Of Glass and Lavender (The Ascension Rising #1) Read Online K.R. Rainbolt

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Death always wins.
That’s a lesson I’m learning the hard way, as I race to figure out a way to outrun death. The problem is death doesn’t play fair, and each day it gets closer to what it wants most… Me. Time’s ticking, and I’m out of places to hide. The only option I have left is entrust my life to four of the most devastatingly handsome, and dangerous, men I’ve ever met.
Vampires. They’re walking embodiments of sin and power, with scars that run as deep as my own. Putting my life in their hands is risky at best, and trusting them with my heart is completely out of the question. Now with fractured memories of my past looming over me and death on my heels, I have no choice but to fight for my life if I want to keep it. What else am I going to do, die trying?
It wouldn’t be the first time.


Chapter 1


"Alright, pick a hand," I said, caving into Grigen's contagious giggles and dazzling little smile.

The grin took over his entire face, brightening his wide aqua eyes and filling them with the kind of limitless joy that only a child was capable of. It was a look that never ceased to make me melt. The kid was too cute for his own good, and he knew it. It was part of what made him so easy to love.


I pressed both hands behind my back, hidden from view as I shifted on my feet and subtly listened for the telltale sound of the shop's oak door opening. A few more moments passed without the distinctive muted ring of the old bell that sat above the entrance, and I relaxed slightly. It was rather late, with the evening sun peeking through the clear windows, bathing the room with an orange glow. Closing time was only a few minutes away now, and while I didn't really expect to see anyone, I couldn't stop myself from scanning the space and checking that I hadn't missed a random customer coming into the humble little herb house I called home.

The area was small enough to see everything from the cash register, so it only took a few seconds to trace the entire store and note that it was still empty. Two rows of short storage racks stretched across the center of the room, perpendicular to the desk where I stood. We'd crammed their chipped white shelves full of teas, herbs and other valuable plants, all sorted with an air of organized chaos in see-through glass jars. They gave the room a distinct sense of clutter while also filling the space with a comforting earthy smell, and I took a deep breath, expecting that warm scent I'd grown accustomed to. Instead, a sweet floral fragrance that bordered on sharp made my nose burn. I squinted at its foreign potency as I continued my leisurely perusal of the room.

The faded gray walls, packed full of little trinkets from Eliza's many trips to the sea, were also empty of customers. Shells, vials of sand, and even a few fishbones littered their shelves. Several other pieces, like charms and ornaments, were strewn about as well, but the stock changed so often that I had never been able to keep track of all we had. Authentic gifts from a Siren were a hotter commodity than one would expect. Some Naturals liked to use them in potions, humans liked how they looked, and some just wanted to say they had something from the deep. Eliza had a hard time keeping up with the demand, and she'd been traveling to the coast more and more these last few weeks to boost our stock.

Finally, after scanning the room one more time just to be sure, I let out a breath of relief and turned my gaze to the only other person in the room.


Like always, he was situated against the far wall, near the door. He was tucked against the tea sets, standing under a ray of the evening sun. I would have been more surprised if he hadn't been there, his presence as usual as my own. The regal way he stood, arms crossed over his broad, semitransparent chest, reminded me why I'd picked that name for him. My knight in astral armor. My best friend.

My Prince.

He smiled when he noticed me, nodding toward an impatient Grigen, who was still bouncing on the balls of his feet. Prince said nothing, and he couldn't even if he wanted to. The dead couldn't speak after all.

Grigen tugged at my shirt, pulling my attention to him, his smile still resolutely in place. He glanced at the stairs, giggling again while covering his mouth. That mischievous light in his eyes was so endearing I nearly gave him what was in my hand without him winning it first.