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The vacation is over for the four men you met in Apex Predator, and now it’s time for Ty and Walker to be on the prowl to secure their happily ever afters.
What do you do when you come home from a vacation that changed your life?
Walker McKenna was finally back with his husband and beloved submissive, Macklin. They had their work cut out for them, and they were ready. Walker had spent four years trying to get over the love of his life, and it just wasn’t happening. He couldn’t go back to that life-sucking void of an existence. But that didn’t mean his new path was paved with roses and unwavering confidence. When the ghosts of past hurt and insecurities grabbed hold of both men, Walker had to go on a hunt once more—and this time was different. This time, he found support in a new friend. A man with a fresh take on life, devilish charm, and a mission of his own.
Ty Madison returned home to DC and the blizzard of the year. He had one goal. To make Lane his—permanently. Ty couldn’t just write off the insane week they’d shared down south as a vacation fling. They belonged together. But before he went after the young man, who had his reasons for avoiding attachments at all costs, they had a storm to weather, and Ty found himself alone in his house with Walker. A man with insight, incredible charisma, and troubles of his own.
Maybe some missions were best executed as a team.

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January 1

Lane Sawyer

Oof, it was gonna be a hot day.

The water was completely still when Ty and I left the boat with Terra in tow. It was only eight in the morning, and we were banking on the others being asleep. Except for Reese, maybe. We’d encountered him in the water a few times—for a morning swim, same as us.

“So you don’t get hungover at all, huh?” Ty squinted and smiled sleepily.

I chuckled. “I didn’t drink all that much last night.”

Ty was incredibly sexy in the morning, not to mention extra affectionate and horny. This was his life down here. Shorts, tees, flip-flops, a swim before breakfast—and sex—whether he was hungover or not. He could’ve slept for longer, but he’d woken me up with his cock, and I wasn’t complaining one bit. I was an early riser most of the time anyway.

When people were asleep, I had the time to tidy up, prepare my day, and go through my schedule.

An everyday routine I was returning to all too soon.

We were going home tomorrow.

“Last night was fun.” Ty yawned and dug out a plastic bag from his pockets. Just off the boardwalk, before the houses took over, was a patch of greenery where Terra did her thing every morning. “Macklin’s certainly another man compared to the guy who came down here.”

Yeah, that was an understatement.

I scratched my elbow and inspected the new dressing on my arm. I wasn’t as good at it as Ty was, but I’d done all right. It would keep the wounds clean today, at least. I was just glad the souvenir from the Nile monitor didn’t hurt any longer.

Reptiles were safe, I kept repeating to myself. Despite the claw marks and bites they left behind sometimes, they were much safer to think about—to discuss—than pondering the relationships changing around me.

Of course Macklin was a new man. He’d been reunited with the love of his life. With his Master and husband.

What that meant for my own relationship with Macklin was still a mystery—and sadly an excellent motivator for me to maintain an emotional distance. Somewhat, anyway. I mean, I adored him. I adored him as my boyfriend. But having a “primary” was not in my cards, as much as that sucked when I glanced at Ty.

This week had been…

A kinky fairy tale.

I couldn’t describe it in any other way.

Ty and I had clicked on every fucking level, it seemed. But then I thought about Macklin and Walker—and my dynamic with Macklin—and I just knew I would’ve been freaking out to the point of complete meltdown if I’d been more invested emotionally. Too much uncertainty and instability. No, I needed solid ground, even if I stood there alone.

“You were a changed man last night too.” I sent Ty a teasing grin.

He hadn’t been lying the time he’d told me that he was a chatty drunk. He’d been fucking cute. When our party had broken up at around three in the morning, he and I had spent another hour or two just talking. Or he’d done the talking, and I had cleared the trash and the dishes on the boat.

He winced and smirked at the same time, and then he tied the little plastic bag and rejoined me on the boardwalk. He helped Terra up too. She could always jump off the boardwalk, but it was too high up for her to get back up.

“Refresh my memory,” he requested. “I talked a lot about the Air Force, didn’t I?”

Oh, I’d gotten his entire career summed up.

“I know everything now,” I laughed softly. “I know where you went to school, how you ended up enlisting, where you’ve been stationed, how you met Colt, what got you hooked on engineering, the fact that you apparently have seven patents to your name, and something about a missile test site in Arizona.”

I’d soaked up every word like a love-sick idiot.

Ty Madison was a passionate man. I’d witnessed the nature-loving hedonist all week, but there was more to him than that. In the Air Force, he’d been a man of structure and discipline. He’d been in charge of a big crew working on… Oh, technical terms. Electronic warfare. The development of software and tiny stuff to create big booms. He wasn’t just one of those who did his part and that was that. He’d been involved in every aspect, from coding to constructing the hardware.

Shortly before we’d fallen asleep, he’d mumbled about how the Air Force had given him the stability he’d needed in a chaotic time. He’d been so young too. After all, Ty had become a dad before he’d turned eighteen. He himself had grown up without a father, so the military had sort of filled that role.

“By the time we lost Marina’s mom, I’d gone through basic training and started my studies. Givin’ all that up would’ve caused more harm than good in the long run, so I was grateful my ma stepped in. The three of us became a unit—me, Ma, Marina. If I was shipped off somewhere, Ma came along with Marina.”