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Regretting You (Blackthorn Elite #4)

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J.L. Beck

Cassandra Hallman

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I'd never regretted meeting anyone quiet like I regretted meeting Kennedy Meyers. Once upon a time she was my and my sister's best friend.
I'd always loved her, and wanted her to be mine, that is until the night everything changed and my love morphed into pure hatred.
Now I'm a vile bastard with a chip on his shoulder. Cruel black hate is all I know. My only focus *ucking my way through Blackthorn’s elite women and partying.
Then she shows up. She’s different now, shy, quiet, but just as beautiful as she was the day she disappeared.
One look and my focus changes. I decide then that my time for revenge is now. No way does she get to enjoy herself. No, I’m going to make her life hell. Destroy her from the inside out.
I’m going to make her regret ever walking my way, because if it wasn’t for her…my sister would still be alive.
**This is a standalone DARK bully romance. This book contains scenes that may be triggering to some readers. This is not a YA romance novel and should be read by those only 18+ or older. **
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Blackthorn Elite Series by J.L. Beck

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J.L. Beck

Cassandra Hallman



What happened? Pain consumes my entire body, my limbs are hard to move, and all I want to do is close my eyes and drift away. My heavy eyelids close with ease.

Wake up. A voice calls, echoing loudly through my mind. Sucking air into my lungs, I gasp at the pungent smell of gasoline that fills my nostrils. My mind is hazy, my thoughts swirling, and nothing makes sense.

Twisting, I realize I can’t move. The seat belt digging into my flesh painfully, holding me in place. Though my gaze is blurry, I can make out the form of my best friend. Her slender body sprawled through the shattered windshield, partially lying on the hood of the car. No! Her face is covered in blood, coming from large gashes on her forehead.

Bile rises in my throat, making me gag.

“Jillian…” I call out. My voice so raspy, I barely recognize it as my own.

She doesn’t move. Her shirt is soaked in red, and my entire body starts to shake. “Jillian, wake up!” Using every ounce of strength I have, I reach for her. Stretching my body painfully, trying to get to her, but my fingers wrap around nothing but air.

Sirens sound off in the distance, someone is coming to save us. Jillian is going to be okay, she has to be. Staring at her lifeless body, I feel something warm dripping down my face.

Blood. Lifting a hand, I touch the side of my face, running my fingers along the deep gash on my cheek. I’m bleeding, but I don’t care. I’m not even scared for myself, but I am terrified for Jillian.

“Jillian! Wake up. Please, wake up. Help is coming,” I beg, my lips trembling, and my words slurring. Tears slip down my face as I wait for help to get here.

The closer the sirens get, the further I feel myself slipping away again. It’s like my entire body is being wrapped in a blanket. Suddenly, the pain in my limbs drifts away until my whole body goes numb. I can’t feel anything, can’t make sense of the noises surrounding me. I can’t see anything besides my best friend. Her lifeless eyes staring back at me, and her beautiful face ashen.

I think footsteps approach, lights, and sirens blur through the quiet night. But all I can do is stare. Watch. Wishing that it was me…

That I was the one dead.



Three days have passed since I found out Kennedy was here at Blackthorn. The blood in my veins turns to ice at the mere thought of her. Her presence is a constant reminder of the night I lost my sister and how much my family has suffered.

Why is she here?

I clench my fist around air, envisioning her throat being in my grasp. The hate I feel for her is all-consuming. It should terrify me. The things I’ve thought of doing to her should rattle me to the bones, but it doesn’t.

Staring at the entrance to the bookstore, I try to act as if I’m not looking for someone. It took me hours to calm myself enough to get to this point. I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. All I know is revenge, anger, and hate are burning through me, threatening to take over any rational thinking.

Grinding my teeth hard enough to crack them, I watch as she walks out of the school bookstore. It’s like seeing a ghost, but when I blink, she is still there. I’d seen her walking across campus, smiling, happy, alive. That was much more than my sister had. She was in the cold, dark ground. No future, no smile. She was part of the earth, and now it’s time for Kennedy to pay. She got a slap on her wrist for what happened that night, but I would make sure that she got a real punishment.

My pulse spikes, excitement coating my insides. Now’s the time to pounce. As soon as she turns the corner and starts down the alleyway between the two buildings, I move. My feet make little sound as I rush toward her.

She should be smarter, pay closer attention to her surroundings. Then again, she probably wasn’t expecting me. I wonder briefly if she knew I was here. If I was part of her choice in coming here.

The first thing to hit me as I get closer to her is her scent. It wafts into my nose, filling my head with memories of a girl I used to love, used to crave. My lip curls in disgust, and I want to punch myself in the cock for thinking about her that way. But such an emotion is impossible to turn off. Even after all this time, she still smells the same, like jasmine and vanilla.

Forget it. Forget her.

Pushing everything but the hate down, I drown myself in the anger and reach for her. My fingers digging into her shoulder. The pads of my fingers burn where I touch her. A gasp escapes her lips as I force her to turn to face me. When I push her back against the brick wall, I become mesmerized, watching as the air expels from her chest.