Original Sin – Blurred Lines Read Online Mila Crawford

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A love as wild as the ocean can never be tamed.
A desire that burns like fire can never be extinguished.
A broken boy who becomes a monster can never be outrun.

I’ve loved Kat Shaw since I was nine years old.
Loving her was dangerous.
Loving her was wrong.
Loving her was all I ever had.

And then it was ripped away from me.

I was discarded like unwanted trash,
Ruined, shattered, and alone.

But I am not that helpless boy anymore.
Now I am a cold, ruthless killer out for blood.
And the blood I want is hers.

*Please be advised this is a stand-alone dark romance*

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I taste salt on my tongue, and I can’t tell whether it’s blood, the ocean, or my tears. The wind whips my hair around wildly, and the roar of the surf drowns out my screams. Adrenaline courses through me, and my throat feels like it’s closing up. My nightshirt and silk shorts are saturated with sea spray, dew, and sweat. My husband stalks me like a ruthless predator, and my heartbeat thuds against my ribcage in terror of what he’ll do to me once he catches me.

Blindly, I stumble through the pitch-dark dunes in search of a modicum of comfort. The beach where I passed the day idly with Heath is the only spot that brings me a sense of peace. I taste the salt in my mouth and hear the waves pound the shore as I draw near, and I swallow as I remember the quiet afternoons spent with him here.

“Katelyn!” Eddie’s call tears through my fraudulent sense of calm. “Get back here, you bitch. I’m done playing nice!”

My heart thunders anew. He’s never played nice. He hates me because he knows I don’t love him. Because my heart belongs to another so totally and completely that I’m a slave to that love.

I jump from a dune and land in soft, cold sand below. Eddie will see the white of my pajamas and spot me against the dark horizon of the ocean and night sky.

“Too late,” he grits as his strong arms come around me.

His body weight slams into me, and he takes me to the ground in one fell swoop. My husband straddles me and yanks my arms above my head. The aggression makes the last button on my night shirt pop, and the fabric falls open to reveal my bare chest. My nipples pucker in reaction to the cool night and ocean breeze.

“You do what I say, or you pay the price of your disobedience,” he spits in my face. His anger is a palpable, red-hot rage that matches the engorged erection in his pajama pants, which he thrusts against my sex. “What happened to my good girl? What happened to my little Kat, who’d do anything for a little bit of love and attention?”

I turn my face away so I don’t have to look at his imposing form. Eddie Lind is beautiful, but I don’t let his looks fool me. He’s a ruthless man who always gets what he wants.

And what he wants is me. Obedient, pliant, always at his beck and call. He wants a woman with a broken spirit and one he can control.

He grabs my chin and forces my face straight so I can’t avoid his eyes. The full moon behind him gives an eerie silver glow to the almost starless night. His hard cock presses into my sex, and I hate myself as I begin to feel the heat rise inside me. Arousal blooms between my legs despite—and perhaps because of—his tyranny and cruelty.

“What a little horny bitch in heat you are, my Kat,” he says smugly.

I want to spit in his face. Head butt him and crack his beautiful and perfect skull, his debonair, aristocratic face, his aquiline regal nose. I want to bite his lips until they bleed a bright crimson and mar his perfect pearly whites. But instead, I bite my tongue, close my eyes, and try to even out my heaving breaths.

Eddie leans down slowly, deliberately, and flicks his wicked tongue over my sensitive straining nipple. Then switches to the other. I flood with humiliation as my panties dampen with my shameful arousal.

He sucks my nipple long and hard, pulling in practically my whole breast while he thumbs the other into a tender, hard bud. I physically bite my tongue in madness. With a mind of their own, my hips press up into his hardness. His long, thick erection twitches in response, and the delicious weight of it hits exactly on my swollen clit.

Then his mouth is on my neck and he devours the flesh there, nipping and sucking, biting, and licking until I’m so wet, my arousal slips down my thighs.

“Beg for it, you little slut. Beg for my cock, and maybe I’ll be nice,” he grits.

I know his games, his dark manipulations. My only recourse is to play along and give him what he wants. My body plays along while my head and heart scream this is all so wrong.

Eddie tears my shorts from my waist and shoves them down my legs before wrenching down his own. His sculpted frame is on full display in the moonlight; he came out here barefoot and without his shirt. Eddie might be a brute, but he looks like an underwear model and has the strength of a former marine.

He flips me on my stomach so fast that it practically knocks the wind out of me, and my mouth fills with sand as he presses my face into it. My husband spreads my legs while I try to push up onto my elbows for purchase. One shove to the middle of my back sends me face-first into the sand dune again.