My Best Friend’s Stepdad (Forbidden Fantasies #75) Read Online S.E. Law

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Annie: My buddy Halsey is just so crazy. She invites me to her stepdad’s place for Thanksgiving, but then tells us that her boyfriend’s going to crash with us as well. That means four people crammed into a small apartment. That means, me and Halsey’s stepdad in the same bedroom. That means, me and Mr. Salomon in the same bed. This is wrong because Curtis Salomon is two decades my senior, and incredibly gorgeous. He’s a cop with muscled shoulders, a wide chest, and of course, a thick baton that he’s not afraid to use. The problem is … it slips in by accident one night!

Curtis: What the hell is my stepdaughter thinking? Halsey’s setting me up with her best friend, but I can’t go there. Annie may be beautiful, but she’s young, nubile, and far too innocent. Hell, she’s never even been with a *real* man before. But soon, I find Annie in my bedroom, luscious and irresistible while begging me to show her how to be a woman. Sure enough, my defenses are totally obliterated and soon, the sweet girl’s calling me “Daddy.”

This is a follow-up to Claiming His Call Girl where we meet Curtis, Ben Culver’s best friend, once more. Curtis Salomon is one of New York’s Finest, and trust me, the handsome cop doesn’t hesitate to provide when called upon (especially if it’s a beautiful woman who needs him!) But is their age gap too much? Read and find out! Even better, the mysterious man at the auction makes a reappearance in this book, and you’re going to love Travis because he’s dark, dangerous, and far too devilish for his own good. Saddle up for a load of fun because this is a wild tale that goes way off the reservation, but you’ll adore it, I promise! No cheating, no cliffhangers, and always a HEA for my readers.

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“Thanks for inviting me again,” I say with a smile at my roommate. “I really appreciate it.”

“Oh, of course!” Halsey exclaims, throwing her blonde hair over her back. “I wouldn’t leave you in the dorms alone, Annie. You know I’m not cruel like that because imagine how depressing it would be! You’d be so lonely, and forced to eat a TV dinner for Thanksgiving. I’d never do that to you.”

I smile gratefully at my friend because although Loyola’s not closing its dorms over Thanksgiving, I’m still happy that my roomie has invited me to her stepdad’s place to celebrate the holidays. It’s going to be awkward as a plus-one, but Halsey’s right. Even the most awkward plus-one is better than a sad holiday meal in front of the common room TV.

“I think I can do better than a frozen dinner because the cafeteria’s going to stay open. But yeah, I think the turkey they’re going to serve will taste like rubber,” I remark. “If it’s even turkey at all. You know how these industrial farms are. They’re putting food on the table for the masses, so they could be growing the meat in a lab, or maybe it’s not even meat at all.”

Halsey turns to look at me, her blue eyes surprised.

“Are you serious?” she asks. “It’s not meat? What is it then?”

I shrug.

“I hear there’s this thing called zombie meat,” I say. “It’s ‘meat product,’ or whatever that means. Just like how when you go to the grocery store, American cheese is labeled ‘cheese product’ and not ‘cheese.’ Have you noticed that? I’m not even sure what the difference is, but it’s something along those lines. We should check with a nutritionist, or a food scientist, just to be sure though.’”

Halsey shudders, carefully placing a sexy red bra and panty set into her overnight bag.

“That’s gross,” she proclaims. “I’m so glad I’m vegan.”

I giggle.

“Yes, but you’re a vegan who also eats eggs and the occasional bite of bacon.”

“Details, details,” Halsey says in a lofty tone while waving her hand at me. “It’s just that I like my bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches, and if I take out the bacon and egg, then what do I have left?”

“Cheese and bread,” I say smartly. “Which still isn’t vegan because cheese is made of milk.”

“Oh you!” Halsey giggles, sliding a purple thong into her bag. “Vegan can be a state of mind, you know. It doesn’t have to be just about what you put in your stomach.”

I merely laugh again while folding my big sleep shirt carefully. Our clothes are quite the contrast because Halsey’s so feminine and gorgeous, with the best wardrobe ever, which is why she has a ton of expensive lingerie. Meanwhile, my sleep shirt is an old thing that comes down to my knees. It’s so threadbare that it’s almost see-through, and there’s a big Snoopy on the front, but I like it. Besides, no one’s going to see. I’ll make sure not to wear it in front of Halsey’s stepdad, Curtis, who’s our host this Thanksgiving.

My cheeks heat when I think of Curt because her stepdad is gorgeous. He married Halsey’s mom when my friend was fifteen or so, and unfortunately, it wasn’t a match made in Heaven. Halsey says that at first, things seemed fine. After all, her mom, Lynn, is really beautiful. She’s an older lady, of course, but it’s obvious who Halsey got her looks from. Both women are blonde and busty, with voluptuous figures and a sassy, flirtatious air.

But after or year or so, my friend says that her mom started becoming dissatisfied. Evidently, Lynn wanted more in life, and because Curtis works as a detective for the NYPD, he wasn’t going to be able to purchase a mansion in the South of France or fund any fancy, far-flung European vacations. As a result, Lynn and Curtis divorced after about two years, and Lynn moved out. But here’s the kicker: Halsey didn’t move out. She and Curt get along great, and as a result, she spent the rest of high school living with him.

Weird, right? How many girls keep living with their stepfather even after their mother has long since left the picture? I guess Lynn hasn’t totally disappeared because the older woman evidently lives across town on the Upper West Side now with a new boyfriend (who also happens to be filthy rich, albeit ancient), and reaches out to her daughter every now and then for the occasional lunch or dinner. But for all intents and purposes, Curt is Halsey’s parent. She only lived with him for a few years during high school, but it was enough to establish a bond, and so we’re headed to his place for Thanksgiving.

I pause for a moment, looking at the fancy lingerie Halsey’s still packing into her bag.