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A snowstorm.
A virgin.
A Christmas miracle.

Quinn has never been in love, let alone experienced a real orgasm. Her battery-operated boy toys have taught her a few things, but not everything.
When she gets snowed in with Nicholas, he is determined to show her what it means to get off, all while falling head over heels for this small-town girl of Linesworth, WA.
This holiday is about more than mistletoe. It’s about to get plowed!

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It’s even more perfect than I imagined it would be. The moment I saw the A-frame cabins nestled in the snow-capped mountainsides of Linesworth, WA, in the travel magazine I knew it was where I was going to spend Christmas.

And after this fall’s harvest, I’m craving solitude. Distance from my family is what I need. After a decade as a partner in the family business, I’m finally ready to call it quits with my mother and stepfather. The feud has finished me. I don't need their money, I don't need their drama, and I certainly don't need their meddling.

This whole plan of theirs to marry me off to Veronica was the straw that broke the camel's back, and no matter how many times I’ve made it crystal clear, they still think an engagement party is happening on Christmas morning. Over my dead body.

So I booked a ticket to Linesworth and got myself a little cabin for one. Yes, me, myself and I. That's how I'm spending this Christmas and, damn, it’s even better than the magazine predicted. We're talking a stone fireplace, flannel sheets, and a snow-covered view out the front windows. There’s a hot tub on the porch, a king-size bed so I can catch up on much-needed rest, and a gas range to make myself some dinner, but I'm not going to require much. Maybe a few cans of chili, I don’t need anything fancy.

However, as my stomach grumbles, I realize I'm going to need something to eat before it gets dark. Remembering the number to the local grocery store on the refrigerator, I pull out my phone and call the number listed.

"Hello," a warm, cheery voice answers. "This is Quinn at the Linesworth Market. How can I help you?"

"Hey," I say running a hand over my beard. "This is Nicholas. I'm up at one of the A-frame cabins, number six. I was wondering if I could place a grocery delivery order. This advertisement here in the cabin says you make daily deliveries."

"Well, of course we do. Do you know what you'd like or would you like some suggestions?" she asks. Her voice, well, hell, it's buttery soft and could melt the snow around me. I find myself smiling as she speaks, realizing Veronica, the woman who I'm usually around, is shrill to the point of grating. I'm not trying to put any woman down per se, but Veronica has gotten under every last nerve of mine so just the mere thought of a woman who sounds sweet instead of sharp has me soothed.

"Suggestions?" I perk up, appreciating her help. "I'd fucking love suggestions."

She laughs. "Okay, well, let me tell you what we've got. I've put together a few packages this winter, just to make it a little easier for our guests. We have big, bigger, and biggest. What do you think you'd like?"

"Biggest," I say, thinking now is not the time to scrimp and save. I want to enjoy myself during my time away.

"Biggest, huh?"

I hear a little tease in her voice and I wonder what she looks like. If she’s as sweet as she sounds, because voice like that could mean trouble. I'd like to know. In fact, I'd like to really know.

"Yeah. Biggest would be good. And can you throw in a couple of bottles of wine?"

"Of course. Now when it comes to wine, are we on a budget or are we–”

“No budget," I say. "I work on a vineyard," I tell her.

"Okay, duly noted. So you have good taste when it comes to wine."

"I have great taste when it comes to all sorts of things," I say, my cock growing hard as I listen to her voice, wondering what she looks like. If she’s as easy on the eyes as she is on the ears.

"Mmm, a man who knows what he likes."

"Yes," I say, "I certainly do."

"So you know what you like, you’re not on a budget. What else should I know when I'm putting the biggest box together?" she asks.

Is she flirting with me? I think she is.

"How about you add in something sweet. Something only you would think to bring."

"Like something super sweet?" she says. "Are we talking whipped cream and hot fudge? Or are we thinking..."

"Yes," I say, cutting her off. "That sounds fucking perfect."

"Wow. You say 'fuck' a lot considering you've never met me."

"Are you offended?" I ask.