Off Limit (Forgotten Flounders #2) Read Online J.C. Hannigan

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Connor Jacobs daydreams of stage lights, sold-out concerts, and Dare McKenzie—her brother’s best friend and the bassist of The Forgotten Flounders. Music and chemistry collide when Dare and Connor quietly start working on a collaboration. He knows that she has what it takes to make it in the music industry, and he’s willing to help make all her dreams come true.
Her family is already struggling with the fallout of an earth-shattering secret. She knows another will destroy her father, who already feels that music has cost their family too much.
Time is running out for Connor, and she must make her choice before she loses everything she’s dreamed of.



Just Tonight – The Pretty Reckless

Come Over – Coleman Hell

Heaven Knows – The Pretty Reckless

Hopeless – Cashmere Cat ft. Halsey

Shoulder to Shoulder – Tate McRae

Sloom – Of Monsters and Men

Run Boy – Geo Moon ft. Not Now Norman

Periscope – Papa Roach ft. Skylar Grey

Everytime You Leave – I Prevail Feat Delaney Jane

Life’s A Mess – Juice WRLD ft. Halsey

Welcome to the Strange – Muderdolls

Die For Me – Post Malone ft. Future & Halsey

Little Cheryl – Not Now Norman

Scumbag – Goody Grace ft. blink-182

The Way You Felt – Alec Benjamin

Follow You – Bring Me The Horizon

Into The Dark – Point North, Kellin Quinn

Parasite Eve – Bring Me The Horizon

Your Side of the Bed – Loote

1994 – Alec Benjamin

Witches Burn – The Pretty Reckless

Shut Your Mouth – Not Now Norman

Good Girls – CHVRCHES

The Lighthouse – Halsey

Final Girl – CHVRCHES


February 2019


The penthouse was decorated with gold-and-black balloon arrangements, streamers and twinkle lights. Every inch of the living area was packed with bodies—other musicians, industry people, a few actors and actresses.

Music blasted from the professional-grade surround sound speakers, the floors practically vibrating from the force of the music and the people dancing. When Connor had walked in tonight to the surprise party Cal put together for her, she’d lit up like a firework show. Her captivating eyes sparkled like emeralds, her smile was infectious and more intoxicating than any of the booze or drugs floating around.

It had been all I could do to not stare at her.

I could take my pick from the women in attendance to drown her out, but I knew it wouldn’t help. She’d burrowed beneath my flesh, and she had no fucking clue she’d done so.

The urge to slip away was creeping into my veins, making my toes twitch in my Vans. The only thing keeping me rooted in my spot along the wall at the farthest point in the living room was…her.

What a cruel twist that was; because I knew I couldn’t have her the way I wanted her…the way I needed her. She was here with someone else—her boyfriend, some idiot she’d met at university. I could tell within five minutes of meeting him he didn’t deserve her. He was a user, just like most of the other people in attendance.

There were plenty of other women crammed into our penthouse, beautiful women, women I could have. Normally, I’d find solace in that and seek out someone else who didn’t want a minute past sexual release, but who could step in and fill the void of loneliness for a few hours.

Maybe I could have done that too…if she wasn’t here. If those green eyes didn’t find mine every so often, if that little smile didn’t keep gracing her lips when they did. A secret smile, a smile that only appeared when our eyes locked…a smile for me. That smile kept the flame of hope in my chest burning, even if it didn’t make sense.

How fucked up was it that I lived for those moments? That I felt more in them than any of the ones I’d spent with other women over the years—and I’d spent time with plenty of women.

Brighton Wells, a bombshell of an actress, sidled over to where I stood, leaning against the wall. Her hips swayed in the skintight white dress she wore, the hem barely covering her bits. Her eyes were glassy and red—she was half coked out of her mind. Typical for her.

“You look lonely, Dare. Mind if I keep you company?” she purred, placing her hand on my bicep.

At the beginning of my career, as the bassist and backup vocalist for The Forgotten Flounders, I would have felt flattered at an invitation from someone as gorgeous and famous as her…maybe even said yes.

Back then, everything was so fresh and exciting, so surreal—and so fucking awesome. With the all the money, women, and attention being thrust upon us, the guys and I went wild for a bit. Calum as a way of burying his heartbreak, Evan because he never turned down a good time, and me because…well, I kind of felt like I owed it to Cal to live it up.

He’d thrown away a lot for this opportunity, including the love of his life. He wouldn’t admit it, of course. That would mean confessing he’d made a mistake—something Cal never did—but he hadn’t been the same since he’d left Harper behind.