My Valentine (A Dirty Boss Romance #4) Read Online C.M. Steele

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I’d been working nearly a year in my position when I’d been unceremoniously bumped up to the secretary for the boss upstairs. Unfortunately, I had two problems with that; his employees were notorious for dropping like flies, quitting, or getting fired. I didn’t want either. Second, he set off emotions I thought were only in books. My heart couldn’t handle being around the man, and now I was forced to be in his presence every day.

A gift and a torment. Valentine was the perfect person to replace my last office assistant, but I didn’t know if I could tolerate being around her safely. She unlocked something I’ve kept hidden away for my entire existence. Since I lost my parents, I hadn’t let a soul into my life, but Valentine might have broken down that barrier. It was just a shame she was my employee now.

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Chapter One


The HR manager, Agnes Fletcher, approaches my desk with a smile. She never smiles, which makes me nervous. I smile back like I would for everyone that walks through the office doors because it’s my job. What is she up to?

It’s the last day before the offices close for the Christmas and New Year’s holiday break. With government and public offices closed or with limited hours, the law firm decided to close for the holiday break. We’ll have a full week of time paid time off since the holidays fall on the weekend.

Agnes leans on my reception desk, folding her arms and grinning from ear to ear. “Valentine, I have great news for you. After the holiday break, you’re moving upstairs to the big boss’s offices.”

“What?” I shoot back in my rolling chair, hitting the wall about six feet behind my desk. My face falls, but I quickly mask it.

“I know. It’s huge.” Huge, all right. I brush loose strands of my hair behind my ear, taking a calming breath while scooting my chair back under my desk. Huge is an understatement. King size is more like it.

Working for Wyatt King isn’t for the faint of heart or those with thin skin. He’s a tough man dedicated to his career and the law, living at the office more than at his home. He expects the best from his employees, which forces his underlings to flee for less intense positions.

Mr. King still has a couple of law clerks who love the law and work just as hard, but it seems his latest receptionist has fled. “Why do you need me up there?”

Agnes sighs, losing her smile briefly. “His latest receptionist quit this week, and we need someone to replace her. You were the recommendation.”

“What about down here?” If I’m going upstairs, who would take my position? Am I that dispensable?

She stands straight and waves her hand dismissively. “We can call the temp agency we use from time to time. In fact, I have to do that as soon as I head back to my office, just in case they can’t get someone in time.”

“What if they can’t get someone to replace me?” I ask, hating to leave the team without all the help I provide daily. It’s not like I’m invaluable, but I’m still an integral part of the organization.

She smiles and shakes her head, tapping her hand flatly on my desk. “Mr. King’s office needs a proper receptionist, and you’re great at your job, so you’re being bumped up. They will just have to do without you down here.”

“Um… okay.” This is a positive step and I should see it as such, but I know there’s a chance of getting canned, or worse, showcasing that I can’t handle the pressure. Mr. King is one of the city’s most intelligent, hardworking, and fiercest lawyers. He wins cases easily, or so it seems, but those who work here know his dedication and effort make it happen.

“Don’t worry. Nothing really changes except that you’ll be working on the top floor. It has fewer visitors and more calls than this floor.” As the big dogs, they don’t have time to be checking voicemails all day or letting calls go unanswered, so they need someone to handle that task all the time.

“I suppose that’s a good thing.” There can be some seriously annoying people that appear at my desk on the regular, like the delivery drivers who enjoy flirting with me. Well, only one in particular. I haven’t reported it or anything because it’s extremely causal, but it’s clear that I’m not interested in him, and he doesn’t seem to get the hint at all.

At least all deliveries for Mr. King’s office are routed from this floor and then delivered upstairs by Jason. You’d think it would be beneath him as one of the law clerks for an associate attorney, but he goes up there for meetings almost daily anyway, so it’s not a big deal.

“Yes. Mr. King doesn’t like people in his sanctuary just in case any private information is shared.” That’s why Jason does it instead of someone like me. Although it seems now, I’ve been brought into the inner sanctum. I’m afraid I don’t want to be there.

“Understood.” I try to put on a cheerful smile. Still, I can see my reflection in the glass doors that separate the reception area from the elevators, and my expression is more of a grimace.

“Relax. I promise they’ll love you up there if you keep doing the great work you already do.”

“So, when does this all take place?” I’m hoping there’s going to be a transition period, but I doubt it.

“The first day we’re all get back in the office.” As I expected, no transition time.

“Is there anything you need me to do today to close up shop here?” I have a million questions, and I’m sure I’ll forget half of them before she makes her escape.