Taking Daddy’s Load – After Dark Taboo Read Online Jenika Snow

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I was a bad girl for the dirty things I wanted. 
For who I wanted to be with.
 My father.
I was a bad girl for the dirty things I wanted.

For who I wanted to be with.
My father.
He was the one person I couldn’t have.
Or could I?

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I was always seen as the good girl. The one who had her nose in a book and never got into any trouble.

What they didn't know was I had dark desires—what others would see as immoral and disgusting.

I tried everything I could to ignore them, to hide them not only from everyone else but myself as well. When that didn’t work, I started trying to catch the high I knew I’d get from being with the one person I shouldn’t even see in a sexual light, by experimenting with other men. But they weren’t him.

My father.

It had just been him and me for as long as I could remember—after my mother left him high and dry to take care of an infant, while she went wild and did God knows what.

I hadn’t heard from her, hadn’t seen her. My father was my everything. My world.

I knew it was wrong on every single level to want him the way I did. He was my dad. I shouldn’t see him as anything other than that. But, God, I’d wanted him for so long… for the last three years. Ever since I turned eighteen and something in me changed.

I started wondering what his hands would feel like running over my body, what it be like feeling his breath on my skin… how his lips would move between my thighs as he ate me out.

And so I tried with other men, thinking of my father as they buried themselves inside me.

Hell, I even went to college in another town, hoping that putting distance between me and my dad would cure my sick and twisted desires.

But it never helped, never eased that itch I had. I knew only one man could achieve that, and I needed to tell him, to make him see there was something wrong with me and that I had to move even farther away.

I had to for my sanity.

So, I drove here after class, on a Friday night, with no warning I was coming home. I didn’t know how to broach the subject over the phone, let alone in person. Here I was, standing at the front door I lived behind my whole life but after tonight would be different.

Taking the deepest breath of my whole life, I opened the door and stepped inside. The house was dimly lit, with a bluish glow coming from the television in the living room. A drink sounded really damn good right about now, so before I announced my presence to my dad—who was probably passed out in front of the TV from working a long day of construction—I went to the kitchen.

I grabbed his whiskey from the cupboard, poured some in a glass tumbler, and downed it. Bad idea, as it was like fire in my throat and belly, but it didn’t take long for the sizzle to become a warmth I needed to make me feel looser and less anxious.

After I sucked down one for dose of the booze, I made my way into the foyer, my steps slow, silent, as I kept moving closer to the living room. It was when I was about to round the corner that I froze, hearing the almost muted sounds of the television… and more specifically what my father was watching.


The female moans and male groans sounded authentic, as if they weren’t being paid to fuck for an audience.

I held my breath as I peeked around the corner. At first, I spied the back of the couch, and then it was my father’s massively broad back, his wide shoulders… and then I looked at the TV screen. What played looked like any other porno, aside from the fact that it was clearly an amateur one, like it had been shot in someone’s bedroom with a cheap camcorder.

“Fuck,” my father groaned, and I rose on my toes to see slightly over the couch. His big, muscular arm bulged as he clearly jerked himself off.

Oh, God. This is so wrong. But I can’t stop looking.

I could see the thickness of his engorged cockhead, and every time he dragged his hand up to the tip, the crown became red and seeped a bead of pre-cum.

My pussy felt like it was on fire. This was so wrong, yet I couldn’t stop staring at my father masturbating as he watched porn.

I moved closer, now stepping into the living room and smelling the scent of his musky sweat permeating the room.

“That’s it, little girl,” the man on the screen moaned as he fucked the younger woman. The sound of the headboard banging against the wall as he pounded into her had my belly tightening. It was so obscene.