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Savage Ending (Savage Trilogy #4)

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Lisa Renee Jones

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A man, a former assassin, who is now in love, a man on his honeymoon, who vows to leave the killing behind him.

That is, until someone sets their eyes on revenge and goes after his woman. Now someone is going to find out just what a Savage he really is.

Savage Ending is the fourth and final book in the Savage Series.
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Savage Trilogy Series by Lisa Renee Jones

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Lisa Renee Jones


Candace Marks— long dark hair, green eyes. Architect. Father (Howard Marks) is a general in the army, her mother was an officer in the army, but died in an accident on duty. She fell in love with Rick Savage eight years ago, before he left and broke her heart.

Rick Savage—dark hair, deep blue eyes, six-foot-five. Former surgical resident and green beret. Lives in NYC, works for Walker Security. Father was a surgeon, mother is deceased. Scar on his cheek. Goatee. Tattoos: a skull in a Green Beret, a snake, and a knife on his chest, a heart that says San Antonio. Gave his heart to Candace, and left it with her when he joined the black ops team. Now he’s back to settle a score and get his woman back.

Tag—led the missions Savage went on when he was a mercenary. Smoker. Father-like figure to Savage until he found out the truth. Killed in Savage Love.

Savage’s father—thick solid gray hair, thin frame. Alcoholic. Was horrible to his wife, yelled and shoved her, she had a heart attack and died—Candace was a witness. Is in rehab.

Howard Marks—Five-Star General. Pulled Savage into the black ops team eight years ago. Was saved by Walker Security when Tag threatened to kill him.

Linda—pretty, petite, blonde. Candace’s best friend. Owns a floral shop.

Max—part of Savage’s black ops team. His wife, Kelly, called Savage in a panic because he’s missing. Savage arranged for Walker Security to get to Kelly so she’d be safe while he looks into Max’s disappearance. Kelly ended up ditching Walker Security and went to find Max on her own.

Adam—former Navy SEAL Team Six. Walker Security employee. Tall and broad, dark


Smith—former Army Ranger, Walker Security employee. Sandy brown hair.

Blake Walker—Savage’s boss at Walker Security. One of the founding brothers. Has been helping remotely.

Kara Walker—Married to Blake. Part of Walker Security.

Asher—former Navy SEAL Team Six. Walker Security employee. Hacker. Rockstar looks—long blond hair, tattoos.

Adrian Mack—Tall, dark, and good-looking with curly dark hair. Brown eyes. Friendly. Ex-FBI. Lots of tattoos. Walker Security employee. Savage is unsure of him.

Royce Walker—Eldest brother of the founding Walker Security brothers. Married to Lauren.

Lauren Walker— Attorney. Married to Royce.

Luke Walker—The middle brother of the founding Walker Security brothers. Married to Julie.

Julie Walker— Attorney. Married to Luke.



Candace and I exit Jimmy’s Pancakes and Burgers, into a crisp New York City October morning.

“I don’t know Jimmy, or why Jimmy loves Pancakes and Burgers, but he’s a brilliant chef,” I say.

“Somehow I doubt Jimmy is a chef,” she laughs, catching my arm. “And Jimmy wasn’t here today.”

“He created the recipes. He trained the staff. And after a breakfast of champions that includes waffles, pancakes, bacon, sausage, and egg whites—gotta be healthy—I’m not sure how you can insult Jimmy that way. He’s Top Chef material. This is going to be our new Saturday morning spot.”

I guide her onto the busy sidewalk, and there is no question my little sugar plum of a bride-to-be is looking delicious herself in an emerald green sweater, dress slacks, and a Burberry trenchcoat. I, on the other hand, am in the uniform of the gods: jeans and a long-sleeved T-shirt, at the sugar plum's request—a nice one at that without any dirty slogans on it—and boots. The leather jacket was her idea, as well.

We round a corner and Candace squeezes my arm, pointing at the imposing masterpiece of two towers ahead of us, which also happens to be our destination. And of course, the location of the meeting that had her changing her clothes over and over this morning. “There it is!” she proclaims. “It’s so incredibly gorgeous. I cannot believe Blake arranged for us to be married in St. Patrick’s cathedral. Well, if the priest approves our wedding. Today will tell all. But I mean, when we decided to move the wedding here, instead of Texas, I never dreamed this could happen. There’s a waitlist years long.” She laughs. “I’m rambling. I’m a little excited, if you didn’t notice. But coffee with the wedding coordinator went well, don’t you think?”

“I wasn’t there,” I remind her.

She laughs again. “Right. Nerves are getting the best of me. And today is what matters. You’ll be with me and we’ll talk to the powers that be for a final approval of the wedding. This is it. This is the real deal.”

She’s so damn excited. She’s dreamed of our special day for so long. And I don’t want to ruin it for her, but there’s a potential problem that’s punching at my mind, refusing to be ignored. A big-ass fucking problem. And yet, my baby girl is all but bouncing toward the steps leading up to the doors to the cathedral. The problem being the walk up, and I tell myself I can do this. One step. Two. My feet are lead, but I keep moving up.