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Secret Desire

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Jordan Silver

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He use to belong to her…

We shouldn’t be together but there’s nothing that can keep us apart. The disloyalty I feel is no match for the hungering need he awakens inside of me, besides, she is the one who'd walked away leaving me to pick up the pieces. Now I'd do anything to stay in his life, in his bed, to be the only woman at his side.
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Jordan Silver


I always feel dirty after he fucks me, and still, I can’t help letting him take me over and over again. It’s like an obsession, a sickness that’s too deep for me to cure. I opened my legs wider now in invitation as soon as I saw his shadow cross the door.

It’s been a year since he started coming to me, it started on my eighteenth birthday exactly. I can still remember that night as my heart beat faster with remembered pleasure and fear.

He’d waited until the house was silent until everyone had gone to bed. I remember knowing, just knowing that that night was going to be the night he finally came for me.

After weeks of longing looks and soft unexpected touches that came out of nowhere, there was only one place left to go; his bed. I’d wanted and dreaded his attention; the guilt made me feel so alone. But that loneliness was no match for the fiery need he’d awakened in me.

I can hear the tread of his footsteps on the old wooden floor as he left his bed for mine. Could feel his presence, hear his shallow breathing as he stood outside the door listening, just before he pushed it open gently and stepped into the room.

I remember holding my breath for those first few seconds as he stood over my bed looking down at me, could almost feel the heat coming off him, and then… and then his voice coming out of the dark, sending thrills down my spine.

“I know you’re awake; I know you’ve been waiting for me.” And that rush of excitement and fear that sent shockwaves through me, and the swell of passion that gathered in my pussy. That sweet tingly feeling mixed with the pain of a secret desire that had gone unfulfilled for way too long.

I feel again the impression of his body as he climbed onto the bed, his hands as he lifted the nightshirt out of the way—the quiver of my young nubile body as it quaked with anticipation.

“You’re old enough now; I’m going to fuck you before anyone else takes what’s mine.” Those words that still echo in my heart and mind whenever I long for his touch but have to wait for the dark of night lest we are found out.

Now, as he drives his magnificent cock into me, I relive that first time, the feel of his mouth on me as he pushed his tongue inside me for the first time. And when not long after, he’d climbed up my body and slid his cock into me, taking my innocence at the end of the cock that I’d come to love and crave with every fiber of my being.

He’d taken such care of me that first time that I’d had no idea that the beast he’d later unleashed even existed. It hadn’t taken long for me to grow accustomed to having him inside me after that first night, and by the end of that first month, he’d taken me to new heights each time he came to my bed.

I’d become his slave then, yearning for his cock the way one longs for sustenance to survive. If I didn’t have him inside me at least once a day, I’d go crazy, and being around him constantly only makes the need burn out of control.

My mind came back to the here and now as he wrapped his arms around me, so forcefully, holding me close as we made love in the swath of moonlight that came through the bedroom window.

I looked over his shoulder as I gripped his ass and watched the way it moved as he moved over me. I still can’t believe that that piece of flesh between his thighs can bring me such pleasure; that I’d give up everything just to have it in me all the time.

I moaned and whimpered as he entered my belly, and the pain washed over me before subsiding. No matter how much it hurts having him fuck me this deep, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Something else he’d taught me to crave that sweet burn that only he can give me.

“The others won’t be up for hours; I’m going to stay inside you longer tonight.” My pussy clenched at those words as I wrapped my arms and legs tighter around his fit manly body opening myself up wider to take more of his powerful thrusts.

He looked down into my eyes as I caught my breath, the look in his eyes one of intense passion. “It’s time!” My heart raced at those whispered words. I didn’t need any explanation; I knew what he meant. But still, when he said the words, whispered them in my ear, my whole body went up in flames. “I’m going to breed you tonight.”