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Briar has always supported her twin sister even when it meant keeping her distance from the man she’s been in love with since she was a little girl. But now that Mace has forced his way into her life, there’s no way to keep those carefully built walls from crumbling.
Mace has bided his time, and now the wait is over. He’s loved Briar from the moment he knew what love was, and now that his twin brother is out of the way, he’s ready to start his forever.

Warning: Twins falling for twins? Could this be more over the top? Double up on the Double Trouble Duet, because it’s got twice the romance and love!

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My twin has gone and lost her mind. She’s supposed to be the rational one. With all her lists and well-laid plans, now she goes and flips the script. After a week of dating, which is a term I’m going to use loosely in this situation, she decides she wants to get married next weekend. To one of the guys we’re supposed to loathe.

Not some small intimate wedding either, down at the family beach house. Nope, a wedding for hundreds of people. This is something I would do. I’m the one with random crazy ideas, not Meadow. When it comes to my sister, everything is planned to the last detail.

“So where should we start?” Mace asks as he steps onto the elevator with me.

I’d made a quick escape from my sister's now-fiancé Heath’s office after they dropped this wedding in my lap. Well, on mine and Mace’s laps, but I can do this solo. He’ll only slow me down, and I don’t need any distractions because I can admit I’m easily distracted.

Another meow comes from my bag.

“Is that really your text alert or is there a cat in your bag?”

“What’s with all the questions?” I snap, and Mace’s brows pull together.

I jerk my gaze away from his ruggedly handsome face. When did he grow a beard? It only appears to be a few days old, but it’s hot on his stupid, distracting face. I don’t know why, but I’m more annoyed with him today than usual.

With Meadow and me, we’re a bit easier to tell apart. While we might be identical twins, we dress completely opposite, and even our mannerisms are different. It’s not often that people mix us up, and if they do, it’s more a slip of the tongue.

The same can’t be said about Heath and his twin Mace because the pair of them are in suits more often than not. I can always tell them apart, though, not that they know that. I often call Mace Heath to get a reaction out of him. I don’t know why it makes him so dang mad, but I’ve seen other people do it and he’ll laugh it off. When I do, it’s not so funny. The madder he gets, the more I want to keep doing it.

We grew up with the Monroe brothers since our moms met in a group for mothers with twins. They hit it off and quickly made the Monroe twins a permanent fixture in our lives. Our parents even bought beach houses next to each other. When it comes to holidays and events, they are always celebrated together. Mace and Heath are a few years older than us, but we were all raised together.

Mace is quieter than Heath, and he’s always accusing me of everything. At least that’s what it feels like. I didn’t have to ask Mace how he feels about me because I know he finds me annoying and ditzy.

I suppose I am the odd one out when it comes to the four of us. Both Heath and Mace went on to become lawyers and took over their father’s firm. I went to Wellesley College with Meadow since it was a tradition for the women in our family to go to the prestigious all-girls university.

Meadow was dead set on going there, so I shrugged and went too. She got a fancy finance accounting degree while I barely made it out with my non-profit management degree. Not because I failed my classes; I just kept switching majors.

It wasn’t two weeks after we graduated that Meadow was nosediving into her career while I’m drifting around and trying to think of what to do next with my life. My tether has always been my sister, and where she went, I went. Meadow might be driven and organized, but she can forget the small details of life. I take care of those details, which is why I can be protective and a bit of a mother hen when it comes to her. It’s my nature and how it’s always been. Now my tether is starting to fray, and the line is going to sever soon.

“You’re going to need my help,” Mace says. “You also need to hit a floor.” He presses the button for the basement of the office building.

“I need the lobby.” I go to push the button, but he blocks me.

“I’ll drive you.”

“Drive me where?” Another meow comes from my bag.

“Wherever you’re going. We need to start making plans.”

“I guess you can give me a ride.” I give in.

“I didn’t ask,” he says, and I roll my eyes.

“You think I can’t find my way home?” I snip.

How dumb does he think I am? I suppose I do have a cat in my purse, but Bingo has attachment issues. He’s also not a fan of the three little kittens I’ve got at home and can be grumpy.