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Rule's Addiction (The House of Rule #3)

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Lynda Chance

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Maria Alvarez is her own woman and always has been. She’s more than capable of taking care of herself, so when Garrett Rule storms into her life with inflexible demands and an agenda of his own, she has no choice but to fight back.

Garrett Rule has no room in his life for conniving, bitchy women. When he finds himself inconveniently obsessed with Maria Alvarez, the most conspiring woman of them all, he doesn’t know which is stronger, his need to punish her or the need he feels to have her under his complete sexual control. Luckily for him, he doesn’t plan on choosing; he’ll take both.
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The House of Rule Series by Lynda Chance

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As Garrett Rule lay in bed in yet another obscure hotel room on the other side of the world, he didn’t bother fighting the recurring fantasy he’d been having for weeks.

Just the memory of her voice was controlling his actions; she had him that fucking addicted.

Sliding his fingers down the planes of his stomach, he fisted his throbbing cock, and closed his eyes in both relief and irritation.

Goddamn her . . .he was well and truly obsessed and he’d never even seen her.

His mouth flattening into lines of aggravation, his eyes opened as he blew out a breath, staring at the ceiling, his cock throbbing in his hand, demanding relief. He tried to put off the inevitable for a few more seconds, but his goddamn dick was in full control; the testosterone fueling his bloodstream was going to win the struggle for control. Giving up, he pumped his hand once, twice, letting the memory of her throaty, husky cadence slide through his brain. He fully understood the situation even though he cared little for it; she was a goddamned preoccupation that he couldn’t control.

As he continued to jack-off to a hazy, frustratingly faceless vision in his mind, he knew he had to find a way to exorcise the sorcery of her allure. His teeth gritted as his cock engorged by another degree, as if it had a mind of its own, as if pissed that his big head would try to keep him from having her.

He hated what she was doing to him. She was tearing him in two . . . fucking with his ability to keep his mind on his job. Almost worse than that, the memory of her feminine, sultry voice was obliterating his desire to screw another woman. His desire? Hell, he didn’t even think about other women . . . probably couldn’t get it up for one if he tried.

All he wanted was her . . . Maria Alvarez. The name sent a wave of heat down his spine and a drop of pre-cum formed on the head of his erection. Son-of-a-bitch. He knew what he wanted . . . he wanted to hear her speak in person; he wanted to ram his cock down the feminine throat the sultry voice belonged to. The erotic thought had his hand moving faster, his eyes shutting out everything but the memory of her voice as he pumped up and down, over and over, faster and faster. He imagined her taking him into her mouth, taking him so far to the back of her throat that she almost gagged with it.

The vision in his head told him her hair would be as dark as his, so in his mind’s eye, his fingers tangled in tresses of gleaming silk. Holding her tightly by her dark brown hair, with one hand wrapped around her throat, he controlled her with his hands and fucked her mouth repeatedly. In and out, deeper and deeper. A groan ripped from his throat. Ahhhhh. . .His abs tightened, his hand jerked as he exploded in orgasm, his seed erupting and shooting onto the corded muscles of his stomach.

Jesus. His heartbeat remained elevated for several long moments, until finally, it slowed, and his breathing steadied.

He reached over and grabbed a couple of tissues from the bedside table. The fact that she was an obsession, an addiction, was an admission that he’d needed to make for weeks now. But even though he’d acknowledged his weakness, it didn’t help the situation . . . maybe when he finally saw her tomorrow, this ridiculous fascination he had for her would disappear. He knew it had to; no woman could live up to the fantasy he’d created in his imagination.

Yeah, his trip to Florida should do the trick.

He had to admit, he’d been relieved when Courtney, honorary family member and the Rule Corporation’s newest employee, had called and complained about the girl. Courtney had been so angry that she’d wanted to fire Maria on the spot, but Garrett hadn’t cared for the idea, not a damn bit. Fire Maria? Send her off into the world where he’d probably never be able to locate her if he tried? Never get to see the little witch who was making him so hard that he continued to explode with it time and time again? No fucking way. His cock had immediately rebelled at the idea, swelling and jumping against his stomach, letting him know in no uncertain terms that nobody was firing that girl until he’d had the pleasure of fucking her first.

That was, if he still wanted to fuck her after he’d actually seen her . . . his fantasies might dissolve in an instant, and truthfully, he hoped that they would.

Courtney had been resolute, complaining about the other girl’s manipulations, assuring him that Maria wasn’t a team player and that she was doing everything in her power to drag out the remodel of the hotel the corporation had recently purchased. Garrett had believed Courtney at once; she was like a sister to him—hell, his mother had brought the girl home to live with them when she’d been orphaned as a teenager—and she’d been so upset that Garrett had known she wasn’t exaggerating.