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Naughty Neighbors

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Jordan Silver

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The Neighbor
Meet Caleb, the city's top cop and Anjelica, his young pot smoking neighbor. Will one night of unbridled passion after he comes to her rescue lead to a lifetime of love? or as these two destined to be at odds forever?
The Neighbor's Daughter
Greg is an unapologetic playboy who just moved in to the neighborhood a year ago. Crystal is the neighbor's once shy introverted daughter turned vixen. Find out if Greg the stud can resist the wiles of this hot young thing that's set on losing her innocence to her favorite guy.
She's Gonna Get It
In this shortest of the three tales, Ex NFL star Zachary have sworn off women after his little run-in with a stalker. He's decided that he's ready for hearth and home after his near miss and wants nothing to do with the hot but way too young girl next door. But can the jaded athlete keep his word and resist the lure of this nubile young thing, or will his own personal Lolita wrap him around her little finger and bind him with her innocence?
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My Neighbor’s Daughter

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She’s Gonna Get It

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The Neighbor

Chapter 1

“Why are you fucking with my high? My give a shit meter is running on empty, take your ass on and don’t bother me anymore.”

“You’ve got quite the mouth on you don’t you little girl”

“What’s it to ya?” She posed up like she was ready to go a round or two.

“Nothing, nothing at all. Just a word of warning, you keep pushing you’re going to get exactly what you’ve been asking for. I hope you can handle it then.” I gave her body the once over, letting her know exactly what I was talking about.

“Big talk little man, Put up or shut up.” She thrust those babies of hers out towards me and I all but salivated, before turning away; pain in the ass. “I thought so, you’re nothing but talk.”

She went back to her weed smoking and pretending to ignore me. I don’t know what’s gotten into her lately. She’d gone from a sweet natured young woman, to this...this, pot-smoking harridan.

“You know, they didn’t make that shit legal just for you.” She puffed away on the joint and blew smoke at me.

“Whatever lieutenant, you’re just mad because you can’t arrest me. I bet you can’t wait to get those cuffs on me.” She was full of piss and vinegar today that’s for sure. I wonder what set her off this time? But I wasn’t about to ask.

I just shook my head and headed back over to my place. I’d only approached her because I was growing tired of contact highs.

Her bong or whatever the fuck it is was so powerful, the smoke leaves her pool area and makes its way through my kitchen window and permeates my whole house.

No matter how much I tell her that that’s not necessarily a good thing, for an officer of the law’s house to smell like a weed den, she just flounced off and did whatever the hell she wants anyway.

Three months ago she was the sweet college grad who’d just moved in next door. We use to chat with each other over the fence or sometimes one or the other of us would gravitate to the other’s backyard, and we’d enjoy a glass of wine under the stars.

I never made a move even though her fuck hot body made me hard as granite. She was a damn kid, twenty-two years old her whole life ahead of her. What would she want with a thirty three year old over worked cop?

We were becoming pretty good friends or so I thought, and then one day out of the blue she just changed on me completely.

Glad I dodged that bullet. She was ornery, nasty and confrontational. It was like that movie the roommate or whatever the hell.

She’s become this whole other entity overnight. I basically just stayed out of her way until I had to come over here and waste my breath yelling at her about her damn weed smoke.

She was right about one thing though, as bitchy as she had become, I would still give anything to see her locked to my bed with my cuffs.

Fuck, just the thought had me going hard. What’s new? I stay hard around her. Annoying ass female.

Chapter 2

I put in another long day. Middle of summer, the assholes come out to play.

The city had already had more than its fair share of murders for the year. Now extremely hot days back to back, coupled with a recession with no let up in sight, and you have a cocktail for disaster.

People’s fuses were very short these days, had been for a good two years now. It was my job to keep those streets safe. Well, me, and the men in my squad.

I was the head of a specialized team formatted by the governor. He’d handpicked the best of the best from a few houses around the state and brought us together to do the job the locals couldn’t seem to tackle.

It had meant a move, but that was no biggie. I had no real attachment to my last place of residence. My two sisters were married and living on opposite ends of the country and the folks had retired to Boca years ago.

The whole family got together for the holidays and one vacation a year, so it was no hardship for me to pull up stakes and head to the small town outside the city. Plus for what they were paying me I would’ve moved to Timbuktu.

The place was a cesspool when I first showed up. Crime ran rampant and from what I could see, the criminals had more control than the law.

It hadn’t taken me long to figure out why that was. It was because some of that law was playing both sides of the fence.

I’d already sent five men who’d once held high positions in the Bradshaw’s PD to jail.

I was sure there was more to come but it had only been a year and I wasn’t one to do a half ass job.

I wanted every last dirty cop off the streets. I wasn’t just interested in the street cop who was just following orders.

I was interested in the Sergeants, Lieutenants and Captains who had a hand in it to.

I was already getting death threats; the papers had labeled me the most hated man in the state.

I considered that a good thing. That’s another reason why I wouldn’t approach little Ms. Angelica. I didn’t want her caught in the crossfires of my disaster of a life.

She had her music blasting by the time I made it to my door. I looked back to catch her watching me with this look on her face.

I’d been seeing it a lot lately but I have no idea what it means. If she knew what her eyes were saying she’d never look at me again.

Some days it was all l could do not to climb through her window and fuck her into her bed. But nah, she wouldn’t be able to deal with my life.