone for good. The dark ones will bide their time, hiding, waiting for the opportunity to strike again. Will the weakened light elementalists have the strength to resist them again when the time comes?


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“I’m in hell. That’s not a figure of speech to describe high school what with its horde of hormonal teenage girls swarming the halls who terrorize those they believe are beneath them. You know the ones. Those girls who are so insecure about themselves they feel the need—no, the unending compulsion—to do everything in their power to make others feel inferior. Me, bitter? No way…

But I’m not in high school. I’m in the actual hell—like the literal underworld. I’ve been kidnapped by an incredibly handsome immortal being that is hell-bent on making me his wife. And an even more handsome immortal being, who is my soul mate, is fighting his way through hell to rescue me. So I’ll let you decide where you’d rather be: hell or high school?” ~Shelly

“It pisses me off that I can’t tell you to go to hell … or burn in hell … or say anything else that expresses how much I want to condemn you to hell.” Shelly paced the living room of Osiris’s house, which, of course, was literally in hell. “Who has a freaking house in hell, anyway?” She threw her hands in the air. “I mean, other than the people who live in Hollywood. We all know that LA is just the topside version of hell. But let’s not get off topic.”

“I didn’t know we were having a conversation.” Osiris took a seat on the sofa, propping his ankle on his knee. He leaned back and rested his left arm along the top of the pillows lined up behind him. His dark hair was artfully disheveled, and his—to Shelly’s complete irritation—handsome face was completely relaxed. He didn’t look at all like a man who had just cast a demon to the pits of hell, killed a woman, and dragged Shelly once again to the underworld. He wore a black suit, and—again to Shelly’s annoyance—he wore it well. “I thought you were simply giving me a verbal dressing down.”

She stopped and stared at him. “Dressing down? How old are you?” Then she quickly held up her hand. “Don’t answer that. I know it was a dumb question. I know you’re literally older than dirt.”

He shrugged. “But to answer your question as to why I maintain a domicile—”

“It was rhetorical,” she snapped.

He continued as if she hadn’t spoken. “I’m the lord of the underworld. Where else would I have a house?”

“The question is more, why do you need a house?” She stood with her arms folded in front of her. Shelly’s uniform—the one given to her after she was blessed by Aviur with fire elementalist powers and that marked her as a student of the fire elementalist school—was gone. With a snap of his fingers, Osiris had made it vanish, replacing it with a flowing dress made of the finest material in the world … or in hell. She wasn’t sure where Osiris did his shopping. Did they have dress shops in hell? Regardless, she hated how the soft fabric draped so elegantly over her or how it felt so good against her skin. Focus, Shelly. She mentally barked at herself and narrowed her eyes at her captor. “Do you need to sleep or eat or do … other human-type things that we won’t say out loud because that’s just freaking not okay?”