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BJ came to Aster Valley to find a man. Okay, not just any man, a specific man. Namely, the man who accidentally dropped his To Do list in the Denver airport, thereby revealing he’s the absolute best, most perfect match for BJ.
But after almost a week of… uh… kissing too many of the wrong guys, BJ realizes it’s not meant to be. To add insult to injury, he gets an actual injury on the slopes, putting a wrench in his plans and his job at risk.
When Dallas, the sexy ski patrol responder, arrives on his snowmobile, BJ barely gives him a second look. He’s in too much pain and he’s sworn off all men, sexy or not.
But when Dallas shows up later that night at the hospital to offer BJ a ride home, BJ wonders if maybe he had it all wrong. Maybe he should give Aster Valley one more chance to make his To Do List dreams come true…

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If you asked my friends why I came to Aster Valley, Colorado, they’d probably say it was to find a hot skier or ten and get laid. If you asked my social media followers, they’d tell you it was so I could develop fresh content and yoga flows for them. If you asked my family—well, with the exception of my little sister—they’d say it was for the fresh air and beautiful scenery.

And none of them would have been wrong, exactly.

But there was another reason I’d come to Aster Valley. A reason I could never admit out loud to another human being.


I mean, except if I was drunk, and alone at a bar, and it was Valentine’s Day, and the person I told was a total stranger, because then apparently I couldn’t shut up.

“Dude, like… all I know is that this random guy wrote a killer to-do list and musta… musta accidentally dropped it on the ground, and my—” I stopped to let out a discreet burp that tasted remarkably like the Red Hot Valentine shooters that were on special. “My sister saw it on TikTok and sent it to me. And as soon as I read it, my heart did that epiphany thing where it, like, stopped beating for an entire second, and like…”

I lost my train of thought as a platter of loaded potato skins moved past me down the bar. Those looked amazing.

The woman on the stool next to me made a rolling gesture with her hand. “And then?”

I blinked at her. “And then what?”

“You started this story by saying the reason you came to Aster Valley was to fuck all the menfolk.”

I nodded. “Right. Exactly.”

Her grin was kinda cute. “But then you mentioned a to-do list.”

“Uh-huh. Yeah.” I sighed dreamily. “The best to-do list.”

“Either you’ve had too many shooters, or I haven’t had enough. What does a to-do list have to do with the fucking?”

“How else am I supposed to find him?” I asked incredulously.

“Find who?”

I threw up my hands, knocking over an empty shot glass and accidentally elbowing someone on the other side of me. “Sorry,” I murmured before turning back to my stranger bestie. “The to-do list guy! He’s perfect. For me. I mean, he’s perfect for me. He obviously understands the connection to our collective life force through Kundalini meditation and body movement and he waxes. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find someone who gets me on multiple levels like that?”

“Uh… no?”

“Well, it’s darn hard,” I assured her, raising my finger to get the bartender’s attention. “As in, impossible.”

The woman nodded. “And this to-do list went viral on TikTok?”

I looked at her in confusion. “It did?”

“That’s what you said,” she said with a laugh.

“Oh. No. See, my sister’s got this friend who’s always posting cute videos on TikTok. Like there’s a video where this guy taught his dog how to bake cookies, except because of the whole ‘dogs being allergic to chocolate’ thing, he can only make—” I waved a hand. “You know what? That’s not important right now. The point is, my sister’s friend found this list on the ground in the Denver airport when she was flying back home for Christmas—she goes to school out east, I think—and posted it. And my sister saw the video and sent it to me because, hello, I’m gay.”

She lifted an eyebrow. “You don’t say.”

I narrowed my eyes at her. “Anyway, she thought it was sweet, and she knows I’ve always been stupidly romantic and idealistic. But she also knows I don’t believe men like that actually exist in real life.”

“Men who make to-do lists?”

I sighed. “Not just any to-do list. This one was like… like perfect. He does the same kind of yoga I do. He’s on PrEP, which probsies means he’s into dudes. Also? He sends flowers to his grandma. How sweet is that? And he practices gratitude and random acts of kindness. And let’s not forget he waxes, m’kay?”


She was missing the point. “The point is, this list stuck in my craw. I kept asking my sister to ask her friend about it, and finally the friend just sent my sister the list to send to me. And ever since she gave it to me, I feel like one of those cheesy teens in a cheesy teen romance where I’m pining away for a Romeo who doesn’t actually exist. Except, this one does. He’s here. In Aster Valley. I just need to find him. That’s why I’m here this week.”

“How do you know he’s here?”

She was kind of slow on the uptake, wasn’t she?

“It’s a to-do list on an Aster Valley Mountaintop Realty notepad page.”

She tapped her fingers on the bar. “Maybe he’s already in a relationship. With an Aster Valley hottie.”

I hated this woman with the fire of a thousand Taco Bell bean burritos. “He’s not. He specifically mentions a roommate, not a partner. And if he’s a queer, single man, I know exactly how to find him.” I patted my phone lovingly, and it immediately lit up with a Grindr notification, which proved I was on the right track. “I might have to fuck a few frogs first, but my Romeo is waiting for me. I just know it. Some things are meant to be.”