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She can’t keep it out of her mouth.

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Chapter One


My little girl is finally coming home, and after seven years apart, I can’t wait to hold her in my arms. It’s been so long because her mom and I had a shitty divorce and she dragged her across the country from me. I have a good job here, and with how much I sent her in child support, I couldn’t give it up. I might not have much, but I gave everything to my Kimmy.

So I stayed behind and called as much as I could. I tried a few times to visit, but Kimmy’s mom always made an excuse about her being away at a camp or busy with school. Finally when she turned sixteen, I sent her a phone, and we’ve been texting the past two years.

We made a plan that when she was eighteen she would come live with me because her mom couldn’t stop it any longer. She got on a plane this morning, and I’ve been waiting at the airport for hours so I can bring my baby girl home.

Her mom pitched a fit, but I think that was more because the child support stopped than because she cared about Kimmy. Most of the time I think she held on to her so tightly because she knew it would hurt me. But after her birthday, there’s nothing she can do, and I’ve got a whole list of fun stuff for us to do to make up for lost time.

There’s an announcement overhead, and I get excited when I hear her plane has landed. I stand up and go to the escalator with my flowers in hand as I wait for my little girl.

It’s busy at the local airport today, but there’s only a few people at a time that come down the escalator to the exit. I watch as each person steps on and rides it down slowly. There’s a husband and wife followed by an older couple. Then a couple of businessmen and a mom with kids. I wait a little longer and then I see a woman step on that has my eyes widening.

She’s got on a short skirt that shows off soft thighs, and she’s wearing a tight tank top. It’s hot as fuck outside, so I can’t blame her, but it’s stretched so tightly across perky tits that I can see she’s not wearing a bra. The outline of her nipples is visible as I stare right at them, and fuck me, I’m getting hard.

I glance around and see all eyes on the woman as she rides slowly down the escalator. This woman must be aching for some dick with the way she’s dressed. Her long hair is piled high on her head, and she’s wearing sunglasses as the light pours in over her. Then I watch as she grabs a lollipop out of her back pocket and brings it to her mouth. Her full lips wrap around it, and I grunt in the back of my throat as I think about that mouth sucking me dry.

“Fuck, now that’s a mouth,” I hear a man say as he walks past me and I laugh in agreement with him.

Every man in here is thinking about putting something inside her, including me. Damn, I need to focus. Kimmy will be here any second.

As I stare back up the escalator, I hear a squeal of excitement and look around. It takes me a second to realize the sound came from the woman. She’s off the escalator now and coming my way with a giant smile on her face.

“Daddy!” she squeals again, and I have just enough time to open my arms as the woman flings herself at me.

“Kimmy?” I ask in disbelief. I can’t remember the last time I saw a picture of her, and she was never dressed like this.

She leans back in my arms and takes off her sunglasses. Her beautiful golden eyes stare up at me, and I’d know them anywhere.

“Baby girl,” I say and squeeze her close, burying my face in her neck.

“I missed you so much, Daddy.”

Her legs go around my waist, and I remember she’s wearing a skirt. I have to put my hands on her bottom to keep her covered, and I can feel her soft cheeks trying to wiggle out.

“Easy, Kimmy,” I say as I put her on her feet. “People will see your panties.”

“Daddy, don’t be silly, I'm not wearing any.” She giggles as she puts her feet on the ground.

Not wearing any? Holy fuck. Then I feel her lips on my neck as she kisses me and her hands go to my waist. I’m so much taller than her, it's their natural spot, but if she lowers them she’ll be getting dangerously close to the hard-on I’m trying to hide.

How the fuck is this my little girl? When did she turn into a woman?