Sinful Enemy (Beckham Dynasty #3) Read Online M. Robinson

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She’s my best friend's twin sister and off-limits. We grew up together, but she wanted to escape the small-town life and was headed to New York City to chase her dreams.

The night before she leaves, I find her waiting for me in my bed. Telling me to give her something to come home to.

I can’t.
Instead, I kicked out her out of my life, instantly making us enemies.

Ten years later, we run into each other while I’m in NYC on business for my ranch, and that night changes everything between us. Not just because I’m determined to right my wrongs, but because she just showed up on my front door six weeks later…

Pregnant with my baby.

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I couldn’t believe I was stepping foot in Ledger Beckham’s house again.

Especially after what happened the last two times I was there. Despite the first time being over eleven years ago, it still felt like I was reliving that moment of utter heartbreak, and I was only standing at his front door. I promised myself I’d never give him the time of day after I got even with him a few months ago.

Yet there I was. Waiting for I don’t know what.

At this point, I ran on pure adrenaline of what I had to do before I lost the nerve to actually do it. Once again, the Beckhams were having a party. Except this time, it wasn’t for Ledger’s high school graduation. It was for his little sister Haven’s instead.

My heart beat out of my chest at an unbelievable speed, making it hard to catch my next breath. I hated that he still had this overwhelming power over me, but now it was for a different reason. The most important one being why I was there to begin with. I was about to lay it out on him, fully aware that once I did, it would forever change the course of both our lives.

I inhaled a deep breath, staring at the doorbell with wide eyes and an anxious expression that was clear across my face. There was no hiding from it.

There was no hiding from him.

You heard about this type of situation happening to a friend, a cousin, or a neighbor all the time, but you never considered it could happen to you. Especially when you took all the necessary precautions to be a responsible adult.

However, it didn’t matter.

There was no going back.

No changing the past.

Our only option was to go forward whether we wanted to or not. I had to tell him the truth. There was absolutely no way I could keep this from him. Not when he was still my twin brother Chance’s best friend.

How will we explain this to everyone? How do I explain this to him?

I inhaled another deep breath, debating if I would truly pull this off.

Maybe I could write him a letter? An email? A text message?

I shook my head, knowing this was how I needed to tell him. It was the right thing to do.



Besides, it was my fault we were in this situation in the first place. My stupid pride got in the way of my rational thinking when I randomly saw Ledger a couple of months ago at a bar in New York. All I wanted was to get back at him. To finally give him a taste of his own medicine. Bottom line, those were my intentions.

I was a fool.

Dumb fucking emotions.

With a trembling hand, I knocked on the door, and Haven answered. This was quickly followed by a shocked expression on her behalf about why I was there. It was obvious that was what she was thinking. Not only was Ledger my brother’s best friend but his family’s ranch was also my parents’ biggest competitor.

During our childhood, my family remained neutral on Chance being best friends with the enemy. However, business became business for my parents, and they declared war on the Beckhams’ ranch after I left for college.

While Chance remained loyal to Ledger and his family, I stayed out of it. I hadn’t lived in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, since I moved away to New York for college and didn’t visit often. My home wasn’t this small town anymore; honestly, it never felt like it was.

From an early age, I knew I wanted more out of life than what Wyoming had to offer. I had big dreams and bigger goals. I was a city girl now and had no desire to move back to this town. Even with my unexpected predicament.

I owned the clothing brand Sin, which was housed in all the high-end department stores around the world. From lingerie to swimwear to athletics and shoes, whatever you needed, Sin had it. I made sure of it.

This town could never handle my fashion sense, then or now. The stares I received from my professional yet sexy black pantsuit with a tight corset and sky-high red bottom heels wasn’t lost on me as I pumped gas in my Audi rental before I found the courage to knock on Ledger’s door.

I overheard my brother talking to Ledger on the phone earlier that morning about Haven’s party at his family’s ranch. Since I wasn’t in town a lot, from an outsider looking in, it probably seemed like I stayed true to my parents’ business matters, and I never tried to prove otherwise.

I couldn’t.

My hatred for Ledger wouldn’t allow it.

Memories of that night from eleven years ago formed in the forefront of my mind as Haven and I locked eyes.

She opened her mouth to say something but quickly shut it.