Something Real (Whiskey Men #2) Read Online Hope Ford

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A Billionaire single dad.
His younger assistant, who’s looking for a good time.
Together, in an off-limits romance.

Lilian always had a no-dating rule.
For the last twelve years, she’s been the guardian of her younger sister.
She did the whole PTO, soccer mom thing.
But now that her sister’s a college graduate and married, Lilian is taking her life back… and looking for a good time.
I respected her “no dating” rule even though I’ve wanted her since the day she started working for me. Two years later and my thirst for her has only intensified.
Lily might think all she wants is a one-night-stand, but I’m determine

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I wipe at the tears in the corner of my eyes. I’ve held it together for as long as I can, but it seems to be catching up with me now. It could be because I’ve been busy most of the day and haven’t had time to really think about things. But what can I say? I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to keep the emotions in forever. It’s not every day that your baby sister, the one you’ve raised since she turned eleven, gets married.

I watch as Carrie walks around the reception, hugging people, laughing, and smiling ear to ear. Her husband, Phillip, is a good man, and I’m so glad that they found each other. She was a freshman in college when he was in his fourth and final year at the same university. They dated for four years, and as soon as she graduated, he proposed. After that, everything went by super fast. We planned a wedding. We moved all of her things into his house last week, they got married today, and tonight will be her first night in her new home with her new husband.

I thought I was ready for all this, but obviously it’s going to take me some time to adjust.

Carrie and Phillip have a way about them that sort of makes me envious. He walks around the room with her, keeping a protective hand on her but also letting her stand out and be the exuberant woman that she is. Randomly, he reaches out to kiss her, and she smiles up at him.

I have to force myself to look away because it somehow feels like I’m butting in on a private moment between them.

I nod my head at my date, who’s standing a few feet away. He’s enjoying a second round at the buffet, and the way he’s smiling I know that he’s thinking this is more than it is. I’m going to feel bad if I hurt his feelings when I tell him we can’t go out again. I probably should have thought about that before I asked him to be my date. I’m going to blame Carrie for that one.

I take a sip of my champagne and let the fruity taste tingle its way down my throat. I look out at the party and don’t recognize a lot of people. Unfortunately, Carrie and I don’t have any family, and we only have a few close friends here. The majority of the people are from Phillip’s side of the family, but I love watching as they all hug and love on Carrie. She deserves to be a part of a big family.

I try not to feel down or that I’m being left behind. I know my sister loves me.

As if she can hear my thoughts, she turns to look at me, and I push my feelings to the side as I smile at her. She hugs her husband, whispers something to him, and then makes her way over to me.

Just watching her walk across the room brings back all the memories of the last twelve years together. Holding her in my arms when I told her our parents were killed in an automobile accident, helping her navigate puberty, high school, her first boyfriend and heartbreak. The day she graduated from high school. When she got accepted to Jasper University. The day she came home and told me she’d found the man she was going to marry, her college graduation, and then today when I helped her put her veil on before walking with her down the aisle to her husband. We’ve practically grown up together because at eighteen, I wasn’t ready for all of this.

She stops and points at me. “What’s that look?”

I sniff and shrug my shoulders, acting as if I don’t have a clue what she’s thinking about. “What look?” I finish my drink and set it on the tray of a server passing by. “Oh you mean the look that says finally, I get the house to myself. Finally!”

She doesn’t laugh. Instead, she looks at me worriedly. “Are you going to be okay? I mean, you’re going to be at the house… by yourself.”

I laugh it off even though she’s putting voice to exactly what I was thinking last night in bed, mentally preparing myself for today. “Yes, I’m going to be all right. Of course, I am. As a matter of fact, you may want to call before you come over because I may be having a dinner party, or entertaining… or, or something.”

Carrie reaches over and wraps her hand around mine. “Stop it, sis. I’m being serious. You’ve never been on your own before. I’m going to feel bad, leaving you to your puzzles and reality television.”

I try to hold back the grimace. I knew I should have tried harder to pay for her to live on campus the last four years. Instead, she was home with me and saw my sad nightly ritual of watching reality television while doing puzzles. It has a lot to do with the fact that there was never extra money for going out, traveling, or shopping. Nope, the last twelve years have been spent on raising Carrie, her therapy, and putting her through school. The fact she’s graduated with no debt was something I really wanted for her, and at least I was able to make that happen.