Perfect Fit (Fated Hearts #4) Read Online Aimee Nicole Walker

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Two incurable bachelors, one incredible journey…

Jagger Jackson hides behind a sexy playboy veneer. He’d rather people see him as a man who doesn’t believe in love, rather than one who doesn’t deserve it. No matter how hard he works, he still sees himself as the unlovable boy from the wrong side of the tracks.
Miller Brexler doesn’t believe he’ll ever meet a man who could make him want to settle down. He’s perfectly happy with his hit it and quit it lifestyle. Behind his easygoing nature is a man who’s passionately devoted to his career, family, and friends.
JJ and Miller are brought together when their best friends meet and fall in love. Sparks fly from the very beginning and no matter how much they try to fight it, their attraction is unavoidable. What starts out as “just sex” has the potential to become so much more if JJ can come to terms with his painful past, and Miller is willing to admit that love may be the missing piece in his seemingly perfect life.
Will these two stubborn hearts admit that they might’ve been wrong about love or will they allow the chance at true happiness to slip away? This is the tale of two imperfect men that together make a perfect fit.

Perfect Fit is the fourth book in the Fated Hearts series and can be read as a standalone novel or as part of the series. Many of the characters in the book have been introduced in Chasing Mr. Wright, Rhythm of Us, and Surrender Your Heart.
*This book contains sexually explicit material and is intended for adults only.



Miller and I didn’t meet under ideal circumstances. Honestly, I’m not even sure how I noticed him while I fought with Grayson Wright over a stupid comment I’d made to his boyfriend and my longtime friend, Chase, about why he’d been promoted so fast at Wright Creations. The whole fight had happened fast, but when it was over and the dust had settled, I found myself looking into the lightest blue eyes I had ever seen. Those eyes twinkled with mischief and captivated me right away. I would have introduced myself to him right then, but Jack Murphy forcefully escorted me out of his bar. Damn him and his cock-blocking ways.

My split lip throbbed, and my heart ached painfully in my chest as I walked to my car in the dark. Once again, I had lashed out at the only person in the world who meant anything to me. Why? If I was honest with myself, and I always tried to be, I’d have admitted I’d reacted out of fear. My hurtful comment had been a knee-jerk reaction and a self-defense mechanism I had perfected over the years. If I lost Chase, then I’d have no one. So why not push him away and get it over with?

“Hey! Your wallet fell out of your suit jacket.”

The unfamiliar voice was deep, a little raspy, and very sexy. I turned to see who it belonged to and found myself looking into the twinkling blue eyes I had noticed in the bar. I allowed myself a minute to admire the rest of his physical attributes. He was tall and lean, and he walked toward me with an almost predatory gait. The sexy stranger exuded confidence and sensuality that I wanted to sample for myself. His blond hair shone under the streetlights when he passed beneath them. I just knew the strands would feel silky between my fingers, and I imagined gripping his hair while he sucked me off with his lush mouth.

“It must have flown out when Gray knocked you off your stool.” He said this with a bit of snark and familiarity that let me know he was acquainted with Chase’s boyfriend. “Although, you got a few good hits in yourself, Jagger.” He must have opened my wallet, looked at my license, and saw my name.

I’d hated my name since I was old enough to realize it was odd, which was probably around the time I started school. The other kids mercilessly made fun of it, and I had heard enough snotty remarks about my mom’s character and the reason I had the name to last me a lifetime. No kid should hear stuff like “I bet his mom was a groupie, and he knocked her up” or “No way Mick would tap that nasty ass. God only knows where it’s been.”

Somehow, hearing my name roll off the beautiful blond stranger’s tongue made it seem less offensive to me. There was no derision in his tone or in his expression. I only saw the same curiosity I felt about him reflected back at me. Even in the dim light, his eyes sparkled and implored me to be a little bad. I felt the effect of his crooked smile in the pit of my stomach and my groin. “I go by JJ,” I told him.